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5 Important Facts About The Queen Lime Zinnia

These vibrant single or double-petaled flowers are showstoppers of many colors and variations and work perfectly in garden beds and floral arrangements.

Queen Lime Zinnia

When looking for beginner-friendly flowers to grow, zinnias have you covered. We are discussing all there is to know about the Queen Lime Zinnia, a stunning neon lime green made up of layers upon layers of pristine petals. 

Characteristics of the Queen Lime Zinnia

Queen Lime Zinnia


Finding green flowers is a bit of a rarity. That’s why these Queen Lime Zinnias are so widely popular.

These Zinnias produce double blooms in shades of green that resemble the shades when you slice into a fresh lime. Vibrant and beautiful.

There also are some Queen Lime Zinnias that will have a reddish or pinkish hue to them as well but are mostly made up of that lime-green shade. You will see these under the name of Queeny Lime Zinnias. 


The Queen Lime Zinnia grows to twenty-five inches tall and eighteen inches wide. 

The flowers can range between two to three inches wide once fully bloomed on their sturdy stem.

This makes Zinnias one of the best cut flowers for vases, bouquets, and centerpieces. 

Purchasing Queen Lime Zinnias

Queen Lime Zinnia

You may be thinking you must get your hands on some of these fantastic flowers, and guess what? You are in luck. Zinnias are one of the most popular flowers you can find when visiting your local florist.

Many large grocery store chains with floral departments carry Zinnias in different colors and varieties. 

This is mainly because they have such a long growing and blooming season. Typically, all Zinnias bloom from early spring until the season’s first frost. 

So if your needing to add some fresh flowers to your home, give them as a gift, or even use them for a party, the Queen Lime Zinnias are a must for that stunning pop of green color. 

Growing Queen Lime Zinnias at Home

Queen Lime Zinnia

Zinnias are annuals, so they’ll bloom their fantastic blooms for one season but won’t grow seasons again after.

Queen Lime Zinnias are one of the most beginner-friendly flowers you can grow at home. They are sure to add stunning color and interest to your home’s landscaping and are effortless to care for. 


You can plant all varieties of Zinnias in zones three through ten. 


Zinnias have large beautiful blooms that need full sun, about six to eight hours a day to thrive. 


Once you find the perfect sunny spot for your new Queen Lime Zinnias, you’ll need to ensure the soil is well-drained, preferably with organic compost mixed in.

This gives the roots something to grab onto and helps the large blooms from toppling over one another.


When transplanting the Zinnias or planting from seed, you’ll need to ensure a minimum of nine to twelve inches of space in between for optimal growth.


Like most large blooming flowers, the Queen Lime Zinnias need daily watering to keep the soil moist at all times.

Do not overwater. You can skip the watering that day if it has been rainy and the top five inches of soil is still moist. 


Zinnias must be pruned to promote new growth. But this is a straightforward process that can easily be accomplished in no time. 

Because The Queen Lime Zinnias are an annual, you are going to have to “deadhead” the spent blooms. This is the process of using sharp hand-pruning garden shears to remove the spent flowers.

This causes no harm to the Zinnias and promotes new blooms to grow. Just make sure not to cut large portions of the Zinnias back, as this can be detrimental to the plant. 


The Queen Lime Zinnias need a bit of fertilizer to keep on producing its stunning blooms. The best would be to use a five-five-five fertilizer and a thick layer of organic mulch to keep the weeds at bay. 

Pests and Diseases

One massive bonus of all the Zinnia varieties is most are pest and disease resistant as long as you plant them in the correct location with good soil, watering, and fertilizing habits. 

Where to Buy Plants and Seeds

Queen Lime Zinnia

You might find The Queen Lime Zinnia plant when you visit your local garden center at the beginning of the planting season. Or you might have to do some digging to find these plants. 

But if you are looking for seeds, a quick online search will pop up quite a few resources to purchase The Queen Lime Zinnia.

At True Leaf Market and Botanical Interests, you can purchase a variety of Zinnias, including The Queen Lime Zinnia, at excellent prices. 

Stunning Outside and Inside


Undoubtedly, large colorful blooms give our homes quite the curb appeal. And with little maintenance, it’s easy to have your home looking luscious and fresh just by using these Zinnias. 


Why enjoy these flowers outside when you can bring them in? Zinnias make gorgeous floral arrangements, and they also last quite a while. 


You can pair The Queen Lime Zinnias with other local to you wildflowers or even other flowers such as Dahlias, Miniature Sunflowers, Daisies, and more. 

Just keep trimming up the stems and keep them in a vase of fresh water to prolong the freshness. 


I love receiving flowers as gifts. I also love to show up to an invited event with a freshly made bouquet.

Zinnias are the perfect flower to have to grow in the yard for easy go-to gifts for friends and family.

The best part is it’s free, and everyone enjoys receiving some beautifully stunning flowers to add to their home decor. 

Wrapping Up the Queen Lime Zinnias

These lime green beauties are not only stunning to look at, but they are easy to care for, make great landscaping flowers, and create stunning floral arrangements. Interested in more zinnia content? Visit my zinnia page for more growing tips, care guides, bouquet suggestions, and more!