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11 Shed Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Outdoor sheds are the unsung heroes of our home. Old lawnmower? Toss it in the shed. Broken Christmas lights you thought you had time to fix? Shed. Gardening tools that sat out in the rain one too many times? You see where we are going with this. Although our backyard sheds are often unorganized and cluttered, they really can provide excellent storage space.

In this article, we will explore innovative tips for maximizing storage space in your shed, helping you make the most of it and transform it into a well-organized haven for your belongings.

shed storage ideas

Shed Storage Ideas To Clear The Clutter

1. Customize Your Space

Sheds are just a blank canvas for you to add in shelving, bins, racks, or anything that can help keep your items in order. That being said, don’t be afraid to customize your shed. Here’s what to use:

2. Right Sized Bins and Boxes

Shed sizes can differ, but the majority only offer a small space. This is why finding the right-sized organizational tools is so vital. You can use many items, including:

3. Utilize All Wall Space

Some sheds can offer little room for more oversized items such as camping gear or sporting equipment. This is when you need to think outside the box and claim up some of that open wall space.

Doing this shed storage idea, you’ll also free up much-needed floor space for things that cannot hang, such as your lawnmower or patio furniture. So, how do you utilize that wall space?

  • Install Sturdy Hooks For Hanging Items
  • Mount Brackets For Bicycles
  • Hang Frequently Used Equipment or Tools

4. Create A Mini Shed For Your Favorite Hobby

If you have a small space to work with or a smaller-than-average shed, turn it into the catch-all space for your favorite hobby! This way, once you have finished a task or have done some work on a project, whether gardening, woodworking, or even mechanics, you have an organized space where all your supplies go.

You can keep this shed nicely organized by:

  • Only Keeping Items For Said Hobby
  • Keeping The Space Free Of Garbage
  • Picking The Right Organizational Tools. Examples: Tool Boxes, Gardening Tool Racks, Plastic Bins, etc.

5. Invest In Tool Racks

One of the fastest and easiest ways to organize that outdoor shed and maximize your space is by purchasing tool racks. With so many styles and sizes for sale, you will surely find a rack that can fit whatever you need for an easy shed storage idea.

Just ensure they are durable enough to last; some are cheaply made, and the plastic breaks easily. Tool racks you should look into:

6. DIY Shelving To Fix Your Workflow

Don’t be afraid to bust out the power tools and use some of those old two-by-fours lying around the garage and build some easy-flowing custom shelving. Sometimes, we can only maximize shed space by putting a personal touch on it.

Perks of DIY storage shelving:

  • Cost Effective
  • Custom Adjustability
  • Recycle Old Furniture

7. Think Vertical

Small sheds can bring on a bit of a challenge when trying to store larger items. This is when it’s time to get creative with your storage ideas. When clearing out the shed to organize, think vertically. What items can hang versus what needs floor space? Try these ideas:

  • Hang Bikes Vertically
  • Hang Up Planter Pots
  • Mount Small Hooks For Other Small Items

8. Build Custom Tool Holders

If you have the tools, why now build your customized holders? Creating a perfectly sized tool holder can save you much shed storage space. Now you have extra space to mount more shelving, brackets, or tool racks!

Why DIY Tool Holders:

  • Cost Effective
  • Custom Look That Perfectly Fits Your Tools
  • Ease Of Use, Keeps Everything Within Arms Reach

9. Think Outside The Box (Shed)

There may be a few circumstances where your inside shed storage options are maxed out. But instead of getting stressed out, try thinking outside the box or shed! You can easily create a space outside the shed to house some of your favorite gardening or woodworking projects.

Try these creative outdoor storage ideas:

10. Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle

When looking for the perfect way to organize your shed on a budget, reuse old furniture. It gives your shed a bit of an upgrade, and it is easier to get a hold of giving all your items a home.

Old dressers or buffet tables are perfect as their multiple drawers can aid you in your shed organization. Start small:

  • Organized Vegetable And Flower Seeds
  • Organized Cords, Holiday Lighting, And Bulbs
  • Organize Kids Toys
  • Have a Place For All Tools

11. Utilize Any And All Shed Storage Space

The last shed storage idea may sound simple, but the idea is to use the space provided as functionally as possible. Maximize your space by applying the above ideas to make the most of a small space. Try these storage ideas:

  • Add Peg Board Storage on Unused Wall Space
  • DIY Shelving And Custom Floor Plans
  • Vertical Storage

Wrapping Up 11 Shed Storage Ideas

Organizing shed storage can be challenging, but with these helpful tips, you can bring more order to your shed, creating additional space and reducing the frustration of searching for items. This will make it easier to find things and turn your shed into a more organized and efficient space.

Check out our blogs for more organization tips and gardening tools to simplify your life and space.