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Tomato Varieties: Your Complete Guide to 76 Incredible Varieties of Tomatoes

Close your eyes and imagine the ripest, juiciest tomatoes. The bold colors, flavors, and textures just burst with lush, tender, and soft fleshes. Now open your eyes. Do I have your attention?

Tomato Varieties

Come on a journey with me to explore our extensive list of the best and most versatile tomato varieties you’ll ever find.

Your Complete Guide To 76 Different Varieties of Tomatoes

Here’s a breakdown of our favorite tomato varieties. The following guide will lead you through 76 different types of tomatoes. So please grab a cup of coffee, sit back, and let’s dig in.

Santorini Tomatoes

Santorini Tomatoes are cherry tomatoes perfect for sauces. These small-sized tomatoes exhibit deep red colorings and a firm structure. Check availability.

Wagner Blue Green Tomatoes

Wagner Blue Green Tomatoes are unique tomatoes with deep purple colors. The fruit’s inside is made up of golden green.

Chocolate Pear Tomatoes

Chocolate Pear Tomatoes are cherry tomatoes that grow in pear shapes. These are great for sprucing up all your favorite dishes!

The Jersey Boy Tomato

Jersey Boy Tomatoes are hearty tomatoes that are disease and blemish-resistant. You’ll love their juicy flavors.

Granadero Tomato

Granadero Tomatoes will give you a sweet and spicy taste. Try these in homemade salsas and tomato pastes for flavor perfection! Check availability.

Granadero tomato
Granadero Tomatoes

Orange Icicle Tomatoes

Orange Icicle Tomato varieties give off notes of citrus flavors. In addition, these easy-care tomatoes grow in unique shapes and add garden personality!

Ferris Wheel Tomato

Ferris Wheel Tomatoes are massive-sized tomato varieties weighing up to a pound! These beefsteak tomatoes exhibit complex flavors.

Rebekah Allen Tomato

Rebekah Allen Tomatoes give the perfect farmstand vibes! You’ll love the vintage, flavor-bursting taste of these pink tomato varieties.

Millionaire Tomato

Make sure to try the rich flavors of Millionaire Tomatoes. These easy-to-grow tomatoes are perfect garden additions!

Dr. Wyches Yellow Tomato

Dr. Wyches Yellow Tomato is a yellow variety with a flavorful punch. These tomatoes hold the title of best-sellers! Check availability.

Emerald Evergreen Tomatoes

Emerald Evergreen Tomatoes are one of the best green tomatoes ever grown! These are popular choices found only in high-end food stores. Check availability.

Alicante Tomatoes

Alicante Tomatoes are flavorful tomato varieties well known in the United Kindom. They’re described as “money makers” and great for new gardeners. Check availability.

Alicante tomatoes
Alicante Tomatoes

Kentucky Beefsteak Tomato

Kentucky Beefsteak Tomatoes are huge heirloom tomatoes worth the wait! Expect these sweet-tasting, late-season tomatoes toward the end of the growing seasons. Check availability.

White Queen Tomatoes

Do you wish to feel like royalty? Then, the White Queen Tomato is the perfect white tomato sure to wow you’re guests! Check availability.

Green Doctors Tomato

Green Doctors Tomato varieties carry sweet flavors and are easy on your gut. The later the season, the sweeter the taste! Check availability.

Flamenco Tomato

Flamenco Tomatoes accept higher temperatures and are newer tomato selections. These smaller-sized plants are great for container gardens.

Henderson’s Pink Ponderosa Tomato

Henderson’s Pink Ponderosa stands out among the rest. This beefsteak tomato is complete with easy care and is exceptionally delicious! Check availability.

True Black Brandywine Tomato

True Black Brandywine Tomato varieties are perfect for slicers and cooking companions. You’ll experience sweet and smokey flavor notes. Check availability.

Black Brandywine Tomato
Black Brandywine Tomato

Malakhitovaya Shkatulka Tomato

Malakhitovaya Shkatulka Tomatoes are one-of-a-kind. They carry a complicated Russian name but an unforgettable taste!

Rosella Tomato

Rosella Tomatoes are small cherry tomatoes perfect for quick off-the-vine snacks. They form a deep-pink color and offer exciting flavors.

Japanese Black Trifele Tomato

Japanese Black Trifele varieties grow in two-toned color schemes. These pear-shaped tomatoes present a meaty and complex yet tasty flavor.

Violet Jasper Tomato

The Violet Jasper Tomato is an heirloom tomato that only requires the basics while giving you a beautiful appearance. It’s easy to find these tomatoes at local farmer’s markets.

The Black Icicle Tomato

Black Icicle Tomatoes’ name doesn’t represent their presentation! These tomatoes work perfectly in cooking.

Tigerella Tomato

Up for a challenge? Try growing The Tigerella Tomato. These striped beauties are great ways to add uniqueness to your garden. Check availability.

Tigerella tomatos
Tigerella Tomatoes

The Garden Peach Tomato

Garden Peach Tomatoes will stand out brightly in your garden. These fuzzy tomatoes will surely add some classic kitchen dish variety. Check availability.

Dester Tomato

Want to grow a massive tomato? Try the Dester Tomato! These late-season heirlooms will give you a large harvest for your efforts.

Micro Tom Tomato

The Micro Tom Tomato is small but mighty. These gumball-sized fruits carry a bold taste and grow well in pots and planters. Check availability.

Super Sweet 100 Tomato

Super Sweet 100 Tomatoes are my personal favorites! These cherry tomatoes offer deliciously sweet tastes and significant yields. Check availability.

Moneymaker Tomato

Moneymaker Tomatoes are perfect for all soil and weather conditions. In addition, you’ll love their high-yield and sweet flavors. Check availability.

Lillian’s Yellow Tomato

Patience is a virtue. Lillian’s Yellow Tomatoes will show its worth through a stunning appearance and monumental flavors. Check availability.

German Lunchbox Tomato

German Lunchbox Tomatoes provide even balance in their size and sweetened tastes. They’re the perfect cross between a cherry and full-size tomatoes.

Pink Boar Tomato

Pink Boar Tomato varieties carry an exciting name and green stripes. Additionally, they are low-maintenance, delicious, and unique. Check availability.

Mr. Stripey Tomato

Mr. Stripey Tomatoes are gorgeous, tasty, and have unique appearances. They grow in perfect sizes and are easy to care for! Check availability.

Green Giant Tomato

Green Giant Tomato varieties are sweet yet tangy in flavor. I’d recommend these to use in salsa and relishes.

Dad’s Sunset Tomato

Looking for brag-worthy tomatoes? Dad’s Sunset Tomatoes are labeled as “trophy crops” and give off a sunset-inspired hue.

The Roma Tomato

Roma Tomatoes are well-known tomato varieties. You’ll find these classics in any market. Romas are great for cooking and enjoying raw. Check availability.

Roma Tomatoes
Roma Tomatoes

Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomato

Matt’s Wild Cherry Tomatoes are new and refreshing cherry tomato varieties! You’ll love their sweet taste and small deep-red features. Check availability.

German Pink Tomato

German Pink Tomatoes are tall and large-sized heirloom tomatoes. These fruits are practically seedless and ideally enjoyed raw.

Hungarian Heart Tomato

Hungarian Heart Tomato is truly heart-shaped! These tomato varieties are also developed to be crack-resistant and bright red. Check availability.

Raspberry Lyanna Tomato

Raspberry Lyanna Tomatoes are named by coloring, not taste. These tomatoes are semi-determinate and produce rich sweet fruits all season.

Red Currant Tomato

Red Currant Tomatoes are grape or cluster tomato varieties resembling red currants. They’re small, edible, and bursting with flavor. Check availability.

Red current tomatoes
Red Current Tomatoes

Campari Tomato

Campari Tomatoes is another loved supermarket favorite! Campari tomatoes offer a delightful taste and complement many classic dishes. Check availability.

Great White Tomato

Great White Tomatoes are perfect tomato varieties if you don’t like tomato flavors. These tomatoes have melon and guava notes!

Paul Robeson Tomato

What about trying a smoky, tangy-flavored tomato? Try Paul Robeson Tomatoes for beefsteaks, unlike anything you’ve ever encountered. Check availability.

Cherokee Purple Tomato

Cherokee Purple Tomatoes have been available to gardeners for many years. These beefsteak tomato varieties are compact and highly flavorful. Check availability.

Better Boy Tomatoes

Better Boy Tomatoes hold world records for producing the largest yields in one year! They’re the perfect choice for any climate. Check availability.

Yellow Pear Tomatoes

Yellow Pear Tomatoes grow in fun, unique shapes, and colors. These tomato varieties’ beautiful yellow coloring is most common. Check availability.

Yellow Pear Tomato
Yellow Pear Tomato

Kumato Tomato

The Kumato Tomato is challenging to grow and is primarily found in Europe. If you like challenges, try growing these tomatoes!

Stupice Tomato

Stupice Tomatoes are one of few tomato varieties that produce in colder temperatures. They’re vigorous growers found growing in Alaska! Check availability.

Carbon Tomatoes

Carbon Tomatoes have a deep red coloration with purple tops. These are colossal award-winner, sweet yet smokey tomatoes. Check availability.

Jubilee Tomatoes

Jubilee Tomatoes are great compact indeterminate tomato varieties. I also like that this type of tomato is crack resistant. Check availability.

Hillbilly Tomatoes

Hillbilly Tomatoes are enormous and have enjoyable classical sweet flavorings. Hillbilly Tomatoes need solid support systems to grow correctly. Check availability.

The Tiny Tim Tomato

Tiny Tim Tomatoes are perfectly sized tomato plants. Grow them in tight spaces, containers, or indoor gardens. These tomatoes are cute and flavorful!

Tiny Tim Tomatoes
Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Rutgers Tomatoes

Rutgers Tomato plants are highly productive growers. These tomato varieties pair well with many classic kitchen dishes and sides. Check availability.

The Fourth of July Tomato

Fourth of July Tomatoes are usually ripe and ready by the 4th. Other tomato varieties will take longer to grow and produce. Check availability.

Mushroom Basket Tomatoes

Mushroom Basket Tomatoes resemble mushroom basket shapes when turned upside down. These tomato varieties produce fruits with deep pink colors and white speckle accents.

Azoychka Tomatoes

Azoychka Tomatoes have complicated names but the taste, especially enjoyed solo, is a show stopper. These tomato varieties are small and tangy. Check availability.

Yellow Brandywine Tomatoes

The Yellow Brandywine Tomato has a color-changing appearance from season to season. It’s also a popular and older choice tomato.

Yellow Brandywine Tomato

Kelloggs Breakfast Tomato

Kelloggs Breakfast Tomatoes were actually named after their yellowish-orange colors. A cold glass of morning orange juice was the inspiration for their titles. Check availability.

Orange Hat Tomato

The Orange Hat Tomato varieties have strong aromas and mild tastes. These tomatoes are perfect additions to salads or delicious handheld snacks.

Big Rainbow Tomato

Big Rainbow Tomatoes have gorgeous appearances and are excellent for beginners. These large tomato varieties have a milder taste than their competitors.

Gardeners Delight Tomato

Gardener’s Delight Tomatoes are delightful cherry tomato varieties easy to grow and pleasurable to enjoy. These small tomatoes produce very prominent flavors. Check availability.

Monterosa Tomato

Monterosa Tomatoes developed in hopes of starting movements to produce more flavorful and juicy tomatoes. Did it work?

Big Beef Tomatoes

Big Beef Tomatoes are excellent choices for new gardeners. Their tastes and bright red colors are so worth it. Check availability.

German Johnson Tomatoes

Need a great juicing tomato? Check out the humongous and succulent German Johnson Tomato.

German Johnson Tomato
German Johnson Tomato

The Black Beauty Tomato

Black Beauty Tomatoes are one of the world’s darkest tomato varieties. These deep purple and black-skinned tomatoes are highly flavorful and award-winning! Check availability.

Mortgage Lifter Tomato

Mortgage Lifter Tomatoes were developed during the Great Depression and blend four different tomato varieties. These big and juicy tomatoes are perfect for all gardens. Check availability.

San Marzano Tomatoes

San Marzano Tomatoes are Italian plum tomato varieties with a price tag. Unfortunately, these luxuries are very hard to locate. Check availability.

Green Zebra Tomato

Green Zebra Tomatoes have fun, striped, green appearances perfect for beginners. These tomatoes have both sweet and tart flavors. Check availability.

Green Zebra Tomato
Green Zebra Tomato

The Early Girl Tomato

Early Girl Tomatoes always come through and arrive early. Enjoy taste, beauty, and abundance much faster than most tomato varieties! Check availability.

Juliet Tomatoes

Juliet Tomatoes are fantastic all-American grape tomatoes. They have extraordinary shelf lives and pleasantly sweet tastes. Check availability.

The Brandywine Tomato

Brandywine Tomatoes grow in many different colors. They’re one of the top-grown heirloom varieties in the United States. Check availability.

Black Krim Tomatoes

The Black Krim Tomato is a favorite among chefs. These giant, dark fruits are delicious raw and give fantastic dish colors. Check availability.

Celebrity Tomatoes

Celebrity Tomatoes are winning tomato varieties from the 80s. They produce substantial tastes and textures. Check availability.

Beefsteak Tomatoes

Beefsteak Tomatoes are ideal tomato varieties for burgers and sandwiches. Make sure to try these juicy, flavorsome, and timeless slicers! Check availability.

Black Cherry Tomatoes

Black Cherry Tomatoes are one of a kind. These black and burgundy tomatoes will add unique touches to your recipes. Check availability.

Black Cherry Tomato
Black Cherry Tomato

Wrapping Up Our Complete Guide On These Tomato Varieties

This guide covers many favorite tomato varieties and is a tomato lover’s dream! I encourage you to think divergently and try a few different tomato types you’ve never heard of before. Also, don’t forget to explore how to use these tomatoes daily.

Excited for more tomato content? Then visit our tomato page for growing tips, comprehensive guides, and tasty recipes!