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Medaille d’Or Apples


Craft a cider that’s as prestigious as its name with Minneopa Orchards’ Medaille d’Or apples. Renowned for their rich, bittersweet flavor and lush tannins, these apples are a cider maker’s treasure, promising a drink with a golden touch. Grown with care in Minnetrista, our Medaille d’Or apples are waiting to transform your cider into an award-winning creation. Pre-purchase your batch for a truly exceptional brew.

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Medaille d’Or Apples from Minneopa Orchards

A Gold Standard in Cider Making from the Orchards of Minnesota

About Our Medaille d’Or Apples

Minneopa Orchards, nestled in the lush landscapes of Minnetrista, Minnesota, is proud to cultivate the esteemed Medaille d’Or apple. This French cider apple variety, whose name translates to ‘Gold Medal’, is revered in the world of cider making for its exceptional qualities and exquisite juice that is rich in both tannins and sugar.

Tasting Notes

Medaille d’Or apples boast a deeply aromatic flavor profile, with rich bittersweet notes and a full-bodied complexity. Their high tannin content results in a robust juice that adds a luxurious depth to any cider blend.

Cider Profile

Ciders made with our Medaille d’Or apples are characterized by:

  • A complex and hearty bittersweet taste that’s award-worthy
  • A rich, velvety texture that enriches the cider’s mouthfeel
  • A golden-amber clarity that speaks of its premium quality

Harvest and Availability

  • Harvest Time: The Medaille d’Or apples are hand-picked in [Enter harvest month], when they have matured to their full golden glory.
  • Pick-Up Time: Reserve your apples through pre-purchase now, and we will inform you when they’re ready to be harvested, ensuring your cider has the Midas touch.

How to Pre-Buy

  1. Select your desired quantity of Medaille d’Or apples for an award-winning cider blend.
  2. Place them in your cart and secure your purchase with our checkout.
  3. Look out for a confirmation email with details on the harvest pick-up.
  4. Collect your apples from Minneopa Orchards and create a cider that’s pure gold.

Why Pre-Buy from Minneopa Orchards?

  • Award-Winning Potential: Medaille d’Or apples are known for creating gold-standard ciders.
  • Optimal Freshness: Your pre-buy ensures you receive the freshest, most flavor-packed apples at harvest.
  • Local Excellence: Supporting Minneopa Orchards means nurturing the tradition of cultivating exceptional cider varieties.

Capture the Essence of Excellence with Minneopa Orchards’ Medaille d’Or Apples – Your Cider’s Golden Touch.


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