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All About the Violette De Bordeaux Fig

Considered by many to be the quintessential fig, the Violette De Bordeaux Fig sets the standard for what all figs aspire to be. This highly stress-tolerant tree and its sweet, delectable fruit are among the most sought-after fig varieties in the world.

Read on to learn how to grow, care for, and enjoy Violette De Bordeaux Figs from your garden or an indoor container!

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Figs similar to the violette de bordeaux fig

Characteristics of Violette De Bordeaux Figs

Many experts consider these classic figs to be the best. The trees are hardy, low maintenance, resistant to pests and diseases, and highly productive once they’ve become established. They also produce two crops per year, in the spring and fall.

This fig’s skin presents a deep purple-black, and the fig’s fruit is a rich, almost strawberry red. The texture when ripe is soft and absolutely delectable. These figs are a couple of inches long and weigh several ounces.

In terms of flavor, Violette de Bordeaux Figs are sweet and rich, with a pop of sweetness on the tongue that many have described as being almost candylike. They are considered the ideal fig for drying or using in preserves because of their flavor profile.

Fast Facts About The Violette De Bordeaux Fig

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Eating It

A great way to enjoy the Violette de Bordeaux Fig is simply as is! Eating this fig raw is like eating candy. Enjoy them by themselves, either fresh or dried, drizzle them with honey, or have them on a piece of toast. Pure deliciousness!

In addition, the deliciously sweet flavor profile of the Violette de Bordeaux Fig makes it ideal for just about any dessert fig recipe you can think of. This includes scones, cookies, cakes, pies, tarts, and more.

Another of the most popular ways to enjoy these figs is in fig preserves. This is the sort of recipe that Violette De Bordeaux Figs lend themselves to particularly well, as they have that rich sweetness that is perfect for any kind of jam or jelly.

Though it might pause at first, you can use figs in savory dishes, as well – like a fig pizza! They also offer a great counterbalance to assertive flavors, including goat cheese and sharp cheddar, and they boost a blander savory element like ground beef.

Health Benefits

Like many fruits and veggies, figs pack a powerhouse of nutritional benefits. They contain potassium, fiber, and calcium, which help with all sorts of key bodily functions including digestion and bone health.

However, two particularly noteworthy health benefits in figs like the Violette de Bordeaux are high copper and Vitamin B6 concentrations.

Copper plays a key role in the body’s metabolism, which affects everything from your energy levels to how well you maintain a healthy weight. Copper is essential for good metabolic processes; figs provide that in spades.

Vitamin B6, meanwhile, plays an essential part in your body’s use and production of proteins. This plays an equally crucial role in giving your body the energy it needs and aiding in mental clarity, brain function, and more.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the health benefits of figs. Working these tasty fruits into your diet is sure to help you feel your best.

Growing Violette De Bordeaux Figs At Home

Baby figs on blooming fig tree (Ficus Carica) in the Bekaa Valley of Lebanon

Because it’s a dwarf variety, the Violette De Bordeaux Fig tree can be grown either outdoors in your garden, or indoors in a container. Learning how to grow a fig tree properly will help ensure you rake in a bumper crop each year. Let’s take a look at the high-level steps!

Preparing and Planting

Before you bring home and plant your Violette de Bordeaux Fig tree, be sure you have the right area selected for it. This fig tree requires a minimum of six hours of sunlight per day, and about 10 feet of space around it on every side.

If you plan to grow your fig tree in a container, be sure it’s large enough for the Violette de Bordeaux Fig tree. This tree grows to be about six to ten feet in height and up to ten feet in spread, so you will end up with a pot at least 10 gallons or more by the time your tree is fully mature.

Once you have located the ideal area for your fig tree, it’s time to prepare the soil. If growing in a container, you will need a well drained soil mix. Outdoors, a well-composted, well-mulched soil is best.

Plant your Violette de Bordeaux Fig tree with care for its root system. Once it’s in the ground or pot, water it evenly, and continue this even watering on a regular basis. Lay down three inches of mulch up to 6 inches out from the tree.

Caring and Maintaining

Once your fig tree is established, continue to water it regularly and evenly. You can also fertilize your fig tree every few weeks during the active season to give it the best possible nutrient boost.

Keep your fig tree happy and help it focus its growing energy well by pruning it in the autumn months. In the wintertime, it will go dormant. If you’re growing your Violette de Bordeaux Fig tree in a container, you will need to move it indoors somewhere unheated, like a garage or shed, for wintering.

Though the Violette de Bordeaux Fig is pest and disease resistant, it’s still important you keep an eye out for any fig tree diseases, and address any signs of illness in your fig tree quickly. This will help preserve it and prevent the disease from spreading to other plants in your garden.

There is much more to learn about fig tree care, which will set you up for success in growing a happy, healthy fig tree that produces well each year.

Where To Buy Violette De Bordeaux Fig Trees

New leaf growth on a fig tree cutting.

Due to its high popularity, the Violette De Bordeaux Fig tree can often be found at nurseries and even in some lawn and garden centers. However, if you are looking to source your fig trees online, we recommend the Nature Hills Nursery Violette De Bordeaux Fig Tree.

Wrapping up the Violette De Bordeaux Fig

Excited to grow your own Violette De Bordeaux Fig tree at home? Before you get started, be sure to check out our Fig Trees page. This fantastic resource will provide you with all the information you need on how to maximize the life and productivity of your fig tree and its harvest.