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Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnias: Everything to Know About These Gorgeous Flowers

Zinnias are the low-maintenance rockstars of every flower garden! They thrive in the heat, they’re drought-tolerant, and their color is unmatched.

Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnia

Zinnias come in all shades and sizes, so it’s hard to pick a favorite. But, the Zowie Yellow Flame zinnia is hard to beat. With its striking two-tone color, it stands out amongst its peers.

Keep reading to learn more about this gorgeous bloom!

Characteristics of the Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnia

The Zowie Yellow Flame zinnia is well-known for its unique coloring. While the center of the flower is magenta, the petals transition from bright red to true yellow.

These stunning bicolor petals can appear orange at different points in the season. It’s like all your favorite fall colors in one flower!

Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnias

The large double bloom can grow up to four inches in diameter. Although the stems aren’t as long as other varieties (12 to 24 inches tall), they still look great in a bouquet.

These zinnias are reminiscent of the shape and texture of collarette dahlias. This makes them a great alternative for those who have a hard time growing dahlias in their zone.

Growing the Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnia

Luckily, zinnias are easy to grow for any level gardener. They are hardy in zones 2 through 11, and they tolerate all types of soil.

That means you can bring the Zowie Yellow Flame zinnia home to you!

Starting from Seed

While you can find potted zinnias in the garden center, don’t be afraid to start zinnias from seed. They germinate easily and only take about two months to reach maturity.

Zinnias can be directly sown into the soil. If you have a short growing season, you may wish to start them ahead. If that’s the case, start your seeds about four weeks before your last anticipated frost.

To direct sow zinnias, plant your seeds 1/4-inch deep in the soil. Space your seeds every six inches to allow sufficient air circulation.

Zinnia Seedlings

If you have a large area to sow, you can also scatter the seeds with your hand or a seed spreader.

Once the seedlings have two sets of leaves, you can begin to thin them out. Zinnias are resilient and will germinate either way!


To get the most out of your Zowie Yellow Flame zinnia, pinching is the way to go. Once your seedlings have grown four sets of true leaves, you can begin the process.

To pinch a zinnia, use shears or your fingers to pinch off the stem above the fourth set of leaves. This will cause the zinnia plant to branch and create more blooms.

If you don’t pinch your zinnias, the stems will tend to produce a singular bloom with a short, thick stem. Pinching encourages a healthy plant with lots of appropriate-sized stems for cutting.


Harvesting is just as important as pinching. Since zinnias re-bloom often, cutting stems will encourage new growth.

You’ll be surprised how quickly zinnias produce more blooms after you harvest them. The more you cut, the more they grow!

Determining whether a zinnia is ready to cut is easy. Mature zinnias will have a firm stem beneath the bloom head.

Picking Zinnias

Take the stem and shake it. If the head of the zinnia easily flops over, it needs more time. If it’s stable, you’re ready to cut.

To harvest a zinnia, trace the stem all the way back to the main branch. This will give you the longest stem possible.

Make a clean cut at the bottom of the stem using sharp pruning snips. You can remove the leaves on the stem by running your hand down it.

Making a Bouquet

Zowie Yellow Flame zinnias make gorgeous additions to any homegrown bouquet. Because of their orange, yellow, and red coloring, they’re ideal for a fall arrangement.

These zinnias make the perfect complimentary bloom to yellow sunflowers or dinner plate dahlias. Start with your focal flower, then add zinnias around them.

Use solidago or yellow yarrow as filler, then add in some amaranth to spill over the vase.

Employ fresh basil or eucalyptus if you need some greenery, and you’re done! You’ll have a bouquet that’s full of texture and dimension.

Uses in the Kitchen

Zinnias have some fun uses in the kitchen, as well! Zinnias aren’t toxic, so they can be consumed. Unfortunately, they aren’t very tasty and have a bitter flavor.

The best way to use zinnias in food is by using them as decoration. Whether you make a cake or fun summer dish, sprinkle some zinnias on top for the perfect pop of color.

Make sure you thoroughly wash your Zowie Yellow Flame zinnia before using it on food.

Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnia

Choose flowers that haven’t had any chemicals applied to them. Also, watch for any bugs hanging out under the petals.

Where to Buy It

The easiest place to find seeds for the Zowie Yellow Flame zinnia is online. Seed distributors such as True Leaf Market often have many types of zinnia seeds.

You’ll easily be able to check out seed reviews and plan your companion flowers and vegetables.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I plant Zowie Yellow Flame zinnias?

First of all, zinnias are easy to grow. Anyone interested in growing cut flowers should put this beautiful variety at the top of their list!

Zinnias also benefit pollinators such as bees and butterflies. If you like to grow a vegetable garden, zinnias are the perfect companion plant to keep your garden thriving.

2. What problems might I run into with zinnias?

Zinnias are one of the most low-maintenance flowers, but they can have their issues. If your flowers lack air circulation, they could be subject to powdery mildew or other diseases.

To prevent this, keep your zinnia plants spaced out enough to allow breathing room. Six to nine inches of space should be sufficient.

Wrapping Up the Zowie Yellow Flame Zinnia

The Zowie Yellow Flame zinnia will bring your flower garden to life with its bright color variation. The fun summer blooms will carry you all the way into fall. You’ll be glad you tried this lovely variety!

Interested in more zinnia content? Visit my zinnia page for more growing tips, care guides, bouquet suggestions, and more!

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