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All About Planting and Growing the Supersonic Tomato

The Supersonic tomato is a great addition to your garden, as it offers large yields of huge, oblate-shaped hybrid tomatoes. Not only are these tomatoes rather meaty and delicious, but they are disease-resistant, cracking-resistant, and easy to grow!

Keep reading to learn about the history behind this tomato, how to grow them, and how to use them!

Supersonic Tomato

History of the Supersonic Tomato

Supersonic tomatoes are a hybrid tomato created around the late 1960s by Harris Seeds in Rochester, New York. Cultivating trials started in 1968, and the tomato seeds were available about a year later.

Harris Seeds bred this tomato to resist diseases and growing issues like wilt and cracking.

Characteristics of the Supersonic Tomato

These tomato plants are indeterminate, meaning they grow and produce fruits throughout the entire growing season. From this continuous growth, you’ll receive an abundance of big and meaty tomatoes.

The plants themselves will typically grow up to about six feet tall by the end of the growing season. Due to this, you will need to use stakes or cages to keep the plants upright.

It’s a rather hardy plant and can tolerate drought spells. The tomatoes it produces have an oval shape to them, and they’ll often grow to the size of your palm.

Growing Season

Growing season is typically from late spring until the end of summer. Although, depending on the weather, you might see tomatoes still growing in the early fall.

Tomato Qualities

The tomatoes produced from this variety tend to be rather large and meaty, making them perfect for slicing. They have a great-tasting acidic bite to them.

Sliced Tomato

Tomato Size

Supersonic tomato plants produce some large, heavy, bright red tomatoes, weighing in at up to 12 ounces. Their minimum weight is usually around seven or eight ounces. The inside flesh of the tomato tends to be firm, allowing slices to stay intact.

Planting Zones

This tomato variety grows best in hardiness zones 11 and 12. Within these zones, you’ll find very warm temperatures. They can grow in hardiness zones below 11, but you might not get the yield you’re looking for.

Size and Spacing

When planting your tomato plants, aim for planting them at a depth of around 1/4 inch. You should also ensure that there are about two feet of room between each plant. These tomato plants will grow rather large, so they need a lot of space.


To create a hybrid tomato like this, cultivators will purposely cross-pollinate two different tomato plants. The resulting plant has a combination of characteristics and qualities from the two parent plants.

Caring for Your Supersonic Tomato Plants

If you decide to grow your tomatoes from seeds, they are pretty easy to handle. You should always start your tomato growing indoors a few weeks before growing season, so your plants can sprout. Then you can transfer them to your garden when spring is here.

Supersonic Tomato Seedlings

The Supersonic tomato requires the same care as any other tomato. For more information on growing tomatoes, check out How To Grow Tomatoes: The Complete Guide.


This tomato variety needs full sun to grow properly. Generally, make sure your tomato plants are getting six to eight hours of sunlight each day.


Tomatoes typically need slightly acidic soil to grow well. This means that the pH should be between 6.0 and 6.8. It should also allow drainage and be nutrient-rich. Adding organic matter to the soil is great for these two things.


Keeping the soil moist is essential. Usually, you’ll need to water your tomato plants at least once a day. But, don’t drown them because that can cause the roots to rot. The soil just needs to be damp at all times.


Tomato plants need fertilizing every few weeks to every few months. They need specific nutrients, compared to other plants and vegetables.

For more information on fertilizing your tomatoes, look through the Ultimate Tomato Fertilizer Guide.

Pruning and Pinching

Indeterminate plants like this tomato need constant pruning to prevent them from getting out of control. Pinch the dead or wilting leaves and stems off whenever you see them. This will allow the plant to focus on creating tomatoes, rather than more leaves and stems.

Pruning Tomato Plants

Look at How to Prune Tomato Plants for more information.

Possible Diseases

Late blight is the only disease you need to be on high alert for with this tomato variety. Signs of late blight include oily and brown blotches on the leaves.

Supersonic tomatoes are resistant to Verticillium and Fusarium Wilt.

Possible Pests

Some possible pests, besides birds and rodents stealing the tomatoes, include:

  • Tomato hornworms
  • Aphids
  • Flea beetles

Signs of these bugs include yellowing leaves, eggs, chewed holes in the leaves, and the bugs themselves.

When to Harvest Supersonic Tomatoes

Your tomatoes will be ready to harvest about 75 to 85 days after you plant them. Only harvest them when they are completely red.

Supersonic Tomato Uses

A great way to use these tomatoes is raw in salads and on sandwiches due to their firm texture. However, they also taste great in sauces and soups.

What Do They Taste Like?

These tomatoes have a delicious acidic taste to them when you eat them raw. If you cook them, the acidity level drops, and the tomatoes taste a little milder.

Cooking With the Supersonic Tomato

You can add Supersonic tomatoes to any recipes that have tomatoes in them. Use them in fresh tomato cucumber salads, on burgers, or even in a homemade sauce!

Burger Tomato

Canning / Freezing / Drying

You’ll usually get quite a few tomatoes out of this plant, so preserving them is a good idea. Follow your typical canning, freezing, and drying instructions.

Recipe Ideas

Here are some tasty tomato recipes you can try at home:

Health Benefits of Supersonic Tomatoes

Not only are tomatoes delicious, but they can offer you vitamins C and K, along with other antioxidants. All of these things combined are great for your heart, immune system, and much more!

Where to Buy Supersonic Tomato Seeds

Supersonic tomatoes are part of a niche group, so you won’t find them in your grocery store. However, you might find them at farmer’s markets. You can find seeds at places like Etsy.

Wrapping up the Supersonic Tomato

If you’re looking for a tomato that resists diseases, the Supersonic tomato will make a great addition to your garden! They don’t crack, have few pests, and create large yields of huge and meaty tomatoes!

Start growing and use our tomato page for information!