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Sheltered Beauty: 15 Creative Covered Patio Ideas For Any Home

It’s time to give that covered patio an upgrade. It’s easier than ever to design and decorate a simple patio space and bring life’s comforts outdoors. Whether you’re looking for more entertainment space, a place to garden, or somewhere peaceful to rest, we have got you covered.

If you need some creative covered patio ideas, keep reading. We’ll show you 15 unique, yet functional, covered patios that will fast-track you to outdoor enjoyment.

Covered Patio Ideas

1. A Space For Entertaining

When thinking about covered patio ideas for your home, the first thing that may come to mind is space to entertain guests. Bringing your guests outdoors can leave your home mess-free after parties and allow more people to be invited.

Set up your space with a large seating area with multiple chairs and portable side tables so people can move about freely and enjoy the space.

Add in a large outdoor dining table for food and drinks. Not only is this wonderful for entertaining, but it also gets the family outdoors for dinner on a weekly basis.

To really get the party started, add a built-in grill so you’re always ready to grab the apron and the tongs and throw on some steaks, burgers, or brats.

2. A Plant Paradise

Some may say you’re limited in what you can grow under your covered patio, but that isn’t necessarily true. There are many shade-loving plants and flowers that need minimal sunlight to thrive. It’s just about looking for and researching the right kind for your location.

One tip is to observe the sun and see how it hits your patio at different times of the day. This way, you have exact locations where you can place planters of flowers, herbs, or greenery.

When wanting to bring this look altogether, add in more natural pieces such as neutral throw pillows, and black or white accents.

Finish off this look with some simple pillar candles, and your covered patio plant paradise will be complete.

3. A Bohemian Experience

Boho themes are incredibly trendy right now, and why wouldn’t they be? It’s all about natural comfort, greenery, candlelight, macrame, and textures. Mixing all these designs will fill your head with covered patio ideas.

To get the look, find some rattan outdoor furnishings. These pieces bring comfort and natural materials to a space. Create more privacy with airy fabrics, and don’t forget to add some tall plants.

Wooden room dividers can be added for privacy or to hold planters for miniature herb gardens.

Finish this space with added pillar candles, outdoor rugs, hanging plants, and macrame to give it an authentic boho feel.

4. Light It Up

When looking for the ultimate cozy covered patio ideas, think lights – twinkle, candle, or fairy! Add some lighting that sets up that comfy vibe.

String lights add a bistro-type feel, whereas fairy lights feel like you’re entering an enchanted world. These lights are great because of how simple they are to install. The style you choose will depend on what type of decor or vibe you are aiming for!

If you don’t have outlets outdoors on your patio battery powered lights are the way to go. A lot of these are long-lasting when taken care of and can be used for years.

Solar may be an option if it has access to sunlight but battery-powered can be used for areas without outlet access.

5. Add in Creative Seating

If you want to look different from the Jones’, it’s time to think of some creative seating.

Enter a blast from the past! These super trendy egg chairs give off the perfect easy-breezy outdoor feeling you want.

Add in more comfort with colorful throw pillows, which can even double as more seating options for friends or guests.

If you want a statement piece like an egg chair but don’t have room for much else, add some floor pillow seats. These double as beautiful decor, all while adding extra functional seating for smaller spaces (or budgets).

When using floor pillow seats, it’s a good idea to invest in an outdoor rug that you can pick up in almost any size, style, or shape to enhance the look and comfort of your covered patio. You can also check out these patio furniture options to liven up your backyard.

6. Bring Your Living Room Outdoors

Create the ultimate outdoor living space by making a living room on your covered patio. Depending on where you live, this covered patio idea may not fit your needs all season long, but it’s perfect for catching the big game outdoors or having a movie night for the kids.

When expanding your living space to the outdoors, look for large comfortable seating with tons of outdoor pillows and blankets.

Throw in beautiful outdoor rugs to liven up any space and add textural interest. And don’t forget about light fixtures. After all, you’ll likely be spending a lot of your time out here!

Finally, make it TV-ready with the appropriate fixtures and weather-safe equipment. So whether you’re entertaining or just want a larger living space, you can do so comfortably.

7. Make Room For an Outdoor Kitchen

When dreaming about covered patio ideas, a stunning outdoor kitchen has probably crossed your mind at least once. If you have the space and like to cook outdoors, this may be a reality for you.

An outdoor kitchen not only provides many entertaining opportunities but gives you the freedom to make and serve meals outdoors. Not only are you preparing fresh meals for your family or friends, but you get the added benefit of fresh air.

To complete this look, add all-season countertops and cabinets so that they’ll look great for years to come, no matter what the weather or Mother Nature throws at them.

When designing the cabinet layout, find a space to have a built-in grill. Built-in grills create a flawless-looking outdoor kitchen. Plus, you won’t need to worry about moving and storing a traditional grill.

Lastly, get some much-needed brand-new grilling tools since you’ll be prepping lots of meals on your outdoor covered patio. Find new grilling recipe inspiration and get cooking in your new space.

8. Minimalist Design

Minimalist designs don’t only mean minimal things. If you want a more minimal space, consider basic neutral colors or simple black or white pieces.

After picking a minimal color scheme, pick out functional pieces of furniture or decor that you know you’ll use. Less nic-knack type items like simpler planters or a large outdoor dining table.

The perks of minimal designs are you can either easily change them up by adding seasonal pieces or keep them extra minimal for easy clean up and all-around less work.

Pick pieces that work year-round and are weather safe so that you don’t have to fuss once fall hits. You can leave your minimal space untouched until next year.

9. Add a Privacy Wall

When hanging out on your covered patio, you’re going to want to have privacy. Having looky loos when you’re trying to kick back really defeats the purpose of a relaxing space.

To beat this, add a privacy wall. It will block off any nosey neighbors and provide extra space for you to add lighting and decor.

A privacy wall can also block out some weather as well. You can place your furniture against the wall to prevent sun fading or water damage. Whatever way you work it, this piece is multifunctional and beautiful.

10. Pergola Perfection

Lacking a roof over your patio? With a pergola, you can create the perfect covered patio quickly. One of the best ways to create the covered effect is by adding vining plants that can grow over the pergola to provide shade underneath – a natural roof, per se.

This will dramatically cool down a previously unbearably hot patio and allow you to use your space even during sultry summer months. Of course, there are many different designs and types of pergolas., You can alo find some excellent diy pergola kits toenjoy the rest of the summer sunburn-free.

11. Bring Your Style Outdoors

Just because an item isn’t labeled as patio decor or furniture doesn’t mean it can’t be used on the patio. When dreaming up covered patio ideas, you don’t need to change your style altogegther for the outdoors.

Antique pickings are unique and add a personal flair to your covered patio, making it memorable. You can also play around with different types of colors and textures to add brightness and contrast against your home or fencing.

Add in more nature-themed items but in your specific style. With so many crafting and home decor stores and online marketplaces, you can score a deal that fits your personal style.

12. Don’t Forget the Kiddos!

With covered patio ideas, it’s sometimes easy to get on a one-track mindset of just us adults. If you’re a family with littles, make sure the space is also inviting for them! Here are some playground sets you can add to your patio and are guaranteed to entertain the kiddos!

Add kid-safe items, and forgo the high-top bar stools until they’re a bit older. It’s also a good idea to create an area just for them. That way, everyone can comfortably enjoy the overall space together. Placing a kid’s table on the patio lets them have a kid-safe place to play without worry for the parents.

13. Porch Swing Goals

Nothing says summer times on the covered porch like a good ‘ol American porch swing. These have become quite the must-have feature in recent years. Swings can be dressed up according to season and holiday, making them one functional piece of outdoor furniture.

Porch swings are very traditional and make a home look extra cozy and welcoming year round. Not only does a swing look stunning, it offers seating that everyone will be fighting over.

Relax on a cool fall day with a good book and a cup of tea, surrounded by cozy pillows and blankets. This will make your covered porch look like a scene from a classic movie and give your house added curb appeal.

14. Play With Greenery

Don’t forget that your covered porch, although somewhat protected from nature, is still outdoors. This is an excellent opportunity to play around with those houseplants you’ve been waiting patiently to purchase.

Not only house plants, but any other shade or indirect light-loving plant you can get your hands on can go outside for the summer. This will transform your covered patio from plain to lively shades of green.

To achieve this look, find plants of different sizes, heights, shapes, and shades of green to create move and visual interest.

15. Don’t Forget to “Hang” Out

One of the perks of having a beautiful covered patio is all the prime real estate for hanging decor. Keep it whimsical by hanging lights, antique finds, or fancy ferns.

Regardless, accomplishing this look on a covered patio is much easier than inside your home. Even hanging bistro lights from the ceiling allows you to use your space into the night hours.

If you’re an animal lover, try hanging some birdhouses or feeders for our feathered friends. Regardless of what you choose to display, the possibilities are endless.

5 Tips For Creating a Dream Covered Patio

You can go in many different directions for covered patios, but there are a few tips to stick with to make things easier and keep all your bases covered.

1. Choosing a Patio Furniture Set

Summer evening on the terrace of beautiful suburban house with patio with wicker furniture and lights

It’s easy to get wrapped up in minuscule details in the beginning of your plans, but one way to stay focused is by choosing what will likely be the main focal point – the furniture. By doing this, you’re narrowing in on a style and have a central piece to work around.

2. Add Outdoor Rugs

Adding outdoor rugs to a covered patio space adds another layer of interest. Obviously, if you have beautiful patio pavers, you can choose smaller accent rugs in order to let the real hero shine.

3. Incorporate Lighting

Decorative Small Solar Garden Light, Lanterns In Flower Bed In Green Foliage. Garden Design. Solar Powered Lamps In Row generative ai

By incorporating lighting, you can enjoy your outdoor space longer and have a place to relax,regardless of the time of day.

4. Pick Up Some Plants

You don’t need a giant garden space to enjoy potted plants. Better yet, most garden stores and nurseries will do the hard work for you by labeling if they are sun or shade-loving and arranging them in ways to make them really pop.

Plants add a relaxing feel to a covered patio and bring nature into the space.

5. Pick Up Trendy Accessories

One thing that can really fix up any space is accessories. Widely available items like candles, LED lights, throw pillows, outdoor rugs, or planters can transform any space from dull to delightful.

Wrapping Up the Top 15 Creative Covered Patio Ideas

With these 15 creative covered patio ideas, you’ll be well on your way to creating your dream patio space. Remember to tie in patio lighting, accessories, pillows, and rugs to create a stunning effect that will surely make the neighbors talk.

Check out everything about backyard living on our website. Before you know it, you’ll be spending more time outdoors than in!