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All About Benary’s Giant Zinnias

Everyone knows zinnias are among the best, most beautiful flowers for landscaping as well as cut flower bouquets. But in terms of the sheer volume they bring, the Benary’s Giant Zinnia is a cut above the rest!

Pink Benary's giant zinnias

Read on to learn more about this wonderful flower, how to grow it, how to use it in décor, and so much more!

Characteristics of the Benary’s Giant Zinnia

The Benary’s Giant Zinnia is quite the popular zinnia variety, and for good reason!

This zinnia certainly lives up to its name, being one of the largest varieties out there in terms of the size of the flowerhead. These flowers all have a full, double row of petals and a head size of about 4 to 5 inches in diameter, making for a thick, full bloom.

Benary’s Giant Zinnia flowers can also be found with a variety of more than a dozen colors, from rich and vibrant reds, purples, and yellow to softer greens and pale pinks. There are even white versions of these zinnia flowers out there! This means you can use this zinnia to fit just about any need in terms of décor preference, bouquet theme, and so much more.

Benary's giant zinnias in shades of pink and orange.

In terms of the flower itself, the Benary’s Giant Zinnia grows on long, sturdy stems and has a quick crop time. Combined with its variety of beautiful colors and overall size and natural beauty, it is no wonder why the this variety of zinnia is so well-loved!

Benary’s Giant Zinnia Specific

Where can you buy this flower?

While Benary’s Giant Zinnia may be found at certain florists and lawn and garden centers, they are actually much preferred to be grown from seed. This is due to the ease of growing them and the abundance of crop they provide. These seeds can occasionally be sourced locally, but are also often purchased online.

Can you grow it at home?

For many reasons, this zinnia variety makes for a great flower to grow at home! And there is a much broader appeal than merely the beautiful landscaping and cut flowers this zinnia variety provides. You will also find that their large size and lovely color patterns attract a good deal of butterflies, as well as bees and other pollinators, which can be great for any garden and landscape you want to keep healthy and fertile.

Closeup of yellow Benary's giant zinnias.

Another great asset is how well this zinnia variety can thrive in a number of growing zones and various growing conditions. As long as you have the proper soil for optimal flower health, you will likely have no trouble at all growing this zinnia in your own backyard, front yard, garden, or even in pots!

What is significant about this flower?

It comes as little surprise that the standout feature of the Benary’s Giant Zinnia is both the flower’s size and the riot of colors in which it comes. However, gardeners and landscapers all over have also highly praised the attraction of pollinators and butterflies that can be attributed to this flower.

In addition to these assets, it is worth noting that this zinnia variety in particular comes highly recommended by the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers. Several of the traits this association noted in particular were the flower’s productivity and vigor, how it flourishes in a many different conditions across multiple growing zones, and the uniformity of its appearance.

Why would you want to grow it at home?

There are several reasons you might want to grow these flowers at home, depending on your needs!

Folks who enjoy decorating with fresh-cut flowers will find that the Benary’s Giant Zinnia variety makes for a great return on investment. With just a bit of effort and care, you will have plenty of decadent, full-bodied flowers to brighten up your space and compliment the rest of your décor throughout the growing season.

Gardeners who are eager to attract both natural beauty and practical assistance in the health of their garden also favor Benary’s Giant Zinnia. This flower’s attraction of many different helpful insects makes it an indispensable favorite among many gardeners.

Landscapers also tend to be fond of this zinnia. Not only does it offer a burst of eye-grabbing color to just about any landscaping setup, but it also can fill in landscaping gaps with great ease due to the size of the flowerheads. A little goes a long way when it comes to planting Benary’s Giant Zinnia in your landscaping!

Vibrant orange and pink Benary's giant zinnias.

Where should you plant it?

The Benary’s Giant Zinnia should be planted in loamy, sandy soil with a healthy nitrous level and in a spot where it can receive full sunlight. This is a great flower for planting directly outdoors, typically in May once the final threat of seasonal frost has passed; however, seedlings can be started indoors around February/March to keep on track with the production times of outdoor zinnias.

Take time to fertilize your plants every week with a fertilizer that contains a nitrogen balance of 100-150 ppm. This will give it the best chance to remain healthy and thriving.

With these needs met, the Benary’s Giant Zinnia will likely begin to put out its crop within 9 to 10 weeks and will continue to grow and flourish vigorously throughout the summer season until the first deep frost.

Using Them for Bouquets and Décor

An informal bouquet of zinnias.

The Benary’s Giant Zinnia is a popular cut flower for a few very good reasons! The most obvious one is, of course, how large and beautiful they are. But in addition to that, the hardy and long stems of this particular zinnia variety make it a standout among cut flowers.

You will not need to worry about stem integrity with your Benary’s Giant Zinnia. These flowers will stand up very well to being placed in a vase. Furthermore, due to their size and variety of colors, these flowers can be a great asset to all kinds of bouquets, from whimsical floral decorations to formal wedding arrangements, and they can even add a nice touch to a memorial or funeral display.

Where to Buy the Benary’s Giant Zinnia

Zinnia seeds.

If you are on the hunt for Benary’s Giant Zinnia seeds that can be sourced online, and you want a variety of potential colors to choose from, we recommend sourcing your seeds from Hoss Tools. They offer several different lovely Benary’s Giant Zinnia seed types for different colors!

Add the Benary’s Giant Zinnia to Your Garden!

A golden yellow Benary's giant zinnia.

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