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Whitney Crab Apples


Elevate your cider with the unexpected zest of Minneopa Orchards’ Whitney Crab apples. Renowned for their concentrated flavor, these small wonders promise a cider with vibrant tartness and a sweet finish. Cultivated with care in the heart of Minnetrista, our Whitney Crabs are the secret ingredient to a truly standout cider. Secure your supply today and taste the extraordinary.

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About Our Whitney Crab Apples

At Minneopa Orchards, nestled within the lush landscapes of Minnetrista, Minnesota, our Whitney Crab apples are a testament to the adage that great things come in small packages. Perfect for a cider with a punch, these tiny titans are bursting with flavor, adding a delightful complexity to any cider blend.

Tasting Notes

The Whitney Crab is zesty and full of spunk. Its naturally high sugar and acid content make for a spirited cider that dances on the palate. Crisp and refreshing, each apple offers a juicy, tangy kick with a subtly sweet undertone.

Cider Profile

Creating a cider with our Whitney Crab apples delivers a drink that is:

  • Sharply zesty with a lively tartness
  • Sweetly aromatic with an underlying floral note
  • Light in body with a brilliant, pale straw clarity

Harvest and Availability

  • Harvest Time: The pint-sized Whitney Crab reaches its prime in [Enter harvest month], when it’s at its peak for picking.
  • Pick-Up Time: After pre-purchasing, expect to be notified when these little flavor bombs are ready to explode into your cider creations.

How to Pre-Buy

  1. Decide on the volume of Whitney Crab apples you desire.
  2. Add your choice to the cart and advance to checkout with confidence.
  3. Await the order confirmation with detailed pick-up information.
  4. Retrieve your fresh harvest at the appointed time and start pressing the essence of Minneopa Orchards.

Why Choose Minneopa Orchards?

  • Flavorful Rarity: The Whitney Crab is not your everyday apple. Securing your supply ensures a unique cider that stands out.
  • Freshest Pick: You receive our Whitney Crabs at their freshest, straight from the branch to your press.
  • Sustainable Practices: Your purchase supports eco-friendly agriculture and the continuity of diverse apple varieties.

Pre-Order Your Whitney Crab Apples Now for a Vibrant Cider Experience That Packs a Flavorful Punch!


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