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Ashmead’s Kernel Apples


Unlock the secrets of heirloom cider with the Ashmead’s Kernel apples from Minneopa Orchards. With a legacy dating back centuries, these apples offer a sharp, rich flavor that’s perfect for a truly special cider. Crafted with care in Minnetrista, embrace the exquisite taste of history with our Ashmead’s Kernel apples. Secure your harvest now and add a touch of distinction to your cider repertoire.

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Ashmead’s Kernel Apples from Minneopa Orchards

Experience the Exquisite Blend of History and Flavor in Every Bite

About Our Ashmead’s Kernel Apples

Minneopa Orchards, nestled in the picturesque Minnetrista, Minnesota, is delighted to offer the Ashmead’s Kernel, an apple with a storied past and a distinguished flavor profile. This heirloom variety is celebrated for its distinctive sharp taste and aromatic qualities, making it a prized ingredient for a premium cider experience.

Tasting Notes

Ashmead’s Kernel apples possess a dense, crisp flesh that bursts with rich, citrusy flavors, accented by a nuanced sweetness. The complexity of the juice from these apples makes for a remarkably flavorful cider, with a distinctive sharpness that connoisseurs appreciate.

Cider Profile

Ciders made with Ashmead’s Kernel apples from our orchard are noted for:

  • A complex, aromatic sharpness that stands out in the cider landscape
  • A rich, tangy finish that persists with a pleasantly clean acidity
  • A golden hue that reflects the apple’s heirloom qualities

Harvest and Availability

  • Harvest Time: Selectively picked in [Enter harvest month], our Ashmead’s Kernel apples are at their peak of flavor.
  • Pick-Up Time: Pre-purchase your apples today and we will notify you when they’re ready to bring home for your artisanal cider crafting.

How to Pre-Buy

  1. Decide on the quantity of Ashmead’s Kernel apples for your boutique cider batch.
  2. Place them in your shopping cart and follow through with our secure checkout process.
  3. Await a confirmation email outlining the details for harvest collection.
  4. Collect your apples at Minneopa Orchards, where the art of cider making is celebrated.

Why Pre-Buy from Minneopa Orchards?

  • Unrivaled Flavor: Ashmead’s Kernel is synonymous with sophisticated, sharply flavored cider.
  • Freshness Guaranteed: Pre-ordering ensures the freshest harvest for your cider production.
  • Heritage and Quality: Your purchase supports the growth of heritage apple varieties and local agricultural excellence.

Embark on a Cider Journey with Minneopa Orchards’ Ashmead’s Kernel Apples – Where History Meets a Taste of Distinction.


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