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All About Stella Cherry Trees

Cherry trees, apple trees, plum trees, which one do you choose? and how in the world do you start growing the fruit orchard of your dreams? One easy-to-grow fruit tree for beginners or experts alike and a great place to start is the Stella Cherry Tree. Large, sweet fruit and an earlier than normal maturity have you picking fruit off of this cherry tree in no time.

Stella Cherry Tree with Cherries

Stella Cherry Trees are a unique cherry tree that produces an abundance of fruit…even in its first year of growth. They also require little to no maintenance once they are established and can add a variety of colors to your outdoor space. These trees are usually small and compact and even come in a dwarf variety to fit the smallest of spaces.

Overall, the Stella Cherry tree is a great starter tree if you are looking to start your own fruit orchard or simply want some easily accessible fresh fruit. In this article, we will teach you how to grow your own Stella Cherry Tree successfully and tell you how exactly you can use your Stella Cherries in multiple ways. Read on to figure out to start growing your own Stella Cherry tree in no time.

What is a Stella Cherry Tree?

A dark red fruit that is resistant to cracking or splitting is exactly what you will find with a Stella Cherry. A Stella Cherry Tree is different from most fruit trees you see because of their small size, which makes them perfect for so many different areas of your yard.

Another amazing feature of the Stella Cherry Tree is that while they don’t require much space, they are also self-fertile and don’t need a second tree to pollinate. That means this cherry tree is small and quaint and will thrive in small spaces or a larger backyard garden, and are self-fertile.

The long four-inch green leaves create a beautiful scene in your yard throughout the year and will be a stark contrast to the other trees you have scattered throughout your backyard. As spring comes, the Stella Cherry will become blanketed with white showy flowers that create the most beautiful scene in your outdoor space.

Besides the bright green leaves that cover these plants throughout the year and the showy flowers, the Stella Cherry Tree is painted with yellow leaves in the fall months. Stella Cherry Trees offer you year-round color and plenty of fresh produce right out your backdoor.

What does a Stella Cherry Taste Like?

A Stella Cherry(Prunus Avium) offers you and your family sweet fruits that you can snack right off of the tree. Juicy and sweet fruit is one of Stella Cherrys selling points that makes it a keeper for many of those that have backyard gardens.

While many people love the opportunity to walk out their backdoor and grab fresh fruit, it is important to remember that animals love fresh fruit as well. When the cherries are ripe, birds and other animals will gravitate towards your fruit tree and can truly make a dent in the fruit that is available. Taking time.

You can expect to pick a ton of ripe cherry fruits in June or July, and Stella Sweet Cherry trees may provide you fruit even after their first year of growth. It is very rare to have fruit in the first year of any fruit tree’s growth, so to have Stella Cherrys cultivated to be able to do is truly incredible.

Large red heart-shaped cherries are truly a beautiful sight and a great snack at any time of day.

Stella Cherries

How to Grow Stella Cherry Trees?

Once you plant your Stella Cherry Tree, you can expect to have fruit in between one to four years, and when it starts producing, it will continue to produce year after year. Stella Cherry Trees grow best in hardiness zones 5-9, allowing them to grow well in a variety of areas all over the country. Because of their wide growing area, Stella Cherry Trees can thrive throughout most of the United States with ease, making them a great choice for many.

Traditional Stella Cherry Trees can grow up to thirty feet tall, so choosing a wide-open space for your tree to have enough space to grow without being overcrowded. If you are short on space, there are also varieties of Stella Cherry Trees that are considered dwarf cherry trees. Semi-Dwarf Stella Cherry Trees only grow to be about eighteen feet tall, so they are an optimal choice if you are having a hard time finding space for a fruit tree.

The most important step you can take if you have decided you want to plant a Stella Cherry Tree is site selection. Choosing the space you want to plant your cherry tree is crucial to the health and longevity of your Stella Cherry Tree. Your planting site is crucial because once your cherry tree is established, it will be hard to move.

Stella Cherry trees are able to adapt to a ton of environments, but they thrive on well-draining soil in full to partial sun. When choosing a site, always remember how large a traditional Stella Cherry tree can grow to be. Also, remember that once you plant your cherry tree, it will take a few years to become established, and from there, you won’t be able to move it.

Taking the time to pick the perfect spot is crucial for having a strong, healthy Stella Cherry Tree. Once your tree is established, it will require little maintenance every year and will continue to provide you with delicious fresh fruit. Stella Cherry Trees do not require pruning and grow well in many environments.

Stella Cherries on a Tree

How to Use a Stella Cherry?

Besides eating a Stella Cherry straight off of the tree when it is ripe and juicy in the summer months, there are several other ways to enjoy this amazing tree. Stella Cherries are an incredible addition to any canners pantry where you can take time to can the fruit to enjoy all year as preserves and jellies. You can also freeze Stella Cherries to add them to baking goods later or to add flavor to any dish.

Because of Stella Cherry’s small size, they are great to have anywhere around your home without causing any issues. Stella Cherry Trees are a perfect accent to your outdoor dining space, where you can grab some fresh cherries right from your back porch or your home garden. They are also great as a border tree, especially the dwarf variety because they don’t take up much room. People will gawk as they pass by and see your cherry tree thriving in Spring as the white flower clusters are the perfect accent against your home.

Also, Stella Cherries can be dried to snack on throughout the week and will ensure they last longer while still maintaining their great cherry flavor.

Stella Cherry


Where to Buy a Stella Cherry Tree?

Because of their ease of growth and little to no maintenance, Stella Cherry Trees are very popular all over the country. Many nurseries will carry Stella Cherry Trees but can run out fast because of their popularity. Instead of spending hours searching for a Stella Cherry tree, simply go online and get one delivered right to your doorstep.

Adding a Stella Cherry Tree to your shopping cart makes starting your backyard orchard a breeze. Many times you will be sent a bare root tree that will have a root ball that is added to nutrient-dense soil.

Are Stella Cherries Sweet or Sour?

Stella cherries are a sweet cherry that many people enjoy simply snacking on, while others add them to baked goods to enjoy a little added sweetness to any dish.

Does a Stella Cherry Tree Need a Pollinator?

No, unlike many fruit trees, a Stella Cherry Tree does not need a pollinator because it is self-fertile. It is wise to know, though, that the more cherry trees you plant, the higher your crop will be. It is advisable to consider how you will use the cherries before planting several, or you will have an abundance of cherries on your hand.


Sometimes it is so hard to know where to start when it comes to planting fruit trees in your backyard and which type to start with first. One great beginner fruit tree is the Stella Cherry tree. The Stella Cherry Tree is a great beginner or expert tree because of how quickly it can produce fruit and how little space it needs to thrive.

Also, a Stella Cherry tree(Prunus Avium) not only provides convenience with little to no maintenance over the years, but it also provides a beautiful color and fresh sweet fruit. Bright white blossoms in the Spring will be followed by stunning heart-shaped fruit in the summer and yellow foliage in the fall. That means you can enjoy the addition of a Stella Cherry Tree to your yard all year long.

Stella Cherries are delicious fresh off the tree and can also be frozen, dried, or added to a variety of dishes such as baked goods. Remember that you are not the only ones that love these fresh cherries and to always take the time to protect your fruit from birds and other animals who love to snack on Stella Cherries. Overall, having a Stella Cherry tree in your yard will greatly benefit you in a variety of ways.

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Tuesday 30th of May 2023

I work at a place that gets in bare root fruit trees and we have to pot them. Well we have one Stella left, it is alive and green, but it isn't producing any leaves. I'm hoping you can shed some insight as to why this is happening? We are located in Carrollton, Ga zone 7b. Thank you in advance.


Wednesday 31st of May 2023

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