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Amarillo Hops

Amarillo hops is one of the happiest accidents ever happened within the beer industry. Unlike most hop varieties that are carefully cultivated and cross-bred for …

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Mosaic Hops

Since the discovery and cultivation of different hop varieties, few have turned the hop industry on its head as Mosaic Hops has. It’s only been …

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Rakau Hops

Considered one of New Zealands’ finest hop creations, Rakau Hops is a true dual-purpose variety. It was initially called AlphaRoma due to its high alpha …

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Crystal Hops

In the 1970s and 80s, the United States was falling behind in the world of ales and lagers. . That’s where Crystal Hops came into play. Crystal was (and still is) America’s best impression of the original noble German hops, specifically Hallertau Mittelfruh.

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Nugget Hops

I think many of us can remember the sour face we made when we had our first sip of beer. But over time, you come to appreciate bitterness as a vital part of the overall beer experience. And for over 50 years, Nugget Hops are generally viewed as one of the best bittering hops.

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