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28 Different Types of Oranges

Sweet and tart with a beautiful color there’s a lot to love about oranges! If you’ve ever wondered about the different types of oranges that are out there, you’ve come to the right place!

Blood oranges, one of the many different types of oranges.
Blood oranges.

From large to small, bumpy to smooth, keep reading to discover dozen of orange varieties and see what’s special about each one.

Orange Varieties

1. Jaffa Orange

Originating near Jaffa, Israel, Jaffa oranges are sweet and juicy with a thick skin. They’re easy to peel and usually don’t have seeds. Their tough skin holds up well during travel so they’re perfect for exporting. Because of that, they’re commonly sent all over the world.

2. Hamlin Orange

Hamlin oranges are an early maturing variety with a deliciously sweet flavor. They’re one of the sweetest types of oranges you can get and a popular variety for making fresh squeezed orange juice. The skin is smooth and round with a dark yellow to light orange color.

3. Trifoliate Orange

Trifoliate oranges are a bitter-tasting variety with a flavor similar to that of a lemon. They grow on shrub-like trees with large thorns. When ripe, they’re yellow in color and about the size of a golf ball. The flesh is full of seeds and the skin is thick and tough. They’re most often used for zesting and juicing.

4. Bitter Orange

Bitter oranges.

These sour oranges have been around for centuries. Despite the sour flavor, bitter oranges are popular throughout the world. You probably wouldn’t want to eat one plain, but they’re perfect for marmalade, candied orange peels, and extracting oils.

5. Chinotto Sour Orange

A popular dwarf variety the chinotto sour orange is often grown for ornamental purposes. The trees are attractive in every season with dark green leaves. When fruiting, the trees produce, beautiful white blossoms that grow into deep orange fruit. In Europe, they’re often used for marmalade and other preserves.

6. Seville Orange

Seville oranges are another bitter variety. They’re yellow-orange on the outside and a beautiful, deep orange on the inside. The flavor is bitter, sour, and acidic. They aren’t good to eat raw but the peels and flesh are popular for cooking, making extracts, and liquor.

7. Fukumoto Orange

This compact variety is ideal for growing in containers. Fukumoto oranges are sweet, juicy, and low in acidity. They’re medium-sized oranges with deep reddish orange skin. The skin is aromatic and full of oils so they’re often used for extracting essential oil.

8. Navel Orange

Navel oranges.

One of the most popular types of oranges in the United States, navel oranges are easy to find and often very affordable! These oranges are large, seedless, and sweet. They get their name from the slight indentation that resembles a human navel.

9. Heirloom Navel Orange

Heirloom simply means the variety is over 50 years old. Heirloom navel oranges have the perfect, classic orange flavor. They’re sweet, juicy, and low in acidity. They’re delicious raw or when used in baking. They’re commonly grown in California and are generally easy to find.

10. Washington Navel Orange

Washington navel oranges are large fruits with a sweet taste and juicy flesh. They’re seedless oranges with a pebbled rind that’s easy to peel. This variety is easier to grow than many other types of oranges so it’s a popular choice for home growers.

11. Bergamot Orange

With yellow-green skin and bright yellow flesh, bergamot oranges look more like lemons or limes. This unique orange variety is believed to be a cross between a sour orange and a lemon or other citrus fruit. Most of them are grown in Southern Italy and they’re used to make all kinds of products including tea, perfume, soap, essential oils, and marmalade.

12. Blood Orange

Another orange variety with an interesting color is the blood orange. These tasty oranges get their name from their trademark red flesh. Many also have reddish hues on their skin. Though the color is unique, the flavor is similar to regular oranges.

13. Maltese Orange

Maltese oranges.

Maltese oranges are grown all over the world. They’re medium-sized with thin skin and deep red flesh. They’re one of the sweetest blood orange varieties with a unique flavor somewhat like that of a raspberry. The flavor is milder than many other types of oranges.

14. Vaniglia Sanguigno Blood Orange

Native to Italy, the vaniglia sangigno blood orange variety is another sweet orange with a beautiful deep red colored flesh. This pretty orange has a unique flavor with a hint of vanilla. It’s perfect for eating raw or juicing.

15. Valencia Orange

This heat-loving variety is one of the most commonly grown oranges in Florida. Valencia oranges are light orange sometimes with a bit of green, even when ripe. They have a sweet flavor that is perfect for juicing or eating raw. They’re harder to peel than other types of oranges and can have one to several seeds.

16. Tangelo Orange

Part pomelo part tangerine, tangelo oranges are a delicious hybrid with a flavor all their own. They’re sweet and juicy with a hint of acidity. The fruit is usually large, with a trademark protrusion near the stem. They have bright orange skin that’s easy to peel.

17. Cara Cara Orange

Cara cara oranges are a somewhat newer variety. They’ve only been on the market since the 1980s. They’re medium-sized oranges with dark orange skin and bright pinkish-red flesh. They have a sweet and juicy flavor that’s ideal for eating raw.

Tangerine Varieties of Oranges

18. Dancy Tangerine

Tangerines resembling the Dancy Tangerine

Dancy tangerines have smooth, orange skin and bright orange flesh with small, pale green seeds. They’re small compared to regular oranges, but bigger than mandarin varieties. Their flavor is both sweet and sour with a hint of spice.

Mandarin Varieties of Oranges

19. California Honey Mandarin

These dark orange mandarins pack a lot of flavor into their small package. California honey mandarins are smaller than most mandarin varieties but no less delicious! As the name suggests, they have a honey-sweet flavor. In fact, they’re one of the sweetest types of oranges available.

20. Satsuma Mandarin

Satsuma is one of the most popular mandarin varieties. The fruit is small and round with thin skin that’s easy to peel. The flavor is very sweet and they usually don’t have any seeds.

21. Owari Satsuma Mandarin

Owari Satsuma Mandarins are another small and sweet mandarin variety. Their size is just right for a quick snack and they’re easy to peel. The sweet flavor is perfect for eating raw. If you’re interested in growing your own mandarins, owari satsumas are an excellent choice because they’re easy to grow and more cold-tolerant than many other types of oranges.

Owari mandarins.

22. W. Murcott Mandarin

The origins of the W. Murcott mandarin are unclear, but it’s believed to be a cross between a king tangelo and some other citrus. They’re medium-sized mandarins with bright orange flesh and small, edible seeds. The flavor is sweet and juicy.

23. Tango Mandarin

Tango mandarins have smooth, deep orange skin with matching deep orange flesh. They’re medium-sized with a round, slightly flattened appearance. They’re a low-seeded variety meaning they have little to no seeds. The flavor is tart and sweet.

24. Sudachi Mandarin

This rare variety is a cross between a mandarin and a lime. Sudachi mandarins have a unique green color that turns yellow or orange as it ripens but usually doesn’t go away completely. Inside they have yellow-orange flesh that is sour and tangy. They taste more like a lime than a mandarin.

25. Gold Nugget Mandarin

Gold nugget mandarins are some of the biggest mandarin oranges you can find. They’re still smaller than regular oranges, but for mandarins they’re huge! Their skin is deep orange and bumpy with a somewhat leathery texture that peels away easily. The flavor is sweet and with no seeds, they’re perfect for snacking.

Gold nugget mandarins
Gold nugget mandarins.

26. Shiranui Mandarin

With a rounded shape and large bump at the stem, shiranui mandarins look a lot like small tangelos. They’re medium-sized, with soft, bumpy skin that’s easy to peel. The flavor is honey-sweet and delicious.

27. Super Nova Mandarin

Super nova mandarins are one of the newest orange varieties on the market. They’ve only been available since 2016. They’re small, round oranges with easy-to-peel skin and no seeds. The flavor is sweet, bright and bold, which is what inspired the name “super nova”.

28. Page Mandarin

An incredibly flavorful orange, page mandarins are sometimes described as the most delicious oranges on the market. They’re sweet and tangy with a fantastic orange flavor. They’re delicious when eaten raw, cooked in recipes, or juiced.

Which Types of Oranges Will You Try First?

Woma holding peeled mandarin orange.

Who knew there were so many different types of oranges? Whether you like them fresh off the tree, juiced, cooked in savory dishes, or baked into a dessert, there’s no wrong way to enjoy one (or more!) of these delicious varieties of oranges.

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