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Zinnia Flowers

Zinnias are beautiful annual flowers that come in many different varieties. Rest assured that whatever garden space you’re trying to fill—whether you want a centerpiece flower or some plants to fill in the margins of the garden bed—there’s a zinnia variety out there for your needs. 

Though Zinnias aren’t particularly difficult plants to take care of, you do still need a certain level of care and attention. Keep reading to learn all about Zinnias: how to care for them, grow them, harvest their seeds, and even what to do with them in your home!

Zinnia flowers.


First things first: you have to plant your zinnia flowers! Whether you want to start from seed or take a short cut and go straight for the transplants, these guides will be a helpful source of information for you. 

How to Harvest Zinnia Seeds
How to Plant Zinnia Seeds

Zinnia Seedlings


Now that your zinnia plants are in the ground, there’s still a bit of work to do to make sure they reach full maturity. Learn all about how to care for Zinnias, from watering to deadheading, as well as their five different stages of growth. 

The 5 Zinnia Growth Stages
Zinnia Care
How to Deadhead Zinnia


Though you won’t be harvesting any fruits from your zinnia plants, you can still collect their seeds and put them aside for the next planting season! Learn how to do that in our comprehensive guide. 

How to Harvest Zinnia Seeds

How to plant zinnia seeds

In Your Home

Whether you want to create bouquets to bring some color into your home, or are more interested in consuming the products of your garden, you can find important information in our posts. Check out our garden ideas, and learn whether zinnias are edible in the first place!

Zinnia Garden Ideas For Your Home
Are Zinnia Edible?


As I mentioned earlier, there are tons of zinnia varieties out there. There many different characteristics make them a variable plant that will fit the needs of any garden. Take a look at what I think are the Best Types of Zinnias For Your Garden, or take a deeper dive into a variety you want to learn more about.

Zinnia bouquet

Plant Your own Zinnias!

I hope this post has helped you learn more about Zinnias, from how to plant them, how to care for them, all the way to how to eat them! 

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