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The Goldrush Apple

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. But have you ever heard of apples that can keep themselves safe from pests and diseases? Meet the Goldrush Apple. These apples have earned their name thanks to their golden color and the rush of spicy flavor that hits your taste buds at first bite!

Goldrush Apples have become increasingly popular, and we’ll tell you why. Keep reading to learn about this apple!

Basket of golden-colored apples on a table.

History of Goldrush Apple

Breeder E.B. Williams first developed the Goldrush Apples. They were planted at the Purdue Horticulture Farm‘s HE Block at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, following a cooperative breeding program. Given that one of the main parent cultivars was the Golden Delicious, it was assumed that the seedling had been crossed with over six generations of Melrose, Rome Beauty, Winesap, and Siberian Crab Apple cultivars.

Golden apples on a tree.

Characteristics of Goldrush Apples

Goldrush apples are a hybrid variety created from multiple cultivars. As a result, they have a complex genetic makeup. These apples have a deep gold color that comes from the different pigment varieties.

Ripening Season

You’ll get the best quality out of these apples in late autumn, but don’t harvest them just yet!

Apple Qualities

They are medium-sized and have a round, ovate, or conical shape. You can eat them cooked or eat them raw in your salad. They are also ideal for snacking. These apples are both sweet and tangy, and they have a distinct rushing spiciness that’s hard to miss!

A golden-colored apple growing on a tree.

Apple Size

These apples measure around 6-8 cm in diameter on average.

Planting Zones

These delicious apples are ideal for planting in the northern hemisphere. They show resistance to apple scab and a wide range of pests and diseases, so they can grow just about anywhere you’d like to plant them. They’re typically grown in zones 5 to 8.

Size And Spacing

Goldrush Apple trees are typically spaced around 12-15 feet apart. Meanwhile, dwarf varieties need around 8-10 feet of space. Their trees can grow up to 15 feet tall, which is exactly why you need a lot of space in between them.


Goldrush Apple trees are self-fertile. This means that they’re able to reproduce on their own, which is ideal for those who don’t have a green thumb! However, you should still keep a few other varieties close to ensure good fruit production.

Here are a few varieties that you might want to consider:

White apple blossoms in the spring.

Plant Care

These trees are naturally biennial. They produce a substantial crop of fruit every other year. However, by thinning out the fruit early in the growing season, you should be able to get your tree to produce successfully each year!


Apple trees require full sun, but they can survive in fairly shady spots. However, more sun means better fruit production.

Rows of apple trees with gold colored apples on them.
apple orchard


Apple trees grow best in moist, well-drained soil having a neutral soil pH ranging from 6.0 to 7.0.


Most apple trees need around 12-15 gallons of water per week from May through September.


Apple trees benefit from nitrogen fertilizer during the growing season. As they become dormant in autumn and winter, provide them with a complete fertilizer.


Remember to prune apple trees in the spring! You should also thin the fruit them to maximize fruit yield since this is a biennial plant.

Basket of golden apples with red blush on them.
Basket with ripe yellow apples, closeup


The Goldrush is a fairly disease-resistant apple tree, but you should still keep a lookout for mildew, fire blight, and cedar-apple rust.


Be on the lookout for apple maggots, Japanese beetles, aphids, and spider mites.

When To Harvest Goldrush Apples

For best results, Gold Rush apples are typically harvested in the fall when they’re at their juiciest, sweetest, most plentiful, and most flavorful.

Pile of gold-colored apples.

Common Uses for Goldrush Apples

These are dessert apples, so you can eat the fruit as is, or you can use these apples to make apple cider and baked goods such as pies and cakes. They’re also good for jams.

What Does a Goldrush Apple Taste Like?

If you bite into a Gold Rush apple, you’ll immediately be struck by its unique spiciness. This is due to the variety of apples from which it’s derived. You’ll also notice that it has a crisp and firm texture.

Golden-colored apples with blush on a table.

Canning, Freezing, or Drying

These apples can be preserved by canning or freezing to enjoy them through the winter months. If you’re going to freeze them, make sure to slice them before storing them in the freezer so they don’t become soggy and lose their texture. You can also dry them for use throughout the year.

Dried apple slice on a twine string.

Recipe Ideas

Goldrush apples may have a unique taste, but that doesn’t mean they’re difficult to eat with other food items. Their signature flavor makes them perfect for eating with chocolate or adding to salads. Furthermore, you can also eat them with your dumplings or as a delightful dessert after a hearty meal.

Here are a few ways you can incorporate them into your recipes:

A jar of apple chutney.
Apple Chutney

Health Benefits Of Goldrush Apples

Apples are a low-calorie, nutritious snack that moms and doctors all around the world encourage children to eat. Apple skin is rich in Vitamin C. Soluble and insoluble fibers in Goldrush Apples lower cholesterol and aid digestion. Calorie counters should expect one apple to contain between 70-80 calories.

Golden colored apples with blush on a table.

Where To Buy Goldrush Apple Plants Or Seeds

Goldrush Apple plants or seeds are available in most nurseries and garden centers. You can also find them in online stores.

Where To Buy Goldrush Apples

Goldrush apples are readily available all over the United States. You can buy them from farmer’s markets and groceries.

Wrapping Up the Goldrush Apple

Closeup of Goldrush apples.

Goldrush apples are a great source of vitamins and minerals, and their complex flavor packs quite a punch! They’re one of the best apples you can snack on, and they’re also great for baking or cooking.

If you don’t have enough room in your yard for a full-grown tree, you can buy dwarf varieties of Goldrush Apple trees, which will allow you to grow these apple plants closer together.

Do you grow Goldrush apples in your garden? Or do you have a favorite recipe that shows off the flavor of these apples? If so, let us know about it in the comments section below!

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