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All About the Brandywine Pink Tomato

The Brandywine Pink Tomato is a type of heirloom tomato and is very popular for its rich flavor and enticing appearance. It is also a specialty tomato variety since it is only available from late summer into fall.

Keep reading to learn all about this unique tomato variety!

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Closeup of Brandywine tomatoes.


This Brandywine tomato is named after its pink skin. Like other heirloom tomato varieties, it is ribbed and often slightly misshapen rather than even, round, and smooth like Roma tomatoes.

The Pink Brandywine falls into the beefsteak tomato category. Beefsteak tomato plants produce the largest tomatoes, yielding fruits up to six inches in diameter!

Although the pink Brandywine tomato has the most striking appearance, Brandywines come in many colors, including yellow, red, and black.

Black Brandywine tomatoes.
Black Brandywine tomatoes.


If you’ve ever tasted one, you understand why Brandywines are a favorite in home gardens!

The Brandywine Pink tomato is known for its sweet, tangy taste. Its claim to fame is its rich flavor — it’s often referred to as the best-tasting tomato variety. The taste is described as an enhanced version of the traditional sweet-with-a-kick tomato taste.

A Brandywine makes for an easy, delicious snack that requires little to no prep aside from slicing and maybe a dash of salt.

Preparation and Storage

Slices of heirloom tomato on bread.

This tomato variety is often called a slicing tomato because it can be eaten raw as a snack, side, or garnish. However, the Brandywine Pink tomato can be grilled, baked, made into a sauce, or eaten in a sandwich, paired with cheese.

To slice a Brandywine, use a serrated knife.

Although it is delicious, this tomato variety is not very durable. Its thin skin is prone to cracking and cannot withstand long-distance shipping. So you won’t see them in major grocery store produce departments.

Two Brandywine tomatoes on a windowsill.

Their delicate skin requires some special care when storing them. They should be stored at room temperature until ripe. But unlike most other varieties, Brandywines should be refrigerated once they mature, especially after slicing.

To learn more about storing tomatoes, read our blog post on the best way to store tomatoes.


Assorted Brandywine tomatoes.

We have already established that the Brandywine Pink Tomato is delicious and versatile. With that in mind, here are three recipes you can make with this tomato variety:

For a richer take on the classic tomato soup, use the Pink Brandywine in your recipe! It will be just as easy to make and taste even better.

The Brandywine’s rich taste also lends itself well to salsa recipes. Try our tomato salsa the next time you host your friends.

If you’re looking for a delicious sauce recipe to complement your homemade pasta dish, try this tomato sauce recipe using the pink Brandywine. You can thank us later!

Health Benefits

Tomatoes have countless health benefits, and Brandywine Pink Tomatoes are no different. They are full of antioxidant vitamins A and C and contain potassium and B vitamins, which promote heart health and help regulate blood sugar.

Moreover, tomatoes are a versatile, low-calorie fruit option that can be added to any salad, made into countless sauces, and added to smoothies, sandwiches, and other quick snacks. Because of its sweet taste, it is also very kid friendly.

Read our complete tomato nutrition guide for information about making tomatoes a regular part of your diet.

Where to Find Brandywine Pink Tomatoes

Brandywine pink tomatoes at a farmers' market in Nashville, TN.
Brandywine pink tomatoes at a farmers’ market.

Brandywine tomatoes can be purchased at most farmer’s markets and grocery stores if they are in season. Heirloom season generally runs from late summer into the fall, with local heirloom tomatoes first appearing around late July or early August.

Of course, the best way to be sure you’ll enjoy these mouth-watering tomatoes each year is to grow your own at home! We’ll tell you how to do that next.

How to Grow Brandywine Tomatoes

A Brandywine tomato plant.

Brandywine tomato plants have large leaves that resemble potato leaves. To grow, they need full sunlight and can only be grown during the warmer months of the year.

Tomato plants have an extensive germination time. Therefore, you should start seeds indoors 4-6 weeks ahead of time and transplant seedlings when temperatures are warm enough.

Brandywines are indeterminate tomato plants that need a stake, trellis, or cage. This will allow you to keep your plant and fruit off the ground, preventing disease. It will also protect the plant from getting bent or damaged due to heavy fruit.

Tomato plants need a soil pH of around 6 and a constant supply of plant nutrients. Read our tomato fertilizer guide for all you need to know for the best practices and fertilizer product recommendations.


Plant tomato seeds at least two inches apart. Water the seeds as soon as you plant them, then cover the soil with around 3 inches of shredded leaves (or another mulch variety) to prevent weeds and keep the soil evenly moist.

You should continue to water your tomato plants regularly since they need at least an inch of moisture per week and even more during the summertime. If the top layer of the soil is dry, your plant needs to be watered.

We’ve just covered the basics here. For a more in-depth resource, we have a complete guide on how to grow tomatoes.

Immature Brandywine tomatoes on a plant.

Tomato Care

Brandywine tomato plants are sensitive and have poor disease resistance, so check plants often and treat signs of disease quickly. Our blog post on common tomato diseases will help you there.

Similarly, deal with pests as soon as you see them! Our tomato pest guide will help you identify, eliminate, and deter pests from your tomato plants.

There’s more to know about raising healthy tomatoes. Learn more in our tomato care guide.

When to Harvest Your Tomatoes

A large Brandywine tomato.

The Brandywine Pink Tomato is one of the slowest maturing varieties of tomatoes and takes around 70 days to reach maturity. As previously mentioned, because heirloom tomatoes only grow during warmer months, production is light during mid-season and increases later into the summer.

Read our detailed guide on how to harvest tomatoes to get it right every time.

Where to Buy Seeds

Tomato seedlings.

If you want to plant Brandywine Pink tomatoes in your garden, you can purchase high-quality seeds online at one of our favorite seed retailers, Hoss Tools. Order in time for spring planting!

The Brandywine Pink Tomato: A Tasty Variety

A Brandywine tomato.

The Brandywine Pink Tomato is more than a looker. These tomatoes have a fun and inviting appearance and are also some of the most flavorful tomatoes you can grow.

They’re a delicious, healthy option that can be incorporated into countless tried-and-true recipes.

To learn more about other tomato varieties, from their growth and harvesting to their preparation, visit the Tomato Plants page on our website.

Elsie Whitchurch

Friday 31st of March 2023

Are the leaves on the pink brandywine tomato potato type leaves. I purchased pink brandywine seeds from amazon this year and they all have regular tomato leaves. I have grown regular brandywine for years and they have a potato leaf.


Friday 31st of March 2023

Hi Elsie - I'm not sure. I've grown them before, but I don't recall. Anyone else?