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All About Zestar Apples

Apples are delicious at any time of day and provide a touch of sweetness as well as a healthy snack option for you and your family. There are so many types and varieties of apples that it is sometimes hard to choose which apple to try. Developed by the University of Minnesota, Zestar Apples are well-loved by many for their flavor and crunch.

Zestar Apple.

Zestar Apples are a great early season apple that has a strong shelf life of over a month, providing you convenience and delicious taste. This crisp and juicy apple is a favorite of many and for good reason. Zestar Apples provide you with an excellent sweet tart flavor that you can grab early in the season, the perfect way to start the apple season.

This article will dive into what sets Zestar Apples apart from others as well as their flavor profile and attributes. It will also explain how Zestar Apple trees grow best and the conditions needed for them to thrive.

What is a Zestar Apple?

A Zestar Apple is an apple that is offered early in the season and has a great flavor that many says has a hint of brown sugar. Many other apple varieties that are offered early in the season tend to be less juicy and plump, but Zestar Apples offer you a crisp and juicy flavor, even in late August.

Zestar Apples are painted with yellow and red and tend to change colors wherever they are hit by the sun. These early apples offer pops of red where the sun reflects off of the and yellow on the more shaded areas of the apple. As an early-season apple that is cold hardy, Zestar Apples tend to wow consumers time and time again with their sweet tart flavor.

History of the Zestar Apple and The University Of Minnesota

In 1999, the University of Minnesota worked hard to combine the State Fair and MN 1961 apples to create the Zestar apple variety. After they were created, Zestar Apples were distributed and are available all over the country for you to enjoy.

A Red Zestar Apple Hangs From a Tree Branch.

What Does a Zestar Apple Taste Like?

A Zestar Apple gives you a flavor that is sweet with a bit of tartness. The scientists at the University of Minnesota had a goal to create an early-season apple that wasn’t mediocre on flavor or texture. They developed the Zestar Apple and provided an apple that boasts crunch and sweet flavors for you to enjoy.

What Are Zestar Apples Used For?

Zestar Apple Pastries
Tasty rose shaped apple pastry.

A Zestar Apple has a variety of uses for both eating and cooking that it is great to have on hand. You can add Zestar apples to a pie or pastry to enjoy a sweet-tart dessert or simply slice one up to enjoy with peanut butter. Enjoy combining a Zestar Apple into your apple muffin recipe for a great breakfast to enjoy every morning.

Besides enjoying these crisp apples in a baking recipe, you can also use them as snacks in multiple ways. Slice your apples and place them on a dehydrator to enjoy your Zestar apples for a while. A good point to know is that these apples can brown very easily so you should also make sure to place them in lemon juice if you want to use them later.

Health Benefits of Zestar Apples

Like other apple types, Zestar Apples provide you with an immense amount of vitamin A and C and are a great addition to any diet. The University of Minnesota created a variety of apples that give you great taste and flavor, even in the early months of the year such as late August and early September.

How to Grow a Zestar Apple Tree?

Because Zestar Apples were created in Minnesota, they are incredibly cold- hardy and can withstand incredibly harsh Minnesota winters. That means that a Zestar Apple tree can withstand incredibly cold temperatures while still producing perfect fruit for you to enjoy.

A Zestar apple tree does best when it is placed in full sun and is provided with well-draining soil to give you strong fruit-producing plants. Because Zestar Apples are an early apple variety, remember that once you plant your apple tree it will be producing fruit in late August to early September after it is mature. Having fruit trees on your property will provide you plenty of options to use the fruit for eating and cooking.

A Zestar apple fruit tree is great for northern climates because it was specifically designed to grow well, even in cold climates. With the combination of State Fair and MN apple varieties, an apple that offers you an excellent sweet tart flavor was created. Apple and fruit trees give you healthy snacks right at your fingertips.

Zestar Apple tree varieties can be purchased as a bare root or bag and each should be handled accordingly. If you get your apple tree as a bare root tree, you will need to soak the roots and trim them accordingly. A bagged Zestar Apple will not need to be trimmed and can be planted soon after opening.

Zestar Apples on a Tree
Apple tree

Where to Buy a Zestar Apple Tree?

If you want to have your very own fruit tree in your backyard, you can simply order a Zestar tree online. There are a variety of places online to find a Zestar fruit tree to add to your outdoor space and they can be shipped directly to your home.

Although many Zestar apple trees are grown in the northern states, you can still find the exact variety you need for your home on a multitude of websites. Trees for sale online and on a variety of websites provide you easy access to multiple types of fruit trees that you typically find in your area. Choose the tree you want to try out and order one to start your very own apple orchard today.


Zestar apples are a great early season apple that you can use for cooking and eating. Created to be cold hardy, Zestar apples can be grown all over the country and can survive cold temperatures with ease. With a sweet tart flavor and crisp crunch, Zestar Apples are a great option for a healthy snack throughout the day.

There are a variety of places online to buy your very own Zestar Apple to add to your backyard space. A variety of websites such as offers you the ability to buy a Zestar tree that will be delivered to your front door.


What time of year is best to plant apple trees?

As an early apple-producing tree, it is best to plant your apple trees in spring or fall to ensure they have time to establish before the fruit producing season.

What pollinates a Zestar Apple?

Zestar Apples must be pollinated by another type of apple tree such as a crabapple or another variety.

Are Zestar apples good for baking?

Yes, Zestar Apples are delicious baked into pies or pastries throughout the year.

Now You Know All About Zestar Apples!

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