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Nystrom Orchard

Few things say ‘fall’ quite like a trip to a Worthington Apple Orchard. From the crisp autumn air to the tasty seasonal treats, a visit to Nystrom Orchard is likely to be an experience that you look forward to year after year. In fact, many families in the Worthington area make it a tradition of the season.

Variety of apples at Nystrom Orchard.
Choose from a wide variety of apples at Nystrom Orchard.

Nystrom Orchard is proud to be family-owned and operated for four generations. Nystrom’s stands out as a Worthington Orchard that offers a whole lot more than apples: did you know that you can also find honey, maple syrup, organic beef, and the best baked goods in the state here? There is a lot to see, do, and experience at this Worthington Apple Orchard- consider a visit today!

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The Apples

As for the apples, come and pick your own or pick up a bag to take home; from Sweet Tangos to Connell Reds, Nystrom Orchard grows around 15 varieties, perfect for cooking, freezing, saucing, and, of course, eating!

Apples are always picked at their peak of ripeness and the seasonal availability of specific types vary, so call or visit the orchard to learn more. Here are some of the apples grown at Nystrom Orchard:

  • Wealthy apples, which are perfect for making pie.
  • State Fair apples, which are delicious in sauces and baked goods.  
  • Zestar apples are firm and tasty, available before most varieties.
  • SweeTango apples are sweet, juicy, and available in late August.
  • Honeycrisp apples are a popular favorite, harvested in September.
  • Haralson apples are crisp and tart, widely available in early October.  
  • Fireside apples ripen late, typically in mid-October.
  • Sweet 16’s are found in early October and feature a unique anise flavor.
  • Cortland apples are a favorite for cooking and harvested in early October.
  • Regent apples have a tougher skin and are ready to harvest around Halloween time.  
  • Connell Reds are perfect for caramel or candied apples!
  • Jelly Crab apples are tart and unique.
  • Gala apples are small, sweet, and crisp. These are ideal snacking apples!

Don’t see the kind of apple that you are looking for? Call or text the orchard at (507)-291-2530 and we for assistance placing a special order for the apples you need!

Pies and Crisps

Fresh apple pie on wooden tablle.
Serve a warm homemade apple pie from Nystrom Orchard’s kitchen to your holiday table.

Since adding pies to the offerings in 2013, Nystrom Orchard’s has gained quite a reputation for its baked goods. Customers come from miles away to purchase the orchard pies and crisps, particularly the Dutch Apple pies, which are most popular during the holiday season. Baked with the orchard’s own apples, farm butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, and nutmeg, these pies are sold frozen during the holiday season so that consumers can bake and serve hot at home. Try a warm slice with vanilla ice cream or a thick slice of cheddar cheese for a show-stopping dessert, anytime!

Some other customer favorites include the apple crisps, which are also available in a gluten-free option, and Cortland chutney, which are both available to order online for pickup or local delivery in the region. 

Honey and Cider

Apple cider drinks on wooden board with sliced apples
Enjoy a refreshing glass of fresh apple cider.

Another sure-sign of the season is a cup of cold-pressed apple cider; is there anything better? The cider press at Nystrom Orchard is the same one that they have used for decades- and the cider is crafted with 100% Nystrom orchard apples, zero preservatives, zero additives, and unpasteurized, as it has always been. If you have never tried orchard cider before, you are in for a treat!

Also available in limited supply is the Orchard’s own honey. Nystrom Orchard raises bees which help to pollinate the apple trees each year. The result is small batches of locally harvested honey that rivals any in the region. Honey is offered at the orchard from harvest time in the fall until the close of the season, but don’t wait- the honey sells out fast!


Who would think of finding organic beef at an apple orchard? Well- it is a farm, after all, so Nystrom’s offers the highest quality of organic beef found. Plus, all the steaks, roasts, ribs, liver, and ground beef is hand-cut to order.

Special Events

Apples on apple tree branch.
Relax in the beautiful, country setting during a special event at Nystrom Orchard.

Nystroms’ also offers special event space rentals on-site; imagine having your special day at this amazing and unique venue. Come check it out at one of Nystrom Orchard’s Gourmet Tastings, offered twice a year in the Fall.

There are two distinct tastings available: one, a more informal sampling affair with gourmet nibbles and a full bar. The second is a sit-down meal in the apple shed on the property, with the owner sharing stories about the orchard. This latter tasting is a more intimate event limited to 20; seating sells-out fast, so reserve early if you plan to attend.  

Make a trip to a Worthington Apple Orchard an Autumnal tradition. Visit Nystrom Orchard! 

Plan your own trip to try the apples, sample syrup, pick a pumpkin, and taste some of the best baked goods around. Nystrom Orchard is fully licensed by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture, and we possess a valid retail and food permit.

Nystrom Orchard is located at:

30679 Quine Ave, Worthington MN 56187

(507) 291-2530

Open Monday through Friday 10-5, Saturdays 10-4, and Sundays 1-5 in-season.

If you can’t make it to the orchard in person, plan on checking out the online store for some of the orchard’s most popular options in-season. Call the orchard at (507) 291-2530 if you have questions regarding products or ordering.

After visiting Nystrom Orchard, please let us know about your visit. We’d love to hear from you!