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3 Fun Facts About The Envy Zinnia

Feel like your garden, flowerbed, or landscaping border might just be missing a touch of something rare? You can make your flower arrangements both indoors and outdoors enviously lovely with the addition of the beautiful and unique Envy Zinnia!

Envy Zinnia

Read on to learn all there is to know about this one-of-a-kind Zinnia variety, including how to grow it, what to pair it with for decor, and more.

Characteristics of The Envy Zinnia

Envy zinnia

A large and unparalleled pollinator, the Envy Zinnia is absolutely remarkable and set apart from most other Zinnia flowers out there. Considered among the rarest of all Zinnia varieties, you will know an Envy by the color from which its name is derived: green!

The bright, chartreuse green hue of the Envy Zinnia is absolutely eye-catching and must truly be witnessed in person to be appreciated! Lustrous green petals adorn the Envy in either double or semidouble rows, depending on the flower. The heads of the Envy Zinnia flower measure up to 3 inches in diameter, making this a standout Zinnia variety in size as well as in color.

The Envy Zinnia grows up to 30 inches tall, with long, sturdy stems that make them fantastic for cut flower arrangements and bouquets.

Envy Zinnia Specific

Envy Zinnia

Where can you buy this flower?

Envy Zinnias can occasionally be purchased from your local nursery, lawn and garden center, or florist. However, this is a Zinnia variety that is so easy to grow, you are likely better of simply growing some for yourself! That way, you have access to beautiful cut flowers and the rare, arresting color of the Envy Zinnia in your landscaping, garden, or flowerbed all throughout the season.

Can you grow it at home?

The Envy Zinnia is a very easy Zinnia variety to grow at home. With the proper soil conditions and sunlight and spacing needs, which are easy to meet, you will find your Zinnia plant flourishes with minimal care and regular watering, and brings quite a boon of beauty anywhere you plant it.

What is significant about this flower?

The most significant trait of the Envy Zinnia is, of course, its rare and outstanding color. The bright chartreuse color scheme of this particular Zinnia variety makes it stand out among most flowers. Even other Zinnias, such as those on the red, yellow, or pastel spectrum, just can’t compare with the Envy Zinnia!

In addition to its color, this striking Zinnia variety is also a great pollinator and attracts plenty of helpful and beautiful visitors to your yard. This includes birds, bees, butterflies, and even hummingbirds!

Why would you want to grow it at home?

Planting some Envy Zinnia seeds at home will truly make your landscaping or flowerbed the envy of your fellow floral enthusiasts and gardeners! This is a show-stealing flower for both its size and beauty. If you are committed to beautiful landscaping that truly stands head and shoulders above the rest, then this Zinnia variety is a must-have for your borders, beds, and more!

Gardeners will find that the Envy Zinnia is a great addition to their gardening area as it helps to attract pollinators, like bees. This gorgeous Zinnia can also help keep the focus of certain plant-hungry birds and insects away from the rest of your garden, sparing your food plants from their natural predators.

Lastly, folks who like to create their own floral arrangements, whether for practical use or décor, will find the Envy Zinnia is a standout asset to their craft. There are several qualities of this Zinnia variety that make it ideal for bouquets and décor, particularly of the summer color pattern. And as this is an easy flower to grow, it can make a recurring contribution to any floral designer’s repertoire throughout the summer months!

Where should you plant it?

If you are sowing seeds directly into the ground, your Envy Zinnia should be planted a few weeks after the final threat of frost has passed for your area. This will allow the ground to warm up and will make it the ideal temperature to receive the seed.

If you are beginning your Zinnia seeds indoors for earlier blooms, you will want to start them in a seed pot roughly 6 to 8 weeks before the final threat of frost has passed. Then, while the flower is still young, plant it in the soil once all frost risk is over.

This Zinnia variety enjoys full sun and moist, well-draining soil with a neutral pH balance. Airflow is key for the health of this particular Zinnia in order to avoid powdery mildew and other plant diseases that Zinnias can be susceptible to. For this reason, it is recommended to space your Zinnia mounds at least 9 to 12 inches apart.

You will want to water your Envy Zinnias frequently and near the base to avoid any mildew developing on the leaves. You can also prune off or cut the spent blossoms in order to ensure a robust and long-lasting growing season.

Making a bouquet with it/Using it for décor

The Envy Zinnia is an ideal flower for use in bouquets and décor, thanks to its rare and stunning color. In particular, the large head of this Zinnia variety really pops among both summer colors and pastels. Some of the recommended colors to pair the Envy with are pinks—either loud or soft—dark blues, whites, reds, yellows, and oranges.

The Envy Zinnia can also be added to other green-themed floral arrangements, such as succulent bouquets. And, in addition to its evocative color, the Envy Zinnia also presents with long, sturdy stems. This makes it perfect for vase arrangements as well as bouquets.

Where To Buy The Envy Zinnia

Envy zinnias

Envy Zinnia seeds can occasionally be purchased from florists, nurseries, lawn and garden centers, and even supermarkets and large grocery stores. If you are looking to source some Envy Zinnia seeds online, we recommend Sow Right Seeds’ Envy Zinnia packet, available through Amazon.

Wrapping Up the Envy Zinnia

Ready to kick off growing some Envy Zinnias for yourself? Make sure you first take time to check out our page on 3 Important Factors of Zinnia Care. This will help ensure you get those Zinnias off to their best start and keep them happy and healthy throughout the blooming season!

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