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An indoor avocado tree.

Transplanting Avocado Trees

Avocado trees make beautiful house plants. Countless guides online walk you through how to germinate an avocado pit from store-bought fruit. ut how do you know when an avocado plant is ready for transplanting? Read on to learn more about transplanting avocado trees and how you can keep your little tree growing for years to come.

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Bark grafting of an avocado tree.

How to Graft an Avocado Tree

You may know that grafting an avocado tree is essentially a process by which one avocado tree is cloned by taking off a piece and reattaching it to another tree where it may continue its growth. What you don’t know is how to graft an avocado tree. We’re here to help! We’ll walk you through the process of grafting an avocado tree.

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Smooth green avocados on a tree.

The Best Soil for Avocado Trees

Growing an avocado tree outside or in a container is very possible, but only if your plant gets the nutrients and care it needs to flourish. While a lot goes into avocado tree care, it all starts with finding the best soil for avocado trees. If your avocado trees are planted in the right soil, it lays the groundwork for them to be fruitful for years to come.

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