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The Orangeglo Watermelon

While the orangeglo watermelon may look like other watermelons on the outside, once you slice into it you’ll find it’s anything but your average watermelon! If you’re lucky enough to try this orange-fleshed watermelon, you’ll be surprised by both the color and the taste.

Slices of orange-flesh watermelon, similar to the orangeglo watermelon.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about the orangeglo watermelon, including how to grow it!

Characteristics of the Orangeglo Watermelon

Fruit Appearance

On its exterior, the ornangeglo passes for any common watermelon. The inside is where the differences truly lie! The vibrant orange flesh of this fruit resembles a cantaloupe more than a watermelon. Other than the color, however, you can expect the classic watermelon texture from an orangeglo.

While the outside is that green-striped pattern you expect to see, it is a little less stripey and a bit more tie-dye. You’ll also notice fewer yellow tones and more white showing up in this watermelon’s appearance.

A section of orange-flesh watermelon next to a whole watermelon.

As for size, it’s a pretty large melon variety. It’s not the best choice if you don’t have much storage space available to you. But if you’re in need of a fruit that offers plenty of bang for your buck, this is a great pick for parties and large get-togethers of any kind—even bulk playdate snacks!

The Orangeglo’s Taste

The orangeglo watermelon has an interesting flavor profile — the taste is described as “tropical” by most who have had the opportunity to taste it. There are hints of sugar in its flavor, so sour isn’t really in the realm of possibility here.

If you’re looking for something on the tart side, the orangeglo melon isn’t what you’re looking for. But this fruit is undeniably delicious and makes for the perfect summer day snack, open-house side dish, or just about any other occasion!

Watermelon tends to have a more mild flavor than othe kinds of fruit, so it’s great for getting kids to get a serving or two of fresh fruit in them!

Plant Traits

A watermelon growing on the vine in a garden.

When growing orangeglo watermelons, there are a few key traits of these plants that you want to keep in mind.

Watermelon plants are highly susceptible to moisture-related plant diseases such as powdery mildew. Because of this, it’s critical to watch how much moisture gathers on the leaves of your watermelon plants. Most growers recommend using drip irrigation for your orangeglo watermelon plants to discourage the fungus that causes powdery mildew.

Whether you’re able to invest in this sort of watering system or not, you can always protect your watermelons from fungal diseases by applying a liquid fungicide. This is also a good idea if you live in areas with high humidity or heavy rainfall during the growing season.

Our blog post on Watermelon Diseases goes into more detail about fungal diseases and how to treat and prevent them.

Other than the risk of powdery mildew, the orangeglo watermelon is actually a pretty hardy plant! It’s pest-resistant and easy to grow, so it’s a good candidate for first-time watermelon gardeners.

Uses for the Orangeglo Watermelon


Watermelons are a classic summertime snack. While the orangeglo might be a rare choice of watermelon, it’s a great way to switch up the expectations of your friends, your party guests, your kids, or whoever you happen to be sharing your watermelon with!

Wedges of yellow, red, and orange watermelon.

If you want to have some extra fun, you can mix orangeglo and red watermelons together for a colorful, delicious, unique mix of fruit flavor!

Special Treats

Watermelons aren’t only good for snacking; they can also make tasty dishes to serve at your next pool party!

While there aren’t many dishes you actually cook with watermelon, there are plenty of recipes that call for it, both sweet and savory! You can use orangeglo watermelon in seasonal salads, homemade sorbet recipes, tropical banana splits, and even smoothie recipes.

For the adults, you can use watermelon to make watermelon sangria, watermelon mint mojitos, and even watermelon margaritas. The tropical hint to the flavor of orangeglo watermelons just begs to be a poolside drink!

A watermelon cocktail made with red-flesh watermelon.
The orangeglo watermelon can be used in any watermelon cocktail recipe!

Growing Orangeglo Watermelons

Where is the Orangeglo Watermelon grown?

The orangeglo watermelon can be grown in just about any area of the United States, provided there’s enough time between the final frost of the previous season and the first frost of the new season. You can check whether these fruits can be grown in your growing zone through Hoss Tools!

How Long is the Orangeglo’s Growing Season?

Orangeglo watermelons take about 90 days to reach full maturity, so the time they’re ready for harvesting varies depending on when you plant…and how you plant.

Closeup of a watermelon growing in a garden.

You can direct sow these seeds into the ground to start them growing, but if you choose to go this route, you will have to wait out the weather until it really starts to get warmer. Orangeglo watermelon seeds sprout best far outside the risk of frost, though you want to be careful not to plant them too late; you want them to reach maturity before the next frost, after all!

If you want to see your plants fruit sooner rather than later, orangeglo watermelons take well to being started indoors. You can start them about a month sooner than you would outside, which gives you a nice head start in terms of harvest time!

For more in-depth information, our guides on How to Plant Watermelon and How to Grow Watermelon will give you all you need to know.

Where to Buy Seeds

Closeup of watermelon seedlings.

You can find orangeglo watermelon seeds in a lot of different places online, but not all online seed retailers are created equal. Personally, out of all the online retailers out there, I trust Hoss Tools the most when it comes to ordering my seeds for this year’s gardening endeavors. You can order now and have the seeds delivered right to your door!

The Orangeglo Watermelon is a Must-Try!

If you’re looking to change up your usual watermelon choices this year, the orangeglo watermelon is the one to get! It’s unique but delicious, easy enough to track down at your local grocery store or farmer’s market. If you can’t find them in your area, they’re simple and low-maintenance enough to grow yourself if you want to dive into watermelon gardening.

Half an orange-flesh watermelon.

You can’t go wrong with this tropical-tasting treat!

If you’re looking for more information on watermelon varieties, watermelon growing, and watermelon harvesting, check out our Watermelon Plants page right now!