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Orleans Reinette Apples


Indulge in the aristocracy of apples with Minneopa Orchards’ Orleans Reinette, a variety with a legacy as rich as its flavor. These apples, perfect for a cider that demands respect, come with a taste profile that combines sweet, nutty, and spicy notes. Cultivated with heritage and care in Minnetrista, pre-order your Orleans Reinettes today and craft a cider that’s truly timeless.

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About Our Orleans Reinette Apples

A Connoisseur’s Apple for a Cider with Historical Elegance

Minneopa Orchards is proud to offer the distinguished Orleans Reinette apple, a European classic that has graced orchards since the 18th century. Grown with meticulous care in the serene Minnetrista, Minnesota, our Orleans Reinettes are the apple of choice for those who wish to craft a cider with sophistication and a nod to the old world.

Tasting Notes

Orleans Reinette apples are celebrated for their nutty sweetness and hints of spice, complemented by a fine, firm texture. When pressed into cider, they contribute a layered complexity that enhances the beverage with each sip.

Cider Profile

Creating cider with our Orleans Reinette apples yields a drink that boasts:

  • A subtle sweetness with nutty undertones and a spicy finish
  • A rich, well-rounded body with a lingering taste
  • A beautiful golden hue that catches the light with every pour

Harvest and Availability

  • Harvest Time: Our Orleans Reinette apples are harvested in [Enter harvest month], when their unique flavor profile has reached its zenith.
  • Pick-Up Time: Pre-purchase now and be the first to know when these storied apples are ready for collection, at the height of their taste and freshness.

How to Pre-Buy

  1. Determine how many pounds of Orleans Reinette apples you’ll need for your cider-making journey.
  2. Add them to your cart and securely check out to reserve your vintage.
  3. Look out for a confirmation and pick-up details as harvest approaches.
  4. Visit Minneopa Orchards to collect your apples and begin crafting your historically-inspired cider.

Why Pre-Buy from Minneopa Orchards?

  • Exclusivity: The Orleans Reinette is a rare find, especially in the heart of Minnesota. Pre-buying guarantees your access to this exceptional variety.
  • Peak Perfection: Our timing ensures you get the apples at their absolute best, perfect for premium cider.
  • Heritage Conservation: Your purchase supports the conservation of unique apple cultivars and Minneopa Orchards’ commitment to biodiversity.

Reserve Your Orleans Reinette Apples Now for a Cider That Celebrates Tradition with Every Glass.


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