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Bree Ewers

Bree is a wife, mom to a silly pitbull, and a writer for Minneopa Orchards. She lives in Oregon where she works as a freelancer and spends her free time cooking or crafting.

She began gardening when she became a homeowner -- whenever she moved into a new home, a garden was one of her first priorities. She enjoyed creating beautiful outdoor spaces in whatever growing zone she lived in and says her southwest gardens were the most challenging!

Bree currently lives in a downtown urban setting, so she’s making good use of indoor gardening methods. Writing for Minneopa Orchards also inspires her to experiment in the kitchen with fresh herbs and seasonal produce. Infused oils, fruit syrups, and dried fruits are some of her recent successes.

Apple in snow.

Winter Apples

While “winter apples” may conjure up images of fruit that look like something from the movie Snow White and the Huntsman, they aren’t actually a specific apple variety.  Rather, winter apples is a term that describes late-season apple trees and their fruit.

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Jubilee Celebration shrub rose.

Shrub Roses

You may think that any rose with a shrub-like growth habit is automatically a shrub rose, but it’s not that simple! The world of rose classification is confusing at times, but that’s what makes the subject of shrub roses fascinating to explore.

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