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7 Important Facts About The Profusion Zinnia

Are you on the hunt to fill in your flowerbeds, potting containers, garden borders, and other landscaping with some truly magnificent Zinnia flowers to capture the eye? Then you will want to plant some beautiful Profusion Zinnia!

Read on to learn about this award-winning, beloved Zinnia variety.

Characteristics of The Profusion Zinnia

Profusion Zinnia

The Profusion Zinnia is one popular flower! This is a Zinnia hybrid variety that comes as a cross of other popular varieties, the Zinnia Angustifolia and the Zinnia Elegans. Combined with these popular parent varieties are a couple of notable traits that make this particular variety of Zinnia exceedingly popular.

The first, of course, is the simple factor of beauty—an area in which the Profusion Zinnia is a hard contender to beat. You can find the Profusion Zinnia in a wide range of shades, from apricot and orange to pink to white. There are even a few yellow shades of this Zinnia out there!

The Profusion Zinnia is also a great flower pick regardless of whether you have an eye for flowers with a single head, or double head—also known as “rows”—of petals. This particular Zinnia variety has both! This ensures you can find a color and variety within this Zinnia to fit all your landscaping needs.

A few other highly appealing draws to the Profusion Zinnia are its vigorous and long blooming season, its resistance to heat, drought, and disease, and its easy maintenance. These flowers are roughly 2 inches in diameter and they grow in large mounds and bunches, ensuring they cover a lot of space with minimal planting as well.

Profusion Zinnia Specific

Profusion Zinnias

Where can you buy this flower?

The Profusion Zinnia can be sourced at a number of places. This is an easy flower to find seed packets or seedlings for at various nurseries, flower shops, and lawn and garden centers. This Zinnia can also be sourced online. Its popularity makes it a very easy variety to find regardless of what area you live in!

Can you grow it at home?

Profusion Zinnias make a great candidate for home gardeners everywhere. This is an adaptable Zinnia variety than can thrive in a number of different soils and circumstances. It has performed well across the years in landscaping, large and small flower beds, and even containers!

Best of all, as a lower-maintenance flower, this type of Zinnia can be a great option for gardeners of all skill levels. So you have plenty of options for where to grow your Zinnias and watch them thrive!

What is significant about this flower?

Some of the most noteworthy qualities of the Profusion Zinnia are those adapted from its parent Zinnia types. This is an extremely hardy type of Zinnia, with resistance to numerous diseases and the harshness of summer climates.

This outstanding variety of Zinnia has also won several awards, including an All American Selections Gold Medal, Fleuroselect Gold Medal, and a North Texas Winner’s Circle Award.

Why would you want to grow it at home?

Profusion zinnias

The Profusion Zinnia is one of the best Zinnia varieties you will ever want to grow at home. In addition to its natural beauty and the rigorous growth state it maintains from early summer through the first frost of the season, this is also an easy Zinnia type to tend to and maintain. They do fantastically in flowerboxes, beds, and other landscaping.

Even if you live in a very hot or drought-prone climate, Profusion Zinnias can still perform well in your area! And if you live in a smaller location or one more prone to cold, you can also plant your Zinnia seeds in a container, as they can thrive easily there as well. This way they can be brought in during cooler days or nights, and take up little space.

Another great attribute of this Zinnia Type is how it attracts butterflies. This can help add another pop of beauty to your garden or landscaping beyond what these Zinnias themselves have to offer!

Where should you plant it?

Profusion Zinnia should be planted after the final threat of frost has passed. Seedlings can also be started indoors ahead of time, as long as you are able to transplant them into the soil before the plant matures.

You will want to plant your Zinnias in moist and well-drained soil, but as long as they have those factors in play, they can flourish in a variety of soil types—including clay, loam, chalk, or sand. You will want to plant your Profusion Zinnia where it has access to full sunlight and has some space to spread out. Crowding your Zinnias together can risk the development of powdery mildew, so be sure they have plenty of air circulation!

Making a bouquet with it/Using it for décor

The Profusion Zinnia makes an excellent candidate for multiple uses as a cut flower. Because of its bright, iridescent as well as softer, quieter colors—and the variety of those colors available—these stunning Zinnia flowers can be added to just about any bouquet, whether in a formal or informal setting.

You can also use these lovely Zinnias in home décor! This Zinnia variety will make for a great standalone flower, in a vase by itself, with a cluster of several Zinnias of the same color or a variety of shades; it can also pair fantastically with other varieties of greenery or other flowers that compliment your colored Zinnia of choice.

Where To Buy The Profusion Zinnia

Profusion zinnia

Profusion Zinnia seeds can often be sourced locally from lawn and garden centers, nurseries, and flower shops. If you are sourcing your Zinnia seeds online, we recommend True Leaf Market for reliable, high-quality seeds.

Wrapping Up the Profusion Zinnia

Before you get started on planting your Profusion Zinnia plants, be sure to check out our Zinnia page. This resource will equip you with all the knowledge you need to take care of your Zinnias and ensure they thrive wherever you plant them!