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All About Slenderette Bush Beans

If you are on the hunt for a green bean variety that can be grown right in your backyard, producing an early bumper crop, look no further than Slenderette Bush Beans! This tasty, juicy, hardy bean will make a perfect addition to all your seasonal meals as well as a great storage component for future dishes.

Closeup of green bush bean pods, similar to slenderette bush beans.

Read on to learn all about Slenderette Bush Beans!

Characteristics of Slenderette Bush Beans

There are a few characteristics of Slenderette Bush Beans that give them such a wide appeal amidst the vast array of contesting bean varieties.

Perhaps chief among these factors is that this particular variety of beans is notoriously tender and crunchy, with no presence of hard tips or fibrous bits. This makes them especially appealing to those who struggle with the texture of fibrous bean varieties. They can also require less preparation work before cooking and serving for these reasons.

Closeup of basket of long green bush beans.

Overall, you will typically find Slenderette Bush Beans to be bright green in hue, with a markedly crisp texture. The bean sprouts themselves are usually about 5 inches in length.

In terms of taste, this is another popularity mark for this delicious bean variety! As a whole, you will find that Slenderette Bush Beans are incredibly juicy and have a sweet flavor, which makes them ideal for pairing with countless savory dishes as a side.

Slenderette Bush Beans Specific

Eating Them

You might say that Slenderette Bush Beans are the ideal sort of bush beans for eating in all kinds of ways…and really, you would be right! There is no limit to how these versatile beans can be enjoyed. However, the largest appeal for eating Slenderette Bush Beans is definitely as a side dish, due to their thin composition and complimentary taste.

One of the best ways to prepare Slenderette Bush Beans is actually with minimal cooking. Simply steam up these tasty beans right off the bush, season with salt and pepper or your other seasonings of choice, slather in butter, and enjoy! This quick steaming method, combined with the notable tenderness of the beans when they are prepared this way, makes this a great option for cooking up a healthy snack for kiddos and adults alike to enjoy.

If you want to get fancy, though, Slenderette Bush Beans are an ideal participant in all kinds of fun preparatory methods! These beans do well in a stir fry dish, as well as holding up beautifully to blanching. They can also be marinated and even grilled, if you so desire!

For a real treat, try the recipe for the famous Szechuan Green Beans served at the Wild Ginger restaurant in Seattle. You’ll thank us later!

Closeup of a small wok of green bean and chicken meatball stir fry.
Green bean and chicken meatball stir fry.

This is also a variety of bush beans that holds up very well to freezing. That makes them quite ideal all around, as the plants these tasty green beans come from typically produce a bumper crop that will need harvesting every 2 to 3 days to encourage continuous growth!

If you find yourself overwhelmed with the number of beans you have to go through, simply freeze them and use them later like you would any frozen vegetables from the grocery store.

With just a bit of effort and some imagination, Slenderette Bush Beans can truly be a fantastic side dish component to fancy up any meal.

Health Benefits

There are several health benefits found in Slenderette Bush Beans, similar to other varieties of green beans.

One marked health component of these beans is that they are known to be high in dietary fiber, which helps with the regulation of many bodily systems, including bowel movements and cholesterol levels. Fiber also assists in the retention of healthy hair, skin, and nails.

Closeup of bright green bush beans.

In addition, Slenderette Bush Beans provide a real powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients, including Vitamin K—which helps with bone health—and vitamins A and C, which have fantastic antioxidant properties. These will help reduce inflammation throughout the body and keep you feeling your best.

Other health benefits offered up in every serving of Slenderette Bush Beans include natural diuretics which help promote urinary tract health; metabolic boosters that can assist in balancing energy levels and overall wellness; the reduction of risk or certain cancers, heart disease, and other chronic illnesses; and much more.

Growing At Home

Slenderette Bush Beans are not only tasty and easy to cook right from the bush…but best of all, they can be grown easily at home! They are also resistant to a few diseases that commonly plague these sorts of bean varieties, such as Bean Mosaic Virus, Curly Top Virus, and Powdery Mildew.

One of the great appeals to planting this variety of beans is that they begin to produce and ripen quite early in the season as compared to some other green bean varieties. If tended properly, they will also continue this production cycle likely for a good portion of the season. This need for tending and frequent harvesting does make growing them a moderate task as opposed to an easy one, but the benefits are well worth it.

Rows of bush bean plants.

For optimal growing, your seeds should be planted in the ground after all threat of frost has passed. Ideally, ground temperature at the time of planting should consistently be at 65 degrees Fahrenheit or above, as this variety of beans really thrives in warmer soil.

This breed of bean plant requires 6 hours or more of direct sunlight each day, and will do its best when the outdoor air temperature is between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. These beans require moderate amounts of even watering, especially when flowering, as dry soil can lead to stringy and even inedible bean pods.

These bush beans also require moderate feeding, but one must be careful not to add too much nitrogen to the soil when feeding and fertilizing. This can delay growth. Instead, fertilizing every couple of months is recommended, with feeding happening biweekly with an organic emulsion or specific bean plant feed.

Finally, be aware that while Slenderette Bush Beans do grow well in large or small gardens, they will not flourish in containers.

Where To Buy The Slenderette Bush Beans

When preparing to grow Slenderette Bush Beans of your own, it is always recommended to source locally when possible. Check your nearby nurseries, lawn and garden centers, farmstands, etc. for Slenderette Bush Bean seeds before planting season kicks off.

However, if you prefer to source online, there are a few reputable seed sellers you can purchase from. Consider buying your Slenderette Bush Bean seeds from one of our favorites!

Wrapping up Slenderette Bush Beans

Closeup of green bush bean pod.

Excited to grow your own Slenderette Bush Beans? Make sure you’re prepared!

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