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The Unique Silver Slicer Cucumber

When you think of a cucumber, you probably picture a long, green fruit. But did you know cucumbers come in many different varieties, some of which can be yellow or even white?

Silver Slicer Cucumbers are one of these unique varieties of cucumbers, and from their name, you may be able to guess why.

Read on to learn everything there is to know about these special cucumbers!

Silver slicer cucumber growing on a tree

Characteristics of Silver Slicer Cucumbers

Type of Cucumber

Silver Slicer Cucumbers are a type of “slicing” cucumber, which means they are best eaten fresh and commonly used in salads and sandwiches. Usually, slicing cucumbers are long, dark green, and have thick skin, which helps them last longer.

Other types of cucumbers are grown for different purposes, like pickling.

Visit our blog about Slicing Cucumbers for more information about this category of cucumbers, as well as additional slicing cucumber varieties.


Silver slicer cucumber growing on a tree

Silver Slicer Cucumbers are unique in their appearance, which stands out from the many other varieties of cucumbers.

Although most slicing cucumbers are dark green in color, Silver Slicer Cucumbers have a very pale, greenish-white, almost-silver tone. Their skin is thinner than other varieties, too.

These cucumbers are usually harvested when they’re between six and eight inches long, and about two inches wide. Their shape is straight and oval.

Eating Silver Slicer Cucumbers

How They Taste

Don’t let the lighter color of this cucumber trick you into thinking it’s bland; Silver Slicer Cucumbers are quite tasty. They’re crisp, juicy, and mild, and some people describe them as having a sweet aftertaste.

People also love Silver Slicer Cucumbers for their smooth, buttery texture.

How to Use Them

Because Silver Slicers are a type of slicing cucumber, they’re best served fresh, as opposed to pickled.

Many enjoy eating these cucumbers plain because they’re just that tasty. But I’ve included some recipes you can try, too.

For something light and refreshing, try this unique cucumber in a white bean and cucumber salad, which makes a great side dish. Or, for a recipe without beans, try this fresh Silver Slicer Cucumber salad.

Feel free to get creative and try them on sandwiches, with dips, and more!

Health Benefits

Like other cucumbers, Silver Slicer Cucumbers are quite nutritious. They’re low in calories and fat, high in water, and contain several key nutrients.

Cucumbers are over 95 percent water, which is what makes them so refreshing. It also means they’re a great way to help stay hydrated, especially in the hot summer months.

Additionally, cucumbers are high in vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps the immune system, tissue growth, and more. They’re also a good source of other nutrients like vitamin A, potassium, iron, and calcium.

Where to Buy Silver Slicer Cucumbers

Silver Slicer Cucumbers are a bit of a specialty item, so they may be tricky to find at large retailers and grocery chains.

You may have more success finding these cucumbers at a specialty store or farmer’s market when they’re in season in the latter half of the summer.

However, to keep a reliable supply of Silver Slicer Cucumbers on hand, try growing them at home!

Growing Them At Home

Not only are Silver Slicer Cucumbers great to eat, but they’re also a great choice for home gardeners. These plants are prolific, producing plenty of fruit, and they’re disease resistant, too.

Read on for an overview of growing Silver Slicer Cucumbers.

Growing Conditions

Similar to other varieties of cucumbers, Silver Slicers grow best in warm weather will full, direct sunlight.

Soil should be between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit when you plant your seeds, which means they will likely be planted in the summertime. Your soil should also be relatively fertile and drain well.

These plants are resistant to powdery mildew, which is common among other varieties of cucumbers. This disease resistance means they can continue to grow and produce fruits later in the season, into the late summer or early fall.

Planting the Seeds

You can plant Silver Slicer Cucumber seeds indoors or directly outdoors.

If you’d like to start indoors, plant seeds three weeks before the last frost. Then, once the threat of frost has passed, transplant the seedlings outdoors and plant every two feet apart, in rows that are three feet apart.

Sowing seeds outdoors may be preferable so as not to disturb the plant’s fragile roots during transplant. However, you’ll have to wait until after the threat of frost has passed to begin the planting process.

When starting the seeds outside, plant them every four inches to start. Once you start to see true leaves sprout, thin the seedlings so that there are two feet between plants and three feet between rows.

For more information, including a step-by-step guide and tips, visit our How to Plant Cucumbers page.

Care and Maintenance

These cucumbers should be watered regularly. Start with one inch of water per week, which is what most types of cucumbers require. However, consider increasing it to two inches per week if you’re experiencing particularly hot or dry weather.

Silver Slicer Cucumbers are a vining cucumber variety, which means they grow on large. Although you can let these vines grow on the ground, using a trellis can help you save space and produce straighter fruits.

Check out our post about the Cucumber Plant Stages to learn more about the different stages of cucumber plant growth and how to best care for your plant every step of the way.

Harvesting Your Cucumbers

Silver Slicer Cucumbers reach maturity in around 60 days, at which point they will be six to eight inches long, pale in color, and ready to harvest.

To harvest your cucumbers, cut them off the vine using scissors or shears.

Keep in mind that cucumbers are harvested as immature fruits. So although they can grow bigger than six to eight inches, waiting too long will result in less tasty, too-ripe fruit.

Where to Buy Seeds

cucumber seeds

If you’re ready to plant these cucumbers, Silver Slicer seeds are available online from a variety of retailers. We recommend buying from Amazon for the best quality seeds delivered right to your doorstep.

Silver Slicer Cucumbers: Tasty and Resilient

If you’re looking for the perfect cucumber to grow at home, consider the Silver Slicer Cucumber. It has a great flavor and texture, is disease-resistant, and is highly productive. You won’t be disappointed!

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