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Pineapple are probably the most recognizable tropical fruit out there, and for good reason, too. The perfect balance between sweet and sour, coupled with the fact that it’s the only natural occurrence of the famous enzyme that “eats you back,” had given it a claim to fame.

So if you’re interested in learning even more about this delicious and funky fruit, keep reading to discover different pineapple varieties, products, and even recipe ideas.


Pineapple Varieties

Pineapples come in many different varieties. Check out these informative posts to pick your favorite!

Pineapple Products

If you’ve only ever eaten precut pineapple from your local grocery store, you’re not the only one. Its tough skin and spiky leaves makes it one intimidating fruit. But if you’re feeling a little brave, take a look at the best peeler tools to help you in this endeavor:

Pineapple Peeler Tools

Consuming Pineapple

Now comes my favorite part—eating pineapples! If you’re going the natural way, learn how to harvest them without damaging the fruit or the tree. But if you’re going the easy way, then look for some inspiration on how to creatively incorporate pineapples into your diet.

How to Harvest Pineapple
How To Enjoy The Health Benefits Of Pineapple
Festive Pineapple Stuffing Recipe

a knife cutting the skin off a pineapple.

A Great Tropical Fruit

If you enjoyed the information here, check back often. We are always updating our care guides, informative posts, and product suggestions so that you can grow the most successful garden and or orchard.

In the meantime, discover more about some of our other favorite fruits: