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5 Important Facts About The Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon

Watermelons, watermelons, watermelons—you might think that there’s only one kind of watermelon to indulge in, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! There are many kinds of watermelon you can track down with a little work, and you might even find a new favorite among their ranks.

Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon

Let’s dive into one of these special watermelons that may just hook you forever: the Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon!

Characteristics of the Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon

Yellow watermelon

Let’s go over the appearance, taste, and traits of this beautiful melon!

Appearance of the Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon

The Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon is, of course, yellow—but the shade can vary from fruit to fruit. Sometimes you’ll cut one open and encounter a whitish-yellow, pale-looking fruit; other times, you’ll slice it up and find a truer yellow shade inside; and other times, you might even discover a bit of an orange-leaning hue!

As for the outside, you can expect the usual green rind with greenish-white stripe to be present. However, you might notice a more oblong shape than you’re used to. While still oval-shaped, the Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon is a bit longer and thinner in shape than most watermelons. You can also expect to find these fruits between 20-35 pounds or so.

Taste of the Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon

Similar to its color, the Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon’s name also includes a reference to its flavor: sweet! In fact, though watermelons are typically sweet to taste (if fairly mild), yellow watermelons are often said to have an even more sugary or honey-like hint to their flavor.

There’s no way you can take a bite of these melons and come out the other side displeased. This fragrant, honeyed flavor makes these watermelons great for snacking, of course, but it also makes them uniquely suited to use in recipes, as well. (We’ll talk more about that later!)

Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon Plant Traits

Like all watermelons, you want to be cautious of overwatering—these plants are prone to diseases caused by excess moisture such as powdery mildew, and though watermelons definitely require plenty of enough water to thrive, that water needs to be given carefully.

Most gardeners recommend utilizing drip irrigation to properly water your watermelons, so be sure to look into that if you plan on growing at home!

These melons prefer warm weather to grow their best; be sure to plant well past the final frost of the season. However, with a period of 90 days to reach maturity, make sure you also plant them far enough in advance of the first frost of the next season.

While this is usually not a worry, some regions get frost earlier than others, so keep an eye on what those dates may be for where you live!

Uses for the Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon

Yellow watermelon

Let’s take a look at the vast variety of uses for this particular yellow watermelon, and what you can do to utilize this fruit to its full potential!


Of course, snacking is the first and most obvious choice for these beautiful melons.

Watermelon makes for the perfect classic summer snack regardless of which watermelon you choose, but the Mountain Sweet Yellow is an especially great pick because of its notoriously pleasant flavor. It’s sure to be a crowd-pleaser regardless of what kind of function you choose to serve it at, with adults and kids alike!

You can even mix this yellow watermelon with red and orange varieties to create a colorful array of watermelon cubes with slightly different flavors to surprise and delight your guests.


Watermelon desserts are always refreshing and light on the palate, which makes them the perfect choice for summer event catering. Between icy sorbets, fruit kabobs, kid-approved watermelon popsicles, and maybe even a bowl of watermelon pudding (yes, it’s a real thing!), you can fill an entire dessert table with watermelon-themed treats if you so choose (though, you might want to limit it to one or two, just to keep from overwhelming your guests).


Watermelon doesn’t only make for great desserts and snacks; you can also quench your thirst with watermelon drinks! Watermelon juice is the obvious pick here, but you can also use it to add a bit of extra fruit flavor to your lemonade, or—if you’re looking for a more adult beverage to add some tropical flair to—you can make a juicy watermelon cocktail for your next summer evening party!

When is the Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon in season?

Yellow watermelon

As mentioned earlier, the Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon is ready to harvest about 90 days after planting, so you’ll generally see it coming into season around midsummer or early fall depending on when you got the plants in the ground.

To find out when a watermelon is ripe, keep an eye on the bottom of the fruit. If a watermelon is ripe, you’ll find that the section that usually sits on the ground has turned light yellow.

You can also check the hardness of the rind; if you can’t easily push your nail through the surface of it, that’s another sign your melon is ready for harvesting!

Where is the Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon Grown?

Yellow watermelon

You can grow Mountain Sweet Yellow watermelons just about anywhere, as long as your warm seasons offer enough time for them to reach maturity.

If you live in an area without warm summers, or an area that doesn’t have as long of a warm season, these fruits aren’t likely to thrive. But as long as you have plenty of warm weather where you happen to live, you can grow these at home easily!

Where to Buy Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon Seeds

Yellow watermelon

My favorite pick for purchasing Mountain Sweet Yellow watermelon seeds online is True Leaf Market. You can go to this website to get beautiful Mountain Sweet Yellow seeds shipped straight to your door, no further hassle or effort for you!

Final Thoughts on the Mountain Sweet Yellow Watermelon

There are many melons out there in the world, but the Mountain Sweet Yellow watermelon is easily one of the most delicious among their ranks. If you’re planning to add a watermelon patch to your garden, you can’t go wrong picking these as one of the members of your new garden section!

If you need more information on watermelon types, watermelon growing, and anything else to do with these amazing fruits, check out our watermelon page now!