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Outdoor Comfort: Uncovering the 5 Best Patio Furniture for Your Yard

Who said patio furniture has to go on an actual patio? Spruce up your green space with the best patio furniture for your yard and elevate how guests experience your outdoor space.

We searched everywhere for the best patio furniture for your yard, including the best weather-resistant and easy-to-clean options. Our outdoor furniture picks are going to last a long time!

Keep reading to see which picks we found to be the best patio furniture for your yard. Later in the post, we’ll walk you through everything we considered when selecting our choices, and we’ll answer some questions from patio furniture buyers.

Best Patio Furniture

Our Top Picks

Best Swing Set:
Purple Leaf 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Porch Swing

Best Dining Set:
Pamapic Outdoor Wicker Dining Set

Best Chair Set:
POLYWOOD Modern Adirondack Chair

Best Swing Set

Purple Leaf 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Porch Swing

PURPLE LEAF 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Porch Swing with Weather Resistant Steel Frame, Adjustable Tilt Canopy, Cushions and Pillow Included, Beige

Everyone loves a cozy patio swing, and if you’re looking to add one to your yard, we recommend the Purple Leaf 3-Seat Deluxe Outdoor Patio Porch Swing. This three-seater backyard swing measures 68.5” (H) x 74” (W) x 50.3” (D) and has a 750-pound weight capacity!

This patio furniture selection was built to last–the metal frame is made from brown powder-coated steel for added strength. The cushions are breathable, UV-resistant, and water-resistant.

The swing comes with a rotatable canopy to keep the sun out, and solar lights are included as an added perk for creating a comforting, warm ambiance in your yard.


  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Two foldable multifunction side tables
  • Seats are removable


  • Assembly instructions are confusing (though assembly is easy without instructions)

Best Dining Set

Pamapic Outdoor Wicker Dining Set

PAMAPIC 8504 Patio Dining 7 Piece, Outdoor Wicker Furniture Set for Backyard Garden Deck Poolside/Iron Slats Table Top, Removable Cushions, 7 Pack, Beige

The 7-piece Pamapic Outdoor Wicker Dining Set includes a plastic-wood table top and weather-resistant PE rattan chairs, so you can ensure you’re getting a quality product that will last a long time! Plus, the high-density cushions can be removed for machine washing.

A hole for an umbrella (not included) is in the middle of the table, and a fixed hole improves the stability of the table and can provide better balance for an umbrella. Non-slip adjustable feet will allow you to change the settings depending on the ground conditions.

The table’s dimensions are 59.8” (L) x 35.1” (W) x 28. 6” (D) and each chair is 23” (L) x 21.3” (W) x 34.5 (D). This table set comes in two packages, so you may not receive both packages at the same time.


  • Sturdy and beautiful
  • Great for all terrain types
  • Easy to clean


  • Instructions are poor, though reviewers have provided great install tips

Best Chair Set

POLYWOOD Modern Adirondack Chair

POLYWOOD AD420SA Modern Adirondack Chair, Sand & ECT18SA Long Island 18

This beautiful POLYWOOD Modern Adirondack Chair outdoor chair will look lovely anywhere in your yard, and best of all, it comes with an 18” side table so you can relax with a cold beverage.

Adirondack chairs are ergonomic and were designed for comfort, so you can lean back and read, nap, or toast marshmallows.

This patio furniture set was designed from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), so it can withstand most weather conditions. HDPE is a plastic made to look like wood, so it is easy to care for. It requires no staining, waterproofing, or painting.

The set comes in many different colors, so pick your favorite. Everything you need for assembly is included to make putting these chairs together a breeze!


  • Polywood is made from recycled materials
  • Easy to clean
  • Comfortable and stylish


  • Doesn’t mention a maximum weight in the product description

Best Hanging Chair

NICESOUL® Indoor Outdoor Patio Wicker Hanging Chair

NICESOUL® Indoor Outdoor Patio Wicker Hanging Chair Swing Hammock Egg Chairs UV Resistant Cushions 350lbs Capaticy for Patio Bedroom Balcony (Grey)

Few things can match the experience of lounging in a hanging chair, specifically the NICESOUL® Indoor Outdoor Patio Wicker Hanging Chair. This hanging chair is a captivating piece that instantly enhances the aesthetics of your yard.

Designed from PE rattan resin wicker, this hanging chair was built to be strong and durable. It comes with a comfy seat cushion that is machine washable. Best of all, this hanging chair has a portable design, so you can easily move it around your yard as needed.

Its overall size dimensions are 38” (L) x 38” (W) x 77.9” (H), and it has a weight limit of 350 pounds.


  • Ultra-sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to put together


  • May not be comfortable for tall people

Best for Small Yards

C/G 3 Piece Bistro Set

C/G 3 Piece Bistro Set,Outdoor Patio Set,Anti-Rust Cast Aluminum Bistro Table Set for Park Yard Front Porch Furniture(Antique Copper)

Maybe you live in a townhome or condo, so you have limited backyard space. You can add elegance to your small backyard with the C/G 3 Piece Bistro Set. We love this set because it has an antique appeal, and it’s made from anti-rust cast aluminum!

This small table comes with two chairs that can hold up to 250 pounds each, and the table size is 26.3” (D) x 26.7” (H). Each chair is 17.32” (L) x 33.07” (H). The slightly curved seat fits are comfortable to sit in, so you can joyfully enjoy a cup of tea with a friend or neighbor.


  • Easy assembly
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to move around


  • Lightweight–it may tip in heavy winds

Patio Furniture Buyer’s Guide

Summer evening on the terrace of beautiful suburban house with patio with wicker furniture and lights

Local Climate

Your local climate can impact the lifespan of your patio furniture in your yard. Some materials just work better in some climates, too. Look for patio furniture materials that are weather treated or marked as all-weather.

This is a general guide on which patio furniture to choose based on your local climate:

Dry Climates

Aluminum and hardwoods are best at withstanding long hours of sun and heat. Polyethylene (PE) rattan is an all-weather material that will also do just fine in dry climates.

Plastics are also a good choice for dry, hot climates since they are highly resistant to heat. Look for high-quality, UV-resistant plastics like High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Resin, or Polypropylene,

Wet and Humid Climates

Synthetic outdoor fabrics and wicker resin perform best in climates where the furniture will frequently be exposed to moisture. Natural wicker does not perform well in wet conditions and must be stored during rain or humid temperatures.

Moderate Climates

Teak and cedar are the best choices for temperate, moderate climates. These materials are less susceptible to rot and decay. All-weather wicker is also a suitable choice for moderate climates.

Snowy Climates

Aluminum, teak wood, and all-weather wicker are the best choices for snowy climates. These are durable materials that can be left outside even in cold, snowy weather. Natural wicker must be covered in the winter, and steel furniture should be stored to avoid cracking or rusting.

Avoid leaving plastics outdoors in cold, snowy temperatures. These materials can become brittle and break in freezing temperatures. HDPE is the exception, which can survive temperatures as low as -50 degrees Fahrenheit.

Maintenance and Cleaning

The material of your furniture also impacts what regular maintenance and cleaning will look like. Consider following guidelines when selecting patio furniture (though you should always check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions first).


Hardwoods are low-maintenance, but they do require dusting and periodic cleaning. You should clean hardwoods with microfiber and a weak solution like a mixture of dishwashing soap and water.

If your hardwood develops mold or mildew, you should use a 2:1 ratio of laundry detergent with water and bleach with a soft bristle brush.

Never saturate hardwoods with cleaner or water because doing so can cause the furniture to warp. Avoid pressure washing your hardwood furniture for this reason.


Cedar furniture is easy to clean with some soap, a rag, and some sandpaper. If your furniture is starting to fade, you may also wish to use sealant and wood staining products.

Remember, cedar is a softwood. While softwoods normally don’t make good outdoor furniture, cedar is unique because it is stronger than other woods. We do not recommend pressure washing cedar because your furniture can be damaged by intense force.


Aluminum furniture is a favorite because it’s low-maintenance, though regular cleaning is important to prevent corrosion. Don’t skip the small crevices because dust and dirt can build up. Use a vacuum cleaner or compressed air canister to get to those spots.

Wipe your aluminum furniture down with a damp cloth. Microfiber cloths are also recommended for aluminum furniture since they reduce the risk of scratching during the cleaning process.

There are many cleaners on the market designed specifically for cleaning aluminum like Brasso Metal Polish, which will restore your furniture to looking like new.


You should dry your wicker furniture after snow or rainfall as soon as possible. While it is water-resistant, drying your patio furniture will make it easier to clean. The best way to dry your wicker furniture is to leave it out in direct sunlight, though you can place a powerful fan in front of the furniture.

Wicker should be deep cleaned at least once a year by wiping it thoroughly with a wet cloth. Use a mild dish soap and water mixture to remove tough stains, washing from top to bottom, then you can use a garden hose to rinse the furniture thoroughly.

Clean wicker on a sunny day, so you can leave the furniture out to dry in direct sunlight. If the above methods don’t work at removing stains, handheld steam cleaners also work well on wicker.


Plastic is the lowest maintenance furniture of all. You can use just about any all-purpose cleaner on plastic. If your furniture is really dirty, apply some WD-40 to restore your furniture to its original shine. (Just make sure you’re in a well-vented area before using this cleaner.)

Furniture Coatings

Most outdoor metals are treated with powder coating to strengthen them and prevent corrosion. Steel will rust if not treated with a powder coating, so it’s essential to look for mentions of coatings in steel-made products, or the furniture cannot be used outdoors.

Aluminum will not rust, however, it can develop a white chalky substance if left untreated, so many manufacturers also treat aluminum patio furniture with a powder-coated finish.

Powder coating is polyester-based and uses microbeads to create a more robust, more durable finish than paint. It’s incredibly resilient, and powder-coated finishes can last up to 20 years!


Patio furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, and so do yards and patio areas. Choosing the best patio furniture for your yard can be challenging, especially if you’re just looking at photos. It would be disappointing to have your furniture arrive much larger than you were visualizing.

Always take measurements before purchasing new patio furniture. An effective method to visualize how much space your new patio furniture will occupy is to use tape to outline the measurements. You can usually find these measurements in the product’s description.

Intended Use

Consider how you intend to use your backyard patio furniture. Your personality will come into play here. Are you the type of person who likes to host backyard barbecues? Then a great dining set is a must-have.

If you’d prefer to use your backyard for relaxation and lounging, you’re going to be looking for comfy chairs and swings that you can melt into.

Does your backyard have a pool? If so, you will need furniture made from water-resistant materials, regardless of your climate.

Weight Capacity

If you or your guests are larger than average, you need to pay attention to the weight capacity of the furniture you’re buying. An average chair weight capacity is 250 pounds.

Frequently Asked Questions

Budget Small Backyard Ideas

How do I protect my patio furniture in the wintertime?

While many types of outdoor furniture can be left outside in the winter–specifically teak, aluminum, and all-weather wicker–that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take extra steps to care for it.

Over time, even the sturdiest outdoor furniture, may start to fade with age due to extreme temperatures, Moisture can also seep into the cracks of furniture and cause mold or mildew. The best way to ensure your furniture lasts for a long time is to cover it with waterproof protection.

When is the best time of year to buy patio furniture?

Everyone loves a good sale, so you are probably wondering when the best patio furniture is on sale. September is historically the best time of year to snag patio furniture deals. After Labor Day, furniture stores are trying to get rid of all of the past year’s inventory so they can prepare for new inventory.

The holiday shopping season is another great time to score deals on outdoor patio furniture.

Wrapping up the Best Patio Furniture for Your Yard

Finding the best patio furniture for your yard can be a real game-changer. Hopefully, we’ve helped you narrow down your furniture picks. If you’re looking for more backyard tips and tricks, head over to our Backyard Living section.