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3 Fun Facts About The Zinderella Zinnia

Many different Zinnia varieties can add a touch of sweet color and elegance to your landscaping, flowerbeds, garden, and more. But the Zinderella Zinnia is among the best you will find! Read on to learn all there is to know about this stunning and beloved Zinnia variety.

Characteristics of The Zinderella Zinnia

Zinderella zinnias

A unique species of Zinnia Elegans, the Zinderella Zinnia comes in just a few different colors and has some distinct characteristics.

Chief among these characteristics is the petal size and layout of the Zinderella. Whatever color of Zinderella Zinnia you choose to grow, this flower will be defined by its appearance. These unique appearance traits include the head of the flower, which boasts an eye-catching, almost pompom-like shape, due to the size and spacing of the petals in a very distinct, frilly petal display.

This Zinnia variety can be found in either semi-double or fully double rows, and has a stunning, dark center that beautifully contrasts with the softer pastel color of the petals themselves. The head of the Zinderella Zinnia flower is typically about 2 and a half inches across and comes most commonly in color varieties of peach and lilac.

This Zinnia variety also has a notably sturdy, tall stem. The flowers tend to grow in dense mounds up to 30 inches in height and roughly 20 inches in diameter.

Zinderella Zinnia FAQs

Zinderella zinnia

Where can you buy this flower?

The Zinderella Zinnia can occasionally be purchased from florists, lawn and garden centers, and other flower shops as a pre-cut flower or even as a young seedling. However, because this Zinnia variety grows quickly and produces well, it is often preferred simply to grow it in your backyard.

Additionally, the greatest appeal for the Zinderella Zinnia is as a landscaping or container flower. This make it often preferable to grow from seed as opposed to purchasing pre-cut or already potted.

Can you grow it at home?

The Zinderella Zinnia makes an excellent Zinnia variety for growing at home, both for its landscaping attributes and its ease of growth. These characteristics make this particular Zinnia a great fit for experienced and new gardeners alike.

What is significant about this flower?

The significant traits of the Zinderella Zinnia include its beautiful colors, its full, pompom-style blossoms, and its resistance to drought. It also is a great attractor of pollinators and other welcomed garden visitors, and makes for a fantastic cut flower.

Thiz Zinnia variety will put out many blooms during its lifetime, so you can continue to make use of the cut flowers throughout the growing season.

Why would you want to grow it at home?


In addition to its gorgeous, soft color scheme—which is in contrast to many other Zinnia varieties which can tend to lean toward brighter, more assertive colors—the Zinderella Zinnia has several other attractive traits.

For landscapers, one of the biggest draws for growing this Zinnia variety is in the way it grows. The thickness of these Zinnia mounds and their hardy, vigorous growth make them particularly ideal for bordering gardens and other landscapes. They can fill up a lot of coverage without needing to be planted too close together!

Gardeners looking to attract pollinators and other beautiful, helpful visitors to their gardens will love the Zinderella Zinnia as well. This Zinnia variety is known to attract not only bees and butterflies, which are an asset to any garden…they also attract hummingbirds and other bird species!

Another attractive trait when it comes to gardening with the Zinderella Zinnia is that this is a very, very easy variety of Zinnia to grow at home. In fact, it is considered among the very easiest flower types to grow from a seed overall! This makes it a great fit for even young gardeners, as kiddos just starting to learn gardening skills can help tend and grow these Zinnias and see a great return on their investment.

Folks who like to use fresh, cut flowers for décor, bouquets, and more will also find that this is a particularly great Zinnia variety for the task. There will be plenty of these large, beautiful blooms to put to use throughout the plant’s growing season.

Where should you plant it?

In order to thrive at its very best, the Zinderella Zinnia should be planted in full sunlight and in soil that is well-draining and evenly moist, without any overt saturation. This Zinnia variety can do well in soil that is clay, loamy, chalky, or sandy.

You can start your Zinderella seeds indoors for earlier spring blooms, if you so desire. Simply begin by planting in an indoor seed container 4 to 6 weeks before the typical final threat of frost has passed, then transplant once the ground is consistently warmer than 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

When planted directly in the soil after the final frost, this Zinnia variety will usually begin to put out blooms in middle to late summer and into the fall, until after the first frost of the season. It will bloom continuously throughout this time frame.

Because the Zinderella, like many other Zinnia varieties, is susceptible to powdery mildew and other diseases, it is important to plant them with at least a foot of spacing between them. This will help maximize air circulation between your Zinnia plants and reduce the risk of any of them contracting, and then spreading, plant diseases.

Making a bouquet with it and using it for décor

The Zinderella Zinnia makes for an ideal bouquet addition and décor flower, due to its large size and tall, sturdy stems. These characteristics ensure it can stand up to both being in a vase as well as being included in just about any bouquet.

In addition, the color pattern of this Zinnia variety—from its softer, blush pastel tones to its striking, dark center—makes it ideal when paired with many different bouquet schemes and décor types. And best of all, the Zinderella will continue to bloom for cutting throughout the growth season.

Where To Buy The Zinderella Zinnia

Zinnia bouquet

Zinderella Zinnia seeds can be sourced occasionally from local nurseries, lawn and garden centers, and other seed distributors. If you are looking to source your Zinnia seeds online, you can find the peach variety in the David’s Garden Seed Store, available through Amazon.

Wrapping Up the Zinderella Zinnia

Before you get started on planting Zinderella Zinnias in your garden, landscape, or containers, be sure to check out our page on 3 Important Factors of Zinnia Care. This will give you the right tools to start off your Zinnias well and ensure they thrive throughout the growing season.

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