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5 Important Facts About The Cactus Zinnia

Do you want to add a touch of exotic beauty to your flower beds? You will be delighted to discover that you don’t need to import finicky, expensive flowers that require special care.

The Cactus zinnia is one of the tallest zinnia varieties, and its unique petals will undoubtedly turn heads. Plus, these stunning flowers are easy to grow and care for.

Cactus Zinnia

Keep reading to learn more about this striking zinnia and how you can grow it in your backyard.

What is the Cactus Zinnia?

Cactus Zinnia

The Cactus variety of Zinnia elegans is one of the tallest zinnias, growing nearly three feet in height. The sturdy stems bear spikey cactus-flower blooms in many gorgeous colors.

Cactus mix zinnia seeds are easy to propagate, and these excellent cut-and-come-again flowers provide prolific summer blooms.

Zinnias are the perfect cutting flowers for long-lasting blooms. If you like making bouquets and flower arrangements, you will love adding cactus zinnias to your garden.

New flowers quickly bud and blossom throughout the season to replace those you harvest. You will never run out of beautiful blooms if you continue deadheading zinnia flowers.


Cactus zinnia plants produce unique, spiky-petaled flowers that look quite exotic. Layers of petals give these flowers the depth and texture zinnias are well-known for.

You may be surprised to learn that these cactus-type petals share the same basic shape as other zinnia flowers.

The feathery petals get their distinctive look from the way they curl under along the edges. This gives the flowers the appearance of having thin, spiked petals like those of many cactus blossoms.


Cactus zinnia flowers come in many colors and shades. Most retailers sell Giant Cactus Mix zinnia seeds. After sowing seeds from a mixed packet, you can expect a blend of pink, red, orange, yellow, and white flowers to emerge.

If there is a specific color you want to keep propagating, you should check out our guide, How to Harvest Zinnia Seeds. You can learn how to keep your favorite lilac cactus-flower blooms coming back in a few simple steps.

Are Cactus Zinnias Easy to Grow?

Cactus Zinnia

Zinnias are fool-proof flowers that can be grown by gardeners of any experience level. The Cactus zinnia may look exotic, but the care required to cultivate these plants is effortless.

Zinnias produce gorgeous flowers from planting season through late summer. You can start seedlings indoors if you want a more extended bloom season.

Plant seeds or seedlings outdoors in rich, well-drained soil after the last danger of spring frost. You’ll see ample blooms less than two weeks after planting or just a few days after transplanting.

The cactus zinnia is a drought-tolerant, hardy variety. It makes a suitable hot climate plant that can survive cooler spring and autumn temperatures.

These true annuals are a fast-growing and popular variety of zinnia. The flowers bloom quickly and, with the proper care, will continue to delight you with beautiful blooms all summer long.

They only last one season before dying off in winter. If you want to keep cactus zinnias a permanent fixture in your garden beds, you must plant new flowers each year.

Zinnia Flower Pests and Pathogens

Cactus Zinnia

Powdery mildew is a big issue for zinnias, and this destructive fungus can potentially infect even the healthiest plants.

Proper airflow is the best way to combat such diseases. Allow at least one foot between plants or sow one plant per container to minimize the risk of moisture-induced complications.

Your zinnias might get munched on by common garden pests. If this happens, you must carefully consider treatment options.

Zinnia flowers attract critical pollinators like honey bees and butterflies. It would be best to avoid using harsh pesticides that could harm these beneficial insects.

Where to Buy Cactus Zinnia Seeds

Cactus Zinnia

You have likely seen dozens of zinnia seed varieties at your local garden stores. Due to their reliable blooms and easy care, zinnias are one of the most popular flowers in backyards across America.

If you want to cultivate unique zinnia varieties, you can find seeds online from many verified retailers. Botanical Interests carries quality Giant Cactus Mix Zinnia Seeds in a blend of vibrant colors.


Cactus Zinnia

How tall do Cactus zinnias get?

Cactus zinnias can grow nearly three feet tall, making them a striking addition to backyard landscaping. The average plant height for this variety is 30 inches, and the spikey flowers are around five inches in diameter.

Are Cactus zinnias cut and come again?

Zinnias are beloved by many for more than just their dazzling array of beautiful colors. All zinnia varieties are prolific bloomers that quickly replace clipped flowers with fresh blossoms.

Cactus zinnias produce exotic-looking flowers with cut and come again convenience. This makes them ideal for making bouquets and flower arrangements.

Do Cactus zinnias like sun or shade?

Giant Cactus zinnias perform best when they get six or more hours of full sunlight daily. These flowers thrive in USDA hardiness zones three through eight, so you will have no issues in much of the contiguous United States.

Do you live in a northern region that receives less sunlight? If so, ensure you plant these lovely flowers in a south-facing location so they can soak up as much sun as possible.

Adding the Cactus Zinnia to Your Landscape

Do you want to add an element of wonder to your flower garden or a touch of elegance to flower arrangements? Look no further than the Cactus zinnia.

After learning more about this stunning zinnia variety, you probably wonder what else this humble flower has to offer.

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