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Renee Dugan

Renee Dugan is a lifelong writer, professional editor, and lover of all things nature, gardening and the big outdoors.

A Midwest girl who's been in the garden since she could first hold a hand trowel, Renee's love of growing things has bloomed into a passion for healthy living, holistic lifestyle, and knowing where our food comes from.

Now a mother and maturing gardener herself, Renee is passionate about channeling everything she knows and continues to learn about gardening into lessons for her son and others. Her excitement for sharing this knowledge is only superseded by her excitement about being able to finally grow her own citrus plants in pots.

11 Essential Tasks and Tips for a Perfect Fall Garden

While we often tend to think of gardening as a spring and summertime venture, there’s plenty to do in the garden during the fall, too! From preparing for winter dormancy to planting last minute fall crops, you can do lots of fall gardening tasks right up until the first hard freeze…and even sometimes beyond.

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