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The Fuyugaki Persimmon Tree

If ever there was a golden standard for persimmon trees, the Fuyugaki Persimmon tree would be it! This incredibly popular variety is one of the most widely grown worldwide. It’s delicious, easy to maintain, and puts out a bumper crop every year.

Read on to learn about this persimmon tree, including how to grow and eat it, and plenty more.

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Characteristics of Fuyugaki Persimmon Trees

The Fuyugaki Persimmon tree–also referred to as the “Fuyu Asian Pear”–is among the most popular persimmon tree varieties. It’s the most widely grown persimmon tree in both America and Japan.

It boasts numerous classic and even ideal persimmon tree characteristics, from its size and shape to the nature of its fruit.

You can expect your Fuyugaki Persimmon tree to mature to a height of about 15 to 20 feet, with a mature spread of about the same size. The appearance of a mature Fuyugaki Persimmon tree is full-bodied, with branches slightly dropping, making it an elegant landscaping and fruiting tree.

Once established, it takes a Fuyugaki Persimmon tree roughly two to four years to produce fruit–which is considered fast-growing for a persimmon tree!

Once it begins its fruiting life, you can expect large crops every year. This tree also requires only about 200 chill hours, or roughly a week of temperatures at 45 degrees Fahrenheit or below, to produce fruit.

And this fruit! A Fuyugaki Persimmon is notoriously sweet and firm with a mild flavor profile. The fruits are oblong with bright orange skin. They keep well for several weeks when ripe. They are notorious for maintaining their firmness even past the ripening stage.

Fast Facts About Fuyugaki Persimmon Trees

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Eating The Fruit

There are numerous ways to enjoy your Fuyugaki Persimmon tree’s bumper crops! They pair beautifully with lots of spices due to their mild and sweet flavor profile. This makes them ideal for things like making persimmon cookies or persimmon bread.

Or, turn your Fuyugaki Persimmon crop into persimmon pudding or even spiced persimmon butter!

There are lots of savory options for consuming persimmons as well. One great pick for the cold months is butternut squash and persimmon soup. Or try a roasted persimmon and burrata focaccia.

When it comes to enjoying persimmons, simply pairing them with a dense carb, like in a pastry, or with a rich cheese, like burrata or mozzarella, can make for a decadent snack.

Health Benefits

Like its many persimmon contemporaries, the Fuyugaki Persimmon is bursting with health benefits! They are notably high in many nutrients, including vitamins A, C, E, and K and B6, B1, and B2. They also offer a great helping of copper and potassium, fiber and manganese, and much more.

But that’s not all! Your Fuyugaki Persimmon harvest will also be rich in antioxidants.

Antioxidants handle the free radicals that travel throughout your system, causing inflammation.

Symptoms of this inflammation can include headaches and migraines, painful menstrual symptoms, brain fog, skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis, flare-ups of IBS and other digestive issues, and more.

Adding these persimmons regularly to your diet will offer a fantastic boost in health benefits and get you close to achieving the recommended daily intake value of many vital nutrients.

Growing Fuyugaki Persimmon Trees At Home

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Preparing to Grow

The first key when learning how to grow Fuyugaki Persimmon trees is knowing how to select the right spot! This persimmon tree variety requires six to eight hours of full sun to thrive; any less can produce fewer fruits with less of a sweet flavor.

In addition, the Fuyugaki Persimmon tree requires well-draining soil. Ideally, it should also be loamy, with a balanced pH between 6.0 and 6.5. However, your Fuyugaki Persimmon tree can adapt to various soil types and a wider pH range.

The last thing to consider is spacing. Your Fuyugaki Persimmon tree will need at least 15 to 20 feet of space to spread out and flourish. So be sure no other trees encroach on its growing area.

Once you have selected the ideal spot, you can turn the soil to help with drainage and amend it with compost for extra nutrient density and pH balance. Then, it’s time to start planting!

Planting Your Persimmon Tree

Dig a planting hole about as deep as your persimmon tree’s planting pot and three to four times as wide. Then, remove the tree from its planting pot and carefully place it in the hole. The edge of the root ball’s soil line should be about even and perhaps a bit above the hole line.

Now you can backfill the hole, carefully tamping down the soil but not applying too much force. Then, water the soil well to help fuse it with the root ball and remove any air pockets between them. Add four to six inches of mulch around the tree to help retain moisture in the soil.

Young Fuyugaki Persimmon trees must be staked until they are fully established. You can also add a tree guard to further protect the bark from animals that might come along and try to gnaw on it.

Caring and Maintaining

Established Fuyugaki Persimmon trees are generally low maintenance. They have some resistance to common persimmon tree diseases and pests. They are also moderately drought-tolerant.

Your trees will need regular, deep watering, but be wary of overwatering. This is the leading cause of death among young Fuyugaki Persimmon trees! Ideally, about 10 to 20 minutes of watering at a slow trickle, once or twice a week, should do the trick.

You should not need to fertilize your Fuyugaki Persimmon tree. However, you should prune it during its dormant period, before spring each year. Continue to compost, water, and mulch your Fuyugaki Persimmon tree with diligence and care, and within just a few years, you will begin seeing bumper harvests!

Where To Buy Fuyugaki Persimmon Trees

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Fuyugaki Persimmon trees can be sourced at many local nurseries and lawn and garden centers. If you prefer to source your trees online, we recommend reliable stock from Stark Bros.

Wrapping up Fuyugaki Persimmon Trees

Excited to grow the best Fuyugaki Persimmon trees right in your backyard? Before you get started, check out our Persimmon Tree page. This great resource will equip you with all the knowledge you need to grow healthy, vibrant persimmon trees.