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There’s no denying that flowers are the crown jewels of any garden or landscape (though closely rivaled by fruits and vegetables!). Colorful, fragrant, and diverse, nothing makes a backyard more beautiful than old fashion flower gardening. 

The beauty of many even transcend their lifetimes by turning into bouquets, corsages, collages, and other decor. But why spend a fortune on store-bought flowers, when you could grow your own? Flower gardening is an arduous but relatively simple and rewarding activity. 

Read on to learn everything you need to know about daisy flowers, rose bushes, zinnia flowers, flower gardening materials, and more!

Bouquet with Dreamland Zinnias

Daisy flowers are the perfect plant for beginner and veteran gardners alike. Hardy and low-maintenance, these flowers provide timeless cottage-core beauty to any space you cultivate them in!

Daisy Flower Care

Daisies are easy to plant and care for, but there’s still some work to do! 

Growing Daisies

This post provides advice you’ll need before you even plant your daisies. It helps you decide which variety is best for you, and make a gameplan for the start of your daisy-growing adventure. 

Daisies to Grow in Your Backyard

There are so many daisy varieties out there that it might seem like an overwhelming task to narrow it down to just one or two for your backyard. Not sure where to start? This post outlines my 9 favorite daisies for backyards, and it might give you a hand in deciding which one works for you!

Daisies to Bring Amazing Color to Your Garden

Still debating on a variety? Here’s another list to consider. 

How to Care for Daisies

This post walks you through all the necessary steps in growing daisies whether you’re starting from seed indoors, starting from seed outdoors, or starting with transplants. 

Where to Buy Daisies

The flower market can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. In this post I help direct you towards the best suppliers for daisy seeds, transplants, and materials.


Daisy Flower Varieties

Here are some of the better-known varieties of daisies:

English daisy
Gerbera daisy

Oxeye daisy
Painted daisies

Shasta daisy

Here, I’ve just given you a quick glance at my research and advice for daisies. For a lot more information and guidance, check out my Daisy Flowers page. There you’ll find over thirty comprehensive guides that cover everything you need to know about how to cultivate these beautiful flowers!

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Rose Bushes

Perhaps THE most iconic and romantic flower in the world is, of course, the rose. Beautiful, fragrant, and great at attracting pollinators, roses have played a central role in culture, media (Beauty and the Beast, anyone?), and history for thousands of years. 

Ready to carry forth this powerful legacy? Here are some posts to get you started. 

Rose Bush Care

With a little care, patience, and love, anyone can grow beautiful rose bushes.

Planting a Rosebush

Everything is less daunting when broken down into steps! Read this post to learn everything you need to start your rose bush on the right foot, from picking your variety, to choosing a location, and more!

Rose Bush Care 101

Fertilizing, pruning, deadheading… these are all things that should be part of your rose care routine! Not sure what that is? That’s what this post is for. Read on to learn the basics about rose care!

How to Trim Rose Bushes
Pruning Roses

If you’re thinking that trimming and pruning are basically the same thing, then you should read these posts to straighten it out! In fact, they’re different important practices that will keep your rose bush healthy and thriving. 

Floribunda roses.

Rose Bush Varieties

Take a look at these general rose bush categories to start thinking about which one you want to grow in your backyard! Or, if take a closer look at my 21 Different Varieties of Roses.

If these posts have gotten you excited about starting your own rose bush growing journey, visit my rose bush page. There you’ll find many guides and instructional posts to help you plant, grow, and cherish the most beautiful and healthy rose bushes!

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Perhaps the most iconic summer and fall flowers are, of course, the sunflowers! You can spot them in fast yellow fields next to pumpkin patches, and in the background of many a viral social media pictures. But how to grow them yourself?

Keep reading to discover the basics, or head on over to my sunflower page to dive in deep!

Sunflower Care

Let’s start with the basics: how and when to plant these beautiful flowers!

How to Plant Sunflowers
When to Plant Sunflowers

Chances are that when you think of a “harvest,” you’re thinking about vegetables. But flowers can be harvested too, especially sunflowers. Learn all about it in my guide:
When to Harvest Sunflowers

A field of sunflowers.

Sunflower Varieties

Though most sunflowers are the tall, large-headed, yellow beauties you’re used to, not all sunflowers are the same. In fact, there are more varieties out there than you might imagine! Take a peek at just some of the many sunflower varieties that exist.

Want more autumnal flowers? Then check out our Gardener’s Guide to Fall Blooming Perennials!

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Zinnia Flowers

Though zinnia flowers are annual plants (meaning they only flower one season before dying) they are well worth the annual effort required to keep these beautiful plants in your backyard!

Zinnia Flower Care

Zinnia Care

Don’t be fooled by the number three! This comprehensive guide walks you through the details of growing zinnia in your backyard, from choosing varieties, to planting, growing, and more! 

Are Zinnia Edible?

Whether or not you’ve been asking yourself this question, this interesting post opens up a whole culinary world of flowers! Take your baking to the next level by making your recipes uniquely eye-catching with zinnia flowers.

How to Deadhead Zinnia

Though “deadheading” sounds gruesomely violent, it’s actually a very important step in zinnia flower care. Learn how to do it, and then impress your friends with the vocabulary!

Zinnia flowers

Zinnia Flower Varieties

Zinnia flowers come in all colors, shapes, and sizes. The good news is that it means there will always be a zinnia variety out there to complement your garden. The bad news is that the choices can be overwhelming!

Here are some of my favorites:

Like the flowers listed previously, I’ve only included a sample of all the zinnia posts I have. Check out my greater zinnia flowers page for comprehensive guides and recommendations to carry you through your zinnia growing adventure!

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Though we’ve just started writing about Tulips, we’re always updating our content. Start out with our guide on How To Plant Tulip Bulbs In Pots, and then check back often for more posts on these beautiful flowers!

Curious to learn about more tulip varieties? Then take a dive into the amazing Apricot Beauty Tulips
and the Red Emperor Tulips!

Flower Propagation

Propagating plants is the easiest way to grow your plant baby family. You know what the best part about it is? It’s totally free, and it saves you a trip to the nursery. Learn all about how to propagate your beautiful flowers by flower species:


This wouldn’t be a flower page without some information on bees! Bees are hugely important to the world’s ecosystem because they’re pollinators. That means they pollinate plants, which allows them to grow fertile fruit and seeds!

How to Attract Bees

Learn how to attract bees to your garden. Their presence signals a healthy, flourishing natural space. Plus, we all know that bees make delicious honey, but did you know you can even grow edible plants in your backyard?

a bee lands on a flower.

Flower Gardening Materials

Before you let your excitement to grow flowers take you straight to the garden, you need to make sure you’re equipped with the right tools, clothing, and accessories!

Tools and Equipment

Though every flower variety has specific care guidelines, here I’ve outlined some general instructions to help you get started as you learn about each plant’s specific needs. Plus, discover my recommendations for the best brands for tools and equipment!

Garden Watering
Weeding Tools

Clothing and Accessories

Though you can technically garden in whatever clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, the right gardening outfit and accessories will keep you more comfortable and protected. Check out my favorites to help guide your shopping!

Gardening Gloves
Knee Pads

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woman in gardening outfit.

Unique Uses for Flowers

Flowers are beautiful additions to anyone’s backyard, but there are also more unique uses for these pretty plants. Have you ever thought about all the wonderful Flower Arrangements you can create? Or even more surprisingly, there are many Edible Flowers For Cocktails out there to help spritz up your dinner party!

Need a new hobby? Learn How to Dry Flowers for Long-Lasting Beauty!

Go Plant Flowers!

Now that I’ve hopefully gotten you started on your flower-growing adventure, dive into more specific information about two of my favorite flowers: