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Urban Gardening: Innovative Ways to Grow Plants in Small Spaces

Living in a city or small urban setting doesn’t mean your gardening dreams have come to a halt. There are so many innovative ways to grow plants in small spaces. From hydroponics to containers and vertical gardening, everyone has options, no matter the space available.

Keep reading to see just how effective these urban gardening options are and how to jump through any hurdles you may encounter. You can grow your veggie garden from a window sill or keep your favorite herbs at arm’s reach in your kitchen. Let’s dive into the trending urban gardening scene!

Urban Gardening

Vertical Gardening in an Urban Setting

Vertical gardening in an urban setting can mean a few different things. Typically, you’ll see these vertical gardens on parking garage walls, interior walls, balcony rails, rooftop terraces, or even on your patio’s exterior wall.

Why Try Vertical Urban Gardening?

The most significant advantage is you can create these vertical gardens along almost any surface and in any space. You could even incorporate herbs, vegetables, and your favorite flowers to brighten your life and the cityscape.

Some options are incredibly budget-friendly, like this 7 Pocket Vertical Wall Planter. It takes almost no time to install, and before you know it, you’ll have thriving plants in any space.

If you want a stand-alone planter, this Tierra Garden Balcony Garden takes care of all your urban gardening needs without any need for tools. Just a small area on your patio, balcony, or rooftop is needed.

DIY Vertical Garden Ideas

Add in Some Fencing

Adding a bit of fencing can easily create a stunning vertical urban garden with tons of space, even in the smallest spaces.

Repurpose Old Furniture

Reuse some old unwanted furniture by adding some wire paneling to create a small vertical garden perfect for your apartment’s balcony or patio space.

Urban Container Gardening

Container gardening isn’t anything new in terms of unique gardening styles, but there are many more options and styles available for urban gardeners than ever before.

Container gardening helps those who don’t have the option of creating a garden bed or even a raised garden. This urban gardening style is perfect for those with small, sunny window sills, bright balconies, or rooftop spaces.

Picking The Right Containers and Soil


There are millions of containers you can purchase for urban gardening. They come in various shapes and sizes. Some can clip onto railings, while others scale vertically for even more space-saving.

Stackable Containers

Stand Alone Containers


Depending on what you’re trying to grow and in what climate will determine the soil type you will need, but generally, it’s best to pick an organic potting soil designed for containers.

This soil holds more moisture than the average potting soil, so it keeps the roots of your plants moist to prevent them from drying out too quickly.

Container Gardening Tips

1. Select The Right Plants

Selecting the right plants is essential for urban gardening in containers. Smaller dwarf vegetables, herbs, and flowers are perfect for these conditions.

2. Optimize Sunlight Exposure

Picking containers that could easily be moved or have wheels helps when sunlight changes occur. Just move your container to a better spot on the balcony or rooftop in no time.

3. Consistent Watering and Feeding

Because of the smaller soil surface area, you’ll need to keep a consistent watering and fertilizing schedule to keep your plants in tip-top shape.

4. Companion Planting

Companion planting is essential when wanting to boost plant production in smaller spaces. If you want your plants to be healthier, bigger, and better, check out this complete companion planting guide to get you started.

5. Regular Maintenance

Keep your plants looking and feeling their best with regular care, like pruning vines or deadheading old spent blooms.

Urban Gardening

Hydroponic Gardening in Urban Spaces

Hydroponics offers several advantages to urban gardening and gardening anywhere. Hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without the use of soil. This can mean plants in gravel, sand, and water with just added nutrients for growth.

Because of this, urban gardeners don’t have to worry about lugging around soil and heavy containers. All you need is water.

Hydroponic Gardens Suitable for Small Spaces

AeroGarden Systems

If you’re looking for small-space gardening, here is your solution. This hydroponic garden only takes up a little under a foot of counter space and can produce fresh herbs in as little as 26 days.

Foodies rejoice as this kitchen helper will grow dwarf tomatoes, lettuce, herbs, and even strawberries. You don’t have to worry about the perfect lighting or soil conditions. Just add the pre-made pods, water, and provided nutrients. Beginner-friendly, you’ll wonder why you haven’t started this sooner.

Gardyn 3.0 Hydroponics Growing System

If you’re looking for something a little larger that could handle a more bountiful harvest, this system has you covered. You can grow up to 30 large plants within 2 square feet. Even the smallest apartments can house this system with zero issues.

There is so much you can do with this hydroponic system that urban gardeners everywhere have made the jump to produce higher and fresher herbs, foods, and flowers.

Why Choose Hydroponics?

You may look at the price tag of hydroponic growing kits and wonder why you should spend that kind of cash. Honestly, the time, effort, and space you will save doing it is worth it enough, but what are some of the main benefits?

Space Efficacy

Vertical or horizontal hydroponics takes soil and larger containers out of the equation altogether. Plus, you can grow more within a smaller space, unlike traditional gardening methods.

Water Conservation

Although hydroponics is purely based on water, it uses recycled water, which is much less than what is needed for traditional garden beds.

Faster Grow Rates

This is because the nutrients go directly to the plant’s roots, giving them a quicker growing time than if planted in soil.

Year Round Cultivation

No more waiting until next season to grow your favorite fresh tomatoes. With hydroponics, you don’t have to worry about seasonal changes.

Adaptability to Urban Environments

This truly means no matter where you live, you can grow plants using hydroponics. You can set up a system with rooftops, balconies, indoors, outdoors, wherever you want.

Space-Saving Tools And Gadgets For Urban Gardening

You do need to remember that you will need a few things for your garden, whether vertical, container, hydroponics or a mix of the bunch. Most traditional tools can be large and bulky; unless you have a garage, shed, or space in the front closet, they are pretty hard to store.

All In One Tool Sets

Get yourself an all-in-one toolset for your container or vertical garden that will last for years and come in a convenient carrying case you can easily store away until the next use.

Mobile Planter Boxes

Not only does this raised planter box look stunning, but it also has added storage with a built-in self, and with the durable wheels, it’s easy to move around a rooftop or patio. No more dragging and hauling large containers around for the best sunny spot.

Collapsible Rain Barrel

Using a collapsible rain barrel, you can conserve water and dollars on your next water bill. Once finished, collapse the barrel and store it away for another rainy day.

Urban Gardening

Time to Start Your Own Urban Garden!

Embracing hydroponics, vertical gardening, and container gardening can transform your urban space into a green haven. These space-saving techniques maximize your gardening potential and offer solutions for the challenges of limited areas.

For more gardening tips, check out our articles all about gardening for any questions that may come up in your new endeavor!