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Queen Red Lime Zinnias: Learn How to Grow and Enjoy These Beautiful Flowers

If you love zinnias, as so many people do, there’s a unique variety you probably haven’t heard about yet.

The Queen red lime zinnia, also sometimes called the Queen lime red zinnia, Queeny red lime zinnia, or Queeny lime red zinnia is a much more rare flower that will definitely stand out from other more common zinnias and other flowers as well.

Queen Red Lime Zinnia

Read on to learn more about the Queen red lime zinnia, what it looks like, how to grow it, where to find them, and more.

What Is the Queen Red Lime Zinnia?

You’re likely already familiar with zinnias. They’re an incredibly popular flower that comes in every color you can imagine. They are pretty simple and straightforward to grow and are just downright charming and cheerful.

The Queen red lime zinnia looks particularly striking with its pink or maroon petals toward the outside and green petals in the middle.

These flowers will often have an “antique” look to them, almost as though they’re vintage from the moment they bloom. They can even change color as the plant grows (but will maintain the same reddish and green colors overall).

The flower is medium to large in size and has a double bloom, making it appear much fuller than single-bloom varieties. This means that in addition to the usual row of petals growing out from the center, they also have a second row or more, usually obscuring the middle of the flower.

This is sometimes referred to as a “dahlia type” because the double bloom is reminiscent of the fullness of a dahlia.

A Queen Red Lime Zinnia in a Zinnia Garden

The Queen red lime zinnia will flower all season, from summer often into the fall. It also attracts pollinators, such as hummingbirds, butterflies, and different species of bees. Because they bloom for so long, it’s a very beneficial flower to grow for the environment.

There are also several related varieties that offer other color combinations, such as the Queen orange lime zinnia.

Beautiful Bouquets

Zinnias are a great addition to bouquets for any occasion. They’re widely recognizable and come in so many colors to choose from, so they provide the perfect look in so many situations from weddings to garden parties. The Queen red lime zinnia is a rare and unique variety that will bring something special and new to your bouquets.

The “antique” look of these flowers will bring a more interesting pop of color to your decor and also look beautiful growing in window boxes and gardens.

You can even use it as a garnish for an unforgettable meal presentation. Simply clip the stem all the way up at the base of the flower and arrange on the plate to your liking.

How to Grow Queen Red Lime Zinnias

Like other zinnia varieties, this one is fairly easy to grow. It’s an annual, so you’ll have to replant it each year as it will not come back on its own.

You can either start seeds inside a couple of months before transplanting them into your garden or plant them directly in the ground after the last frost of the season has come and gone.

Be sure to choose a spot in full sun. The soil you use should be rich and nutrients with good drainage.

If possible, these flowers should be watered regularly; however, Queen red lime zinnias do well in the heat and are also fairly drought resistant. If you go away on a short trip or forget to water them here and there, they’re resilient enough to continue growing nicely.

Zinnia Bud

Make small holes in the soil, only about 1/4″ deep, spaced a few inches apart. Drop one seed per hole and lightly cover with soil. Keep the soil moist as best you can early on to allow the seed to sprout.

As the flowers grow you can start to thin them out to around a foot apart to give them ample room and their roots and leaves expand.

When it comes to maintenance, this is a great beginner flower because they don’t require pruning or pinching, and aren’t overly susceptible to damage from pests.

Once the blooms are nearly full, they’re ready to cut. Queen red lime zinnias will last about a week in a vase, so you get a pretty long life out of them.

Where to Buy Queen Red Lime Zinnias

Seeds to Grow Your Own

Because they’re such an uncommon type, your best bet for adding Queen red lime zinnias to your home is to grow them yourself from seed.

Give these seeds a try and you’ll have a beautiful bouquet in no time!

If you absolutely love them and want to also grow something very similar, the Queen lime orange zinnia is another rare and beautiful variety.

Fresh Zinnias for Bouquets

Finding fresh-cut Queen red lime zinnias for sale might be a bit more challenging.

Start with local flower farms and farmers’ markets; zinnias in general are very popular, so you’re very likely to find someone who grows other varieties and may be willing to add these to their crop list for you.

Zinnia Bouquet Featuring a Queen Red Lime Zinnia

Since zinnias are a common addition to bouquets, you might get lucky and find them at smaller local grocery stores or specialty markets. Again, it might be worth making a special request for the Queen red lime zinnias to be sourced, but there’s no guarantee.

Lastly, florists in your area can almost certainly find specific varieties for you. Chances are, they’ll be excited to meet another enthusiast interested in rarer and more interesting flowers, and who knows? You might even help the Queen red lime zinnia gain more popularity and become a bit more common.

Enjoy Your Queen Red Lime Zinnias

Queen red lime zinnias are a rare variety of a common flower and are sure to bring a whole new level of unique blooms to your garden and bouquets. With their interesting color combination and fullness, they are undeniably gorgeous.

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