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Fig Trees

I don’t know about you, but fig trees remind us of vacation. There’s just something about the big green leaves and sweet, soft fruit that makes one think of warmer climates. In fact, it’s no surprise that fig trees grow in all Mediterranean countries!

But if you live in a cooler climate and also want to grow your own fig tree, don’t despair. There are techniques to do so. Keep reading to learn all about how to grow and care for your own fig tree, and more!

Brown turkey fig on fig trees.

Growing and Caring for Fig Trees

Though it’s not wildly difficult to grow fig trees, they still need lots of attention, dedication, and care. Learn about every aspect of the process with our explanatory guides and how-to posts!

Fig Tree Varieties

Though most fig fruits are recognizable, there’s more varieties out there than you might think. Take a moment to explore some of the different options we’ve covered in our posts, and decide which one you like best!

Yellow figs, one of them sliced in two, on a wooden table.

Consuming Figs

What’s better than eating a delicious, home grown fig? Realizing that figs are actually healthy for you, and that you’re doing your body a favor. 

Health Benefits of Figs

Fig FAQs

What type of climate do fig trees prefer?

Fig trees prefer a Mediterranean climate with mild winters and long hot summers. They require full sun exposure and well-drained soils.

Can fig trees be grown indoors?

Yes, certain varieties of fig trees, such as the Ficus carica, can be grown indoors in containers. However, they require ample sunlight and must be cared for properly.

When is the best time to harvest figs?

The best time to harvest figs is usually in the late summer or early fall when the fruit is soft to the touch and slightly drooping from its weight.

Are all figs edible?

All mature figs are edible, but not all varieties are equally palatable. Some varieties are cultivated specifically for their taste and texture.

Enjoy Your Fig Tree!

I hope this guide has inspired you to take on the challenge of growing your own fig tree. With determination, dedication, and love, you’ll have sweet, wonderful fruit in no time!

Check back often, because we’re always adding new content. And in the meantime, learn about more amazing gifts of nature: