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The 14 Best Apple Orchards in Illinois

We have assembled a list, in no particular order, of our takes on the best apple orchards in Illinois for apple picking and apple buying. Whether you want to just swing by the apple farm and grab a bag and go, or you want to experience apple picking first hand, these Illinois apple orchards are the perfect spot for fall family fun.

Discover the 14 Best Apple Orchards in Illinois!

1. Edwards Apple Orchard

Poplar Grove, Illinois

Closeup of apples on a Ginger Gold Apple Tree -- this apple variety can be found at the best apple orchards in Illinois

Edwards Apple Orchard, in Poplar Grove, is one of Illinois’s apple orchards that is known for its wide selection of classic and unique varieties. Look for apple picking dates for Blondee, Ginger Gold, Summerset, Liberty, Smitten, and others to round out the 30 different apple varieties available for picking and purchase. 

With over 100 acres dedicated to growing apple trees, pumpkins, berries, and mums, it’s clear why Edwards is one of Illinois’s apple orchards standouts. 

The fourth-generation family farm apple cider donuts are made on-site using their own pressed cider. You can stop by their Cider Cellar café to enjoy some baked goodies or have lunch with a glass of crisp, cold cider. 

2. Liberty Apple Orchard

Edwardsville, Illinois

Liberty Apple Orchard, in Edwardsville, offers u-pick and pre-picked apple options. The apple farm offers interesting varieties in addition to the classic options. Some unusual apple options include Candy Crisp, Enterprise, and, of course, Liberty. 

One of the popular Illinois apple orchards, Liberty offers a host of apple products: apple cider, apple cider donuts, apple sauce, apple butter, caramel apples, apple crisp, and apple cake mixes, They’ve even got apple print aprons. You get the picture — they’re all about apple picking and all things apple.

3. All Seasons Orchard

Woodstock, Illinois

All Seasons Orchard, in Woodstock, ranks as one of the best apple orchards in Illinois with two apple orchards and over 15,000 apple trees. Hop on the wagon for a ride out to the orchard where you can pick from a wide variety of apples. 

This is, however, more than just an apple farm, it is a fall activities venue. Wander the pumpkin patch, test your skills at navigating the corn maze, make some new friends in the petting zoo, or just chill on the giant swings. There are lots of fun family games like corn hole, pumpkin bowling, and peddle carts. It is a fun, day-long destination the entire family will enjoy.

Their farm market and weekend dessert bar offer donuts, donut sundaes, cookies, apple pie, and lots of other great sweet treats makes this Illinois apple orchards a popular fall destination.

4. Okaw Valley Orchard

Sullivan, Illinois

Closeup of a woman pouring a cup of apple cider from a large glass dispenser -- fresh apple cider can be enjoyed and purchased at some of the best apple orchards in Illinois.

Okaw Valley Orchard is an apple farm located in Sullivan that offers 27 different varieties of apples, peaches, pears, and plums. Some of their standout varieties include Early Gold, Lura Red, Blushing Gold, and Winesap join regular, you pick traditional classics.

This Illinois apple orchard offers lots of yummy goodies including daily made apple cider donuts, apple cinnamon rolls from scratch, homemade pies, crisps, apple dumplings, apple streusel cake, apple turnovers, and more which can all be served with homemade vanilla ice cream. 

Okaw Valley has sugar-free apple and peach pies. These good-for-you treats are tasty and difficult to find. If you have a sweet tooth but want to avoid all the processed sugar, check out these healthy sweet treats. 

5. Tanners Orchard

Speer, Illinois

Tanners Orchard, in Speer, has over 17 different varieties of apples supported by 11,000 trees. Since 1947, four generations of successful apple farm family members have combined to make Tanners one of the best apple orchards in Illinois. In addition to apples, they grow 20 acres of pumpkins along with other fruits and vegetables. 

Illinois Apple orchards aren’t just for apples, and at Tanners you will find the trip to their farm market is an added bonus. With a large assortment of apples, pumpkins, cider donuts, fudge, apple butter, and more, you’ll find all your fun fall foodie treats. 

6. Jonamac Orchard

Malta, Illinois

Jonamac Orchard, in Malta, grows wonderful heirloom apples like Akane, River Belle, Crimson Crisp, Sun Crisp, and Pazazz. You will find all the apple farm classics too.

Jonamac’s Cider House is home to their apple wines and hard ciders. Stop into the tasting room and enjoy a glass on the patio overlooking the orchards. You won’t be able to leave without purchasing some of the fabulous libations, 

They also offer an interesting take on the corn maze. By day, it is a quiet challenge, on September Saturday nights, it becomes a flashlight-led ultra-challenge. Enter only if you dare. 

7. Valley Orchard

Cherry Valley, Illinois

Valley Orchard, located in Cherry Valley, is 35 acres of berry and apple farm. With 30 different types of apples, you will find a wide range of varieties including tried and true favorites along with new, unexplored taste sensations.

Not only is Valley one of the best apple orchards in Illinois, but they also grow a wide assortment of berries including strawberries, red raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and red currants. 

They invite you to stop by to enjoy some amazing apples and beautiful berries.

8. Curran’s Orchard

Rockford, Illinois

Two young boys holding apples over their eyes -- a trip to one of the best apple orchards in Illinois is a fun family activity for kids.

Curran’s Orchard, in Rockford, offers over a dozen apple varieties including Zestar, SnowSweet, Sun Crisp, and Blushing Gold.

Their commitment to healthful eating includes fruit sprayed with 1/3 of the typical amount of chemicals. As one of Illinois’s apple orchards leading the way to growing apples with less harmful chemicals, Curran’s apples simply taste better. So get to picking a better tasting apple by visiting their orchard. 

In addition to their standout produce, you will find an array of baked goods like apple donuts, apple pies, caramel apples, and more. Fun for the kids includes hay wagon rides, a farm animal corral, climbing bales, an apple launcher, and straw bale mini-maze. 

9. Rendleman Orchards

Alto Pass, Illinois

Located in Alto Pass, Rendleman Orchards has some interesting specialty apples like Golden Supreme, Ambrosia, and Cameo. These, along with other apple farm classics available for you to pick, make it one of the best apple orchards in Illinois. 

The farm market offers lots of great seasonal fruits and veggies including apples, peaches, pumpkins, cantaloupe, and so much more. Weekly shopping for local, seasonal produce is the best way to eat healthy and enjoy foods at the peak of freshness. 

Additionally, you will find apple cider, fall decorations, jams, jellies, pickled produce, apple cider donuts, apple cider and slushies. Rendleman Orchards creates one-of-a-kind specialty food gift boxes for you to hand deliver, or they’ll ship your box out with a personal note. These make a great gift idea to let someone know you are thinking of them. 

10. Kuipers Family Farm

Maple Park, Illinois

Kuipers Family Farm, in Maple Park, comprises 230 acres of apple picking and fall fun. Not only are they a great Illinois apple orchard, they offer pumpkin picking, hay rides, and Christmas trees.

Kuipers unique Apple Bar, where staffers will help you choose from the 20 apple varieties grown at the apple farm, allowing you to choose the best apple for you and your family.

The store is home to their Sample Kitchen where you can select delicious specialty foods to take home. The Orchard Bakery has fresh baked apple cider doughnuts, pies, caramel apples, and fudge. Don’t forget to grab a gallon of their fresh-pressed apple cider. 

11. County Line Orchard

Hobart, Illinois

A long row of apple trees with apples on the ground in front of the trees.  Some of the best apple orchards in Illinois offer a wide variety of apples to choose from.

County Line Orchard, located in Hobart, grows over 30 varieties of apples. The apple farm grows all the classics you love and, along with some interesting varietals that will tickle your taste buds. Ruby Jon, Grimes Golden, SnowSweet, Shizuka, and Melrose are just a few of the unique varieties grown on a wonderful apple farm. 

You definitely need to take one of their fun tractor rides around the apple fields. It’s the perfect way to experience one of the best apple orchards in Illinois. 

Visit the bee yurts house where these busy pollinators make a bountiful apple crop possible. Navigate the themed corn maze if you dare. Hunt for the most perfect sunflower. Enjoy watching the kiddos riding the MooChoo train, a fun and unique railway car. 

At the end of your adventure, enjoy a picnic lunch in the fields with music for your day on the farm. 

For a special event, reserve the hayride and a personal campfire site for an evening of great fun and lots of S’mores. 

12. Heinz Orchard

Green Oaks, Illinois

Located in Green Oaks, Heinz Orchard is one of the traditional Illinois apple orchards offering McIntosh, Jonathan, Empire, Red Delicious, and Golden Delicious apple picking. Heinz Orchard is the perfect place to get out and fully enjoy the apple picking experience. 

13. Royal Oak Farm Apple Orchard

Harvard, Illinois

Royal Oak Farm Apple Orchard, in Harvard, is a u-pick apple farm with all the bells and whistles for a fun fill day at the farm. With over 30 varieties of apples and 17,000 apple trees, it’s no wonder Royal Oak Farm is one of the best apple orchards in Illinois.

They are home to the Amaze ‘N Apples, a 1.5-mile maze through the apple trees. After spending time in the maze, you can stop at the Bakery and enjoy a perfectly crafted apple cider donut. Shop for gifts at their Country Market where you will find fun and unique items. 

14. Apple Holler

Sturtevant, Illinois

Empire apples in an orchard -- an apple variety available at some of the best apple orchards in Illinois.

Located in Sturtevant, Apple Holler is home to weekend fun on the farm where festivities go beyond apple picking. 

Apple Holler is listed as one of the best apple orchards in Illinois because it offers a great selection of classic apple options and some exciting varieties including Viking Apple, Pristine Apple, Sansa Apple, Blondee Apple, Cameo Apple, and so many more.

Weekend summer activities include live entertainment, strolls through the orchard, a cider bar and Biergarten, apple cider slushies, soft serve ice cream, and tasty fare from the Applewood Grill. 

Visit the Best Apple Orchards in Illinois!

Get out to visit one or more of these wonderful Illinois apple orchards. Whether you are looking for apple picking opportunities, fall fun and games, or just a day on the farm, getting out to the apple farm for some wholesome family fun is a great way to spend some quality family time.

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