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All About Yellow Wax Beans

With countless vitamins, minerals, and other benefits, vegetables are an important part of a healthy diet. Luckily, they’re also very tasty! But no matter how much you love them, you need variety to keep your meals interesting.

Yellow wax bean pods on a plant.

Yellow wax beans are perfect for that!

If you don’t know about them, we have a hunch you’ll give yellow wax beans a try after you read this article!

History/Facts About Yellow Wax Beans

Originating from Central and South America anywhere from 7,000 to 8,000 years ago, yellow wax beans were a staple of Native American diets. In fact, they were known as one of the “three sisters,” alongside corn and squash.

Once the beans found their way to Algeria in the 19th century, Europeans started cultivating several varieties. The most famous of these is probably the Beurre De Rocquencourt Bush Wax bean, developed in France. Still, all kinds of yellow wax beans have regularly graced dinner tables since then.

Roasted yellow wax beans.

Although green beans have long overshadowed them in popularity, the yellow ones are rising in demand.

Characteristics of Yellow Wax Beans


With their length and thin circumference, yellow wax beans are similar in appearance to the more familiar green beans. The primary difference is that they don’t contain chlorophyll, so the pods are a warm shade of yellow instead. Because of this, they are sometimes called golden wax or butter beans. However, the legumes inside the pods look bright green.


Yellow wax beans are prized for their subtle and buttery yet earthy or nutty taste. Ripe, raw beans feature a smooth yet crispy texture, making them a pleasure to bite. When cooked, they become soft and easy to mix with other ingredients.

A bowl of picked yellow wax beans.


Think of all your favorite ways to eat green beans. You can switch them out for yellow wax beans and get an equally delicious result!

Beans with Toasted Almonds

To properly cook yellow wax beans with other ingredients, they may lose their crunchy texture. Luckily, you can make up for it by adding almonds! The earthy flavors complement each other. Mix in some dijon mustard, thyme, garlic salt, and butter, and you’ve got an instant classic.

Beans with Mint

Craving something simple yet refreshing? Mint leaves offer another lovely way to enhance your yellow wax beans. Thanks to the menthol, mint brings out the natural sweet tones in the beans while contrasting the rich flavor with coolness. It’s a perfect side for summer meals or hot dishes!

Hungarian Soup

Many soups can be improved with yellow wax beans, including this Hungarian recipe. Together with salt, butter, pepper, paprika, and plenty of sour cream, the beans provide depth of texture and flavor to the soup, turning it into one of your new favorite comfort foods.

A bowl of soup with yellow wax beans.

Health Benefits

The taste and texture are just two of the characteristics that have won admirers for yellow wax beans. People around the world have noticed that they feel healthier when they eat these beans regularly. That’s because of they contain large amounts of the following nutrients:


Your body needs to repair damaged muscle and skin cells while replenishing itself with new ones. Protein is essential for that.


With its ability to strengthen your immune system and maintain both DNA and blood cell growth, folates are indispensable for helping you avoid illnesses and life-altering medical conditions.

Vitamin C

Though known for its significance to the immune system and tissue growth, vitamin C is also tasked with preventing damage to your body from free radical cells. In other words, it reduces the likelihood that you’ll get cancer or other serious diseases.

Closeup of chopped yellow wax beans.


Because iron is primarily responsible for carrying oxygen throughout your bloodstream, it contributes to your digestive, immune, and mental health.


By regulating your cell fluids and nervous system, potassium encourages healthy tissue growth and blood pressure levels.

Also, you can reap the benefits of all these nutrients without worrying about less desirable components. Yellow wax beans are notably low in sodium, carbohydrates, sugar, bad fats, and calories.

Growing Yellow Wax Beans at Home

One of many reasons why more people are showing interest in yellow wax beans is that they are easy to grow at home. If you’re a beginner gardener, these beans are excellent for learning and perfecting your skills. On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned gardener, you’ll love being able to grow them without sacrificing your attention to more complex plants.

Either way, you have to know what to do so they thrive, so let us help!

A yellow wax bean plant with pods.


Having evolved in warm climates, yellow wax beans thrive best with plenty of sunlight, so choose a place in your garden with consistent exposure to the sun. Make sure the soil is drained well, too. You can plant the seeds anytime after the soil reaches about 60°F.


Yellow wax beans will naturally grow into a bush, but if plant the seeds near a trellis or pole and gently guide the sprouts upward, you can grow climbing beans. This could help you save space in your garden while creating a charmingly rustic aesthetic.

Other than the weeding, fertilizing, mulching, watering, and soil drainage that you would provide for any other plant, these beans don’t demand much maintenance. Just remember that aphids and spider mites are particularly drawn to beans like these, so use pesticides, neem oil, or insecticidal soaps to deter such pests.


Ripe yellow wax beans are colored like translucent pale gold. If they also feel smooth and measure as long as a pencil, they are likely ready to harvest. They should snap right off when you gently bend the stem.

Where to Buy Them

Closeup of yellow wax bean pods on a plant.

Since yellow wax beans are becoming more popular, you’re likely to find them at a local grocery store or farmers market. Just check that they are still completely yellow; any discoloration indicates that the beans have started to go bad.

Where to Buy Seeds

If you love growing things yourself, buy a packet of yellow wax bean seeds instead. You can get the Golden Wax variety from two of our favorite online seed retailers — Hoss Tools and True Leaf Market.

Time to Try Yellow Wax Beans!

Overhead view of fresh yellow wax beans.

If you don’t already have yellow wax beans in your fridge or garden, we recommend going to your nearest retailer to get some. Not only with your meals be tastier and more interesting, but your body will be stronger and healthier.

You’ll notice even more positive differences if you continue diversifying your diet, so check out our Bean Plants page. You’ll find lots of blog posts on lots of varieties that you can buy or grow!