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Common Weeds

The Royal Horticultural Society classifies common weeds as “wild plants in the wrong place.” This simple definition, which might even seem funny at first, is actually completely accurate! Many flowers and plants that are pretty in nature quickly become a pain when they decide to move the family into your backyard and become weeds.

They might even absorb all the nutrients you carefully dosed for your manicured landscaping! What to do? Keep reading to learn all about common weeds, and their prevention and treatment.

Prevention and Treatment

Common weeds are pesky problems, and like any disease, the best solution is always the preventative kind. But sometimes we get unlucky, or weeds get through our defense system, and they take root anyway. What then?

Keep reading to learn both about common weed prevention, and what to do if they start growing despite your best efforts.

Using a garden sprayer on weeds growing along a fence.

Weeding Tools

Weeding is one of my least favorite gardening chores, but it’s a super essential task once common weeds have started to grow. If you don’t pull them out, they could start choking your other plants!

If you’re completely new to weeding tools, start with our general guide All About Weeding Tools. Then, dive into the more specifics once you’ve understood which type of weeding tool is best for your situation.

Garden Hoes
Hand Weeding Tools
Long-Handled Weeding Tools
Dandelion Diggers

Crack Weeders
Weeding Hoes
Weeding Knives

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Common Weed Varieties

Because weeds are just wild plants that grow where they’re not supposed to, the varieties out there are endless. But there are some common weeds that we can recognize, and that gardeners at large have developed tried-and-true techniques to treat them.

Surprising Facts About Common Weeds

So all we’ve been telling you about common weeds is how much of a hassle it is to pull them our of your garden. But the situation is actually a bit more complex than that because of these surprising facts.

Benefits of Keeping Certain Weeds in Your Garden
Edible Weeds You Can Find in Your Own Backyard

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A person spraying common weeds in a garden with a bright red hand spray.

It’s Good to Know About Common Weeds

I hope this post has inspired you to be more intentional about how you treat common weeds in your backyard. Whether you work hard on prevention or you rely on the best organic and/or homemade weed spray, check back often to keep learning how to keep your garden weed free. We’re always updating our content!

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