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Who hasn’t dreamed of growing their own fairytale herbs garden in a French-style kitchen with streaming light through glistening windows? Picture-perfect, and picture-delicious, I’d say. 

There’s nothing like growing herbs, drying them, and incorporating them into your home-cooked meal. Even closer than farm-to-table—it’s garden-to-table!

If you’re looking to start (or continue!) your herb growing adventure, then you’re in the right place. Check out my growing guides for a great selection of delicious herbs.

Herbs on a windowsill.

How to Plant Herbs

Start out with our general guide on How to Plant Herbs. Then, once you’ve got the basics, dive into the specifics that each individual herb type requires! 


Propagating Herbs

Propagating herbs is a great skill for any gardener, indoor or outdoor, to have in their back pocket. It gives you more plants for free, and saves you a trip to the nursery! Learn all about propagating herbs.

Growing Herbs Indoors

Most people usually choose to start seeds indoors. That gives you a head start on the growing season, because you get to start the process before the last frost date!

Whether you’re simply starting herbs indoors and then transferring them outside, or keeping them indoors permanently, indoor gardening is much different than outdoor gardening. Learn all the tips and tricks to the trade, including what products you should be using, with our hyper-specialized posts on indoor seed starting.

For you adventurous types, you might even find some suggestions on how to start seeds outdoors!

A hanging display of houseplants.

Grow Your Own Herbs!

I hope these posts have inspired you to grow your own herb garden at home. You’re just a couple of months away from having your own delicious home-made herbs!

Want to continue your gardening adventure? Then learn how to grow all these other great green friends: