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How Fast Does a Persimmon Tree Grow

Persimmons are delicious, albeit underrated, fruits. Depending on the variety and when they’re eaten, these fruits can range from quite tart to very sweet in flavor. And because of its range of flavors, there’s no shortage of what you can do with ripe persimmon!

If you’re thinking about growing your own persimmon tree, one of the first questions you may be asking is, “How fast does a persimmon tree grow?” After all, you’re ready to enjoy the unique fruit!

The answer can be complicated because it depends on a lot of factors. But we’re here to break it down for you in the simplest terms.

Read on to learn everything you need about how fast persimmon trees grow.

How fast does a persimmon tree grow

So, How Fast Does a Persimmon Tree Grow?

In short, persimmon trees grow at a rate of one to two feet per year. But growth can mean a lot of things. Persimmon trees continually grow as they mature, but it can take up to 10 years before they start bearing fruit and even longer to reach their full size.

And of course, all of these things can vary. The type of tree, size, climate, and how it’s cared for all how fast a persimmon tree grows and reaches its full size can vary.

Persimmon Tree Sizes

Asian Persimmon Tree full of fruit

Persimmon trees come in all different sizes, with some varieties maxing out at 10 feet tall and others growing up to 70 feet or more. So as you might expect, how fast persimmon trees reach their full size really depends on how big the tree can get.

Below are the main types of persimmon trees and how fast they grow.

Dwarf Persimmon Trees

Dwarf persimmon trees are the smallest type of persimmon trees. These trees, such as the Izu persimmon and the Ichi-Ki-Kei-Jiro persimmon, are container-sized varieties of Asian persimmons.

Dwarf persimmon trees generally reach their full height between eight and 12 feet. So with a growth rate of 12 to 24 inches per year, they reach their full size in about five to 10 years.

Despite their smaller sizes, dwarf persimmon trees are a great option, because they still produce full harvests of delicious fruit. Plus, they’re the perfect choice for home gardeners with less space for a full-sized tree.

Asian Persimmon Trees

Asian persimmon trees are the most popular and well-known types of persimmon trees. You’ve likely encountered these in supermarkets and other stores if you’ve seen persimmons before. Their flavor is mild, which makes them well-liked.

The trees are medium-sized, typically ranging from 20 to 30 feet tall. Popular varieties include the Fuyu, Jiro, and Hachiya persimmon trees.

Depending on the variety, Asian persimmon trees take five years or more to begin producing fruit. However, it’s worth noting that some varieties have unpredictable growing patterns, producing fruit every other year or inconsistently.

Asian persimmon trees are best suited for hot climates, so in the United States, they’re most commonly grown in California and in southern regions. Unfortunately, if you live somewhere colder, these persimmon trees may not be for you. Check availability for Asian Persimmon Trees on Stark Bro’s.

American Persimmon Trees

American persimmon trees are the largest persimmon trees. Although most grow to around 20 feet tall, some varieties can grow 70 feet or more. Their fruits are smaller than Asian varieties, but their flavor is deeper and more complex.

American persimmon trees grow about two feet per year and can begin producing fruit in three to five years.

These persimmon trees are more cold-hardy than their Asian counterparts, so these may be the perfect pick for you if you live in an area with cooler temperatures! They’re suitable for hardiness zones four through nine.

How Long Does it Take Persimmon Trees to Bear Fruit?

persimmons on tree

When thinking about how fast persimmon trees grow, one of the main considerations is how long it takes to bear fruit. Like everything else, this answer can vary. But in general, most persimmon trees start producing fruit between five and 10 years old.

So if you’re growing one of these trees, you’ll need some patience. However, you can do a few things to set yourself up for success and grow your persimmon tree faster.

Tips for Growing a Persimmon Tree Faster

young persimmon tree

Choose a Faster-Growing Variety

As we’ve mentioned a few times, how fast persimmon trees grow depends greatly on the variety. But it’s worth saying again!

Different varieties grow to different sizes, produce fruits at different times, and require different care. So if you want your persimmon tree to grow faster, this should be your first consideration.

Looking for more information about the different persimmon tree varieties? Read our article about Persimmon Tree Types for all there is to know!

Make Sure Your Tree is Right for Your Climate

Secondly, choosing the right variety for your climate is important for growing a healthy tree, especially if you want your persimmon tree to grow faster. Some types of persimmon trees are cold-hardy, and others are not. On the flip side, some require a lot of warmth.

Weather that’s too cold or too hot for your tree can cause damage your tree, making it slower to grow or preventing it from bearing fruit, if it doesn’t kill your tree.

Give Your Persimmon Tree the Proper Care

Lastly, like other plants, persimmon trees need the proper care and nutrients to grow. If they don’t have enough water, sunlight, or nutrients, your tree may go into conservation mode and slow its growth.

The most important things your persimmon tree needs are full sunlight and plenty of water. Mulch can help the soil retain water so the tree’s roots don’t dry out.

For more tips and care instructions, visit our Guide to Persimmon Tree Care.

Where to Buy Persimmon Trees

There are many great places where you can buy persimmon trees. If you want to check out the trees in person, visit your local nursery. However, many online retailers sell persimmon trees, too.

Stark Bro’s is one of our favorite places to buy persimmon trees. But if your biggest concern is how fast a persimmon tree grows, FastGrowingTrees is another great option, because their trees produce fruit almost immediately.

Frequently asked questions

Persimmon Tree Types

What is the lifespan of a persimmon tree?

Persimmon trees usually live for around 60 years, though some have been known to survive for up to 150 years. So although you may need to wait a few years to get fruit at first, once your tree begins producing fruit, it will last almost a lifetime!

Are persimmon trees fast-growing trees?

Persimmon trees aren’t the fastest-growing, but they’re not slow. With a growth rate of one to two feet per year, they’re considered to grow moderately.

If you’re looking for the fastest-growing fruit trees, some options include apple, peach, and citrus trees.

Wrapping Up How Fast Persimmon Trees Grow

Although the answer to how fast a persimmon tree grows seems complicated, the answer is quite easy.

Research persimmon tree varieties, and choose what makes sense for you, including the tree’s size, preferred climate, and fruit growing patterns. Considering all that, you’ll find the perfect persimmon tree for you.

Interested in learning more about this fruit tree? Visit our Persimmon Tree page for informational posts and comprehensive guides!