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Golden Russet Apples


Unlock the full potential of your cider with Minneopa Orchards’ Golden Russet apples. These apples are a rarity, cherished for their intense sweetness and robust flavor, ideal for a hard cider that stands the test of time. Grown in the fertile grounds of Minnetrista, they’re the preferred choice for a premium, complex cider. Reserve your harvest now and craft a cider that’s as good as gold.

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About Our Golden Russet Apples

The Hidden Gem of Ciders – A Russeted Beauty with a Golden Touch

Golden Russet apples from Minneopa Orchards are the treasured secret of Minnetrista, Minnesota. This heirloom variety, with its distinctive rough skin, is renowned for a flavor profile that’s as rich as its history. Grown with dedication, these apples produce a cider that’s as liquid gold, with a depth and complexity that is unmatched.

Tasting Notes

With each bite into a Golden Russet, expect an explosion of sugary sweetness with hints of pear and a robust cider backbone. It’s the apple that serious cider makers seek out for its high sugar content, which ferments into a strong, flavorsome cider with a sturdy character.

Cider Profile

Ciders made from our Golden Russet apples are characterized by:

  • A deep, sweet, and complex flavor palette
  • A smooth and full-bodied mouthfeel
  • A rich golden color that lives up to its name

Harvest and Availability

  • Harvest Time: Our Golden Russet apples are carefully harvested in [Enter harvest month] to capture their perfect cider-making qualities.
  • Pick-Up Time: Once you pre-purchase your apples, we’ll provide you with a pick-up date when your apples are at their peak of flavor and freshness.

How to Pre-Buy

  1. Select the quantity of Golden Russet apples for your craft.
  2. Place your selection in the cart and proceed to checkout.
  3. Confirm your order and prepare for an exceptional cider brewing season.
  4. Pick up your apples and enjoy the rich bounty Minneopa Orchards offers.

Why Pre-Buy from Minneopa Orchards?

  • Rare Quality: The Golden Russet is not commonly found in conventional markets. Secure your order to guarantee this premium variety for your cider.
  • Optimal Ripeness: We ensure that you get the Golden Russet apples at their best, delivering the superb flavor you expect.
  • Local Legacy: Your support helps sustain our orchard, preserving unique apple varieties and promoting local agriculture.

Embrace the Richness of Minneopa Orchards’ Golden Russet Apples – The Gold Standard for Artisanal Ciders.


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