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The 9 Best Pumpkin Patches in Rhode Island

One of the absolute staples of the fall season for folks and families all over is that annual visit—or several!—to a pumpkin patch. Nothing beats running around in the crisp fall air, maybe sipping on some cider or cocoa or crunching a delicious candy apple or bag of caramel popcorn, all while you search for that perfect pumpkin for making your favorite seasonal dishes or decorating your festive autumn décor.

A pile of mini pumpkins,

If you’re on the hunt for a Rhode Island pumpkin patch to visit where you are sure to have a truly unforgettable autumn adventure, we’ve got you covered! Read on for our top picks of the best pumpkin patches in Rhode Island, based on regions of the state.

The 9 Best Pumpkin Patches in Rhode Island

While Rhode Island may be a small state, you’ll still need to plan your pumpkin outing and make sure you find the pumpkin patch that is the best fit. We’ve helped by organizing our list of Rhode Island pumpkin patches by regions within the state. That way, you can easily find a pumpkin patch near you!

Best Northern Rhode Island Pumpkin Patches

Three carved jack-o-lantern pumpkins -- a prime reason to visit pumpkin patches in Rhode Island!

Barden Family Orchard

North Scituate, Rhode Island

If you’re looking for one of the best pumpkin patches in Rhode Island that puts family first in the pumpkin patch visit experience as well as in how they run the farm itself, then Barden Family Orchard in North Scituate is the place for you!

Offering plenty of fruit picking options year-round, and with a beautiful farm market to boot, Barden Family Orchard is a favorite in the northern Rhode Island area for meeting your pumpkin patch needs! This location, which has been serving the North Scituate locale for nearly a hundred years, is open every day of the week from the beginning of August through the end of October.

No matter when you want to get started on picking your pumpkins, decorating for fall, carving Jack O Lanterns, baking pumpkin dishes and more, you can be sure to find a fresh pumpkin to pick out and meet your needs at Barden Family Orchard.

Confreda Greenhouses & Farms

Providence, Rhode Island

Located in the Hope district of Providence, Rhode Island, Confreda Greenhouses & Farms is a beloved favorite for pumpkin pickers and is rightly considered to be one of the best pumpkin patches in Rhode Island for an abundance of reasons!

Not only is this a phenomenal location to do your annual pumpkin picking, but there is also plenty more fun to be had at Confreda, too! You definitely will not want to miss the annual fall fest at Confreda, where you can enjoy delicious food and family fun including a gorgeous fall hayride.

When it comes to pumpkin picking, Confreda is one of the best “picks” around! The pumpkins here are well-known for lasting the entire season without rotting, and with great prices and a fun pumpkin picking experience awaiting, it’s really no wonder Confreda is said to be among the best pumpkin patches in Rhode Island.

Jaswell’s Farm

Smithfield, Rhode Island

Pumpkins, apples, blueberries, and more—these are the kinds of produce items you can pick in season at Jaswell’s Farm in Smithfield, Rhode Island! Ranked among the best pumpkin patches in Rhode Island due to its rustic beauty and bevy of options, Jaswell’s Farm offers a great pumpkin picking experience with pumpkins that are fantastic for carving or eating in whatever way you like best.

In addition to being one of the best pumpkin patches in Rhode Island, Jaswell’s Farm has other amenities that make it just a wonderful and memorable pumpkin patch to visit!

The Jaswell’s Farm store has that beautiful, homey feeling you just can’t get enough of, and they sell a variety of unique items including farm-fresh produce, candied apples, savory and sweet baked goods, pantry items, ice cream, and donuts—all of which can be ordered at their online store and picked up right at the farm!

Best Central Rhode Island Pumpkin Patches

A large pumpkin patch with assorted sizes of pumpkins and gourds.

Cucumber Hill Farm

Foster, Rhode Island

If you’re hoping for a pumpkin picking experience at one of the best pumpkin patches in Rhode Island with lots of activities the whole family can enjoy, then you will certainly want to pay a visit to Cucumber Hill Farm! Located in Foster, Rhode Island, this farm has a lot more than just pumpkin picking to enjoy; your family can indulge in a hayride, a pony ride, a flashlight maze, and even some supervised axe throwing!

But of course, the star of the autumnal show at Cucumber Hill Farm is their pick-your-own-pumpkin pumpkin patch! Explore the fields of ripe gourds and hunt down the perfect pumpkin—small, medium, or large—that suits your needs! Or, if you prefer a more straightforward pumpkin patch experience, there are prepicked pumpkins available at the barn that you can purchase during your visit.

However you prefer to spend your pumpkin patch visit, you are sure to find something to enjoy at Cucumber Hill Farm!

Dame Farm and Orchard

Johnston, Rhode Island

One of the best pumpkin patches in Rhode Island that is as elegant as its name, Dame Farm and Orchards in Johnston, Rhode Island offers some fantastic produce that is much loved for its generational familiarity in the Johnston area and a farm-fresh quality that just can’t be beat!

At Dame Farm and Orchard, you can enjoy some in-season pumpkin picking in a farm setting with high standards, which ensures that the farm and those visiting it remain safe and enjoy the best time possible!

If you’re looking for a pumpkin patch to visit where you can be certain that your family will enjoy a safe and well-monitored experience, you will definitely want to pay a visit to Dame Farm and Orchard!

Salisbury Farm

Johnston, Rhode Island

Another of the best pumpkin patches in Rhode Island and particularly in the Johnston area is Salisbury Farm! There is so much to do at Salisbury Farm when you come for some pumpkin picking; you may also want to check out the 5 acres of corn maze or browse the decorative fall items available in the farm store.

You can also host a team exercise, birthday party, or school field trip to Salisbury Farm as well! Whether you are looking to plan a solo visit, drop by with family and friends, or bring along your work crew or a gaggle of kiddos in full celebration mode, there is certainly something everyone can enjoy at Salisbury Farm.

This is a pumpkin patch experience that folks in the central Rhode Island area will not want to miss!

Best Southern Rhode Island Pumpkin Patches

A boy at a pumpkin patch or pumpkin farm.

Carpenter’s Farm

Wakefield, Rhode Island

With 5 generations of serving the southern Rhode Island area under their belts, it is truly no wonder at all why Carpenter’s Farm is considered one of the best pumpkin patches in Rhode Island! Located near the Wakefield, Matunuck area of Rhode Island, Carpenter’s Farm provides a dedicated and lovely pumpkin patch experience in season!

Not only is this a great pumpkin patch to visit for your pumpkin picking needs, but it is also a great resource for all your farm-to-table needs! From fresh produce to pastured eggs, beef and pork, and so much more, if you are on the hunt for fresh and delicious food of all kinds, then you will want to drop in at Carpenter’s Farm for more than just their delightful pumpkin patch!

This is a farm you will want to visit again and again, throughout the autumn season and beyond.

Escobar’s Highland Farm

Portsmouth, Rhode Island

When you visit Escobar’s Highland Farm in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, on your hunt for the best pumpkin patches in Rhode Island, you will quickly learn why this one ranks high on many folks’ lists!

Escobar’s Highland Farm offers more than just a fantastic pumpkin picking adventure; there are lots of fun days hosted on this farm, including Harry Potter Day, hayrides to enjoy, space for birthday parties and other celebrations, and more!

And that’s still not all! Escobar’s Highland Farm also offers mouthwatering pumpkin recipes on their website to help you make the most of the pumpkins you pick there, divulging family recipes that are sure to become a staple in your household as well!

If you are looking for a pumpkin patch experience that will be truly unforgettable, then Escobar’s Highland Farm is the place to visit!

Sweet Berry Farm

Middletown, Rhode Island

A location as darling and memorable as its name, Sweet Berry Farm in Middletown, Rhode Island is inarguably one of the best pumpkin patches in Rhode Island…and one of the best picks to close out our list!

Here at Sweet Berry Farm, you will find a wonderful pick-your-own-pumpkin pumpkin patch and some truly glorious orchard settings.

If you find yourself wanting to immortalize this beautiful location in your life…well, why not plan a wedding or other life event here? That’s right, Sweet Berry Farm offers wedding and event planning!

In addition, they also have a delicious market and café right on site, so you don’t have to worry about hungry bellies putting a swift and premature end to your planned day of pumpkin picking. Your whole family can enjoy some of the food at the market—such as sandwiches and ice cream!—and then head right back out to search for the perfect pumpkins for your pies, soups, Jack O Lantern carving, decoration, or whatever else your pumpkin needs may be.

One thing is for sure…whatever you are looking to get out of your visit to a pumpkin patch, Sweet Berry Farm can deliver that and so much more!

Which Rhode Island Pumpkin Patch Will You Visit?

A pumpkin on the ground among the leaves at sunset.

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