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Fun and Creative Scarecrow Ideas for Your Yard

Scarecrows have come a long way from being only used in the garden. These cute (sometimes creepy) figures can now be used right along with your favorite autumn home decor, indoors and out. And who doesn’t love these poorly dressed, scruffy little guys or gals, for that matter?

Of course, your scarecrow should match your personal style and personality because no one wants a run-of-the-mill scarecrow. Keep reading for 15 creative and fun scarecrow ideas for your yard!

scarecrow ideas

Small Outdoor Space Scarecrow Ideas

1. Create a Miniature Scarecrow Display on Your Porch

If you cannot commit to one scarecrow, you might have to put them all on display. Add some of these scarecrows and other fall flowers and foliage to create that cozy, comfy fall feeling we all love.

Create some depth by adding in extra hay bales and corn stalks, or just use your patio furniture! Adding fun, creative signage with fall verbiage is a fun way to keep up with the theme and give your scarecrows a unique backdrop.

2. Reuse and Repurpose Items

Use old or thrifted materials to create a candle stick scarecrow. You don’t have to go out every year and buy expensive home decor when you can easily repurpose items in and around your home.

Keep the theme going by creating pumpkins from old shirts or a wreath with repurposed decorative leaves! Not only is this great for your wallet, but it is also an eco-friendly way to recycle old, unwanted items.

3. Reuse Those Old Baby Onesies

Keeping with the reduce, resume, and recycle theme, turn those old baby onesies into adorable baby scarecrows. Purchase hay to stuff the onesie and add an adorable little pumpkin head.

You can always add the onesies matching hat if you have it, then go ahead and create the whole family. The possibilities are endless.

If you want your scarecrow babies to show personality, try some paint pens to draw on an adorable face and hot glue an old pacifier to its mouth. You’ll have a Pinterest-worthy patio in no time.

4. Wooden Carved Scarecrows

If you want to purchase longer-lasting scarecrow ideas, buy wooden carved scarecrows. These look adorable on any porch or patio and come in various sizes.

Because these scarecrows are unique, they add a bit of charm and brightness to your yard without leaving behind a mess of hay to clean up. Not only is clean-up a breeze after scarecrow season is over, but they will last much longer than the traditional scarecrows, making this one wise investment.

5. Glass Block Scarecrows

You’ll love these glass block scarecrows if you’re looking into doing more craft projects this season. Use these blocks to create a variety of scarecrow heads, and add some twinkle lights to light up the front porch, pathways, or even the end of your driveway!

Don’t have glass blocks? Use a mason jar or any other square or rounded glass. To light up your chilly fall evenings, you could create a whole scarecrow head army with varying sizes and shapes.

6. Gnome Place Like Home

These adorable, cheerful scarecrow gomes are a clever scarecrow idea for small spaces. Place these on your patio or front porch or even poking out of a full mum.

Place them throughout the blooms in your fall garden to create a sense of mischief. Whatever you choose to do with these cute mini scarecrows, it will make your home that much more cozy for fall.

7. Our Picks for Picks

When searching for scarecrow ideas, here is one you can add to already existing decor. These scarecrow picks are the perfect miniature version of the real thing to put into already placed wreaths, potted plants, garden beds, or anywhere your creative mind takes you!

8. Vintage Finds

If you love everything vintage, why not add your flair to your outdoor decor? Take an afternoon and search the local vintage outlets around fall time, and you may find some amazing vintage scarecrows and Halloween and fall decor to add to your outside aesthetic. You never know. You may just start a new trend with your scarecrow ideas.

Larger Outdoor Space Scarecrow Ideas

9. Classic Halloween Scarecrow

What’s that saying? You can’t go wrong with the classics. This rings true in this case. A classic Halloween scarecrow is the epitome of fall decor.

For this scarecrow idea, place it alongside your garden or flower beds to have him hanging out with your Halloween decor. Really get the mood going with some Halloween plants to have him watch over. Regardless of your choice, he brings a sense of nostalgia we can’t get enough of.

10. Creep Out Your Neighbors

Admittedly, this may not be the scarecrow for everybody, but it is a pretty creepy scarecrow idea. If you’re a true Halloween lover, you’ll want to take full advantage of spooky season.

Not only will you scare your neighborhood, but if you have a garden, you should take full advantage! No pests will come near after seeing this scarecrow looming over the pumpkin patch.

11. Have Some Fun With It

This is quite the “cheeky” scarecrow idea if you catch my drift. In all seriousness, you’ll be the talk of the town with this fellow hanging out in the garden. We can’t tell you if it’s good or bad, just that there will be talk.

This hilarious scarecrow idea is perfect in every way and brings out the true meaning of fall, pumpkins, and overalls. Have some fun this year with your decor, and let it all hang out.

12. “Creep” It Real

What better way to sneak some spooky into your scarecrow decor than making him a skeleton? Dress him up to show off your fall harvest, and once it’s time for trick-or-treaters, let him have a turn at holding the candy bowl. Either way, we are dying to see what you think of this scarecrow idea.

13. A Warm Welcome

With everyone’s busy schedules, sometimes finding time to craft or set up much outdoor decor is hard. Some scarecrow ideas don’t take much time to set up at all. Try adding a scarecrow welcome sign to your front door or garden paths.

Sometimes, the little things are what bring us much joy. If you are crafty, try making your own welcome signs. Almost all craft stores have different things to create a unique fall scarecrow piece you’ll hang with pride.

14. Go With a Theme

Of course, The Wizzard of Oz is a pretty clever pick to go with when thinking of scarecrow ideas since, well, the scarecrow is in the movie. But you really could go out and pick your all-time favorite movie to dress your scarecrows up as.

Play out a scene or have them help out in the garden. Either way, the neighborhood will love what’s playing out.

15. Create a Photo Op

We all are connected to social media these days. Whether it be for work or our personal lives, we constantly see others’ photo ops on a daily basis. So here’s a scarecrow idea: create an area for the perfect photo op!

Add cute scarecrows of different heights and sizes, your favorite fall mums, and a hay bale for the perfect spot to get some cute photos of the kids, grandkids, or furry friends.

Wrapping Up Fun and Creative Scarecrow Ideas For Your Yard

With so many creative scarecrow ideas, you’ll have a difficult time picking just one or multiple we won’t tell. Go with the classics or think outside of the box. Whatever you choose for your scarecrow will be a wonderful addition to your autumn decor!

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