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The Impressive Mammoth Russian Sunflower

You’re probably wondering how the Mammoth Russian Sunflower got its unique name. Well, the answer to that is simple: their enormity conjures the image of mammoths, you know those huge, hulking beasts covered in thick, shaggy fur, lumbering through icy wastelands in packs.

Curious about these truly giant examples of sunflower-kind? Read on to learn everything you need to know about Mammoth Russian sunflowers!

mammoth russian sunflower

Characteristics of the Mammoth Russian Sunflower

The Mammoth Russian more than earns its name: while all sunflowers are pretty sizable compared to most other flowers, the Mammoth Russian outshines them all. These bright yellow blooms sport thick, slightly ragged petals that do bring to mind the shaggy coats of mammoths!

However, the irregular petals aren’t really the reason these sunflowers are named the way they are; the true reason is because of their mind-boggling size. The blooms themselves grow to be at least eight inches in diameter, and more commonly, they reach between 12 and 14 inches. That makes them bigger than your average dinner plate!

Not only are the blooms incredibly large, but these sunflowers can grow to truly shocking heights. While many sunflowers can grow to be between four and six feet tall, Mammoth Russian sunflowers can reach heights of up to 10 to 12 feet.

This makes them a popular choice for those who plant sunflower fields as a tourist attraction; after all, who doesn’t want to come to wander through a field of gorgeous flowers towering above their heads? It’s a wondrous experience, especially for kids; the flowers seem even more gigantic in their eyes.

A field of Mammoth Russian sunflowers might as well be a forest to a little kid.

russian mammoth sunflowers in the sun

More than most, the Mammoth Russian sunflower also shows off the “sun” part of its name. Between its ray-like yellow petals and huge golden centers, it better resembles the sun than many other varieties of sunflowers.

Sunflowers in general are easy to grow, but there are concerns that span across the flower species as a whole, and the Mammoth Russian is particularly susceptible to a few of them.

One of the biggest concerns when growing sunflowers is wind damage; because of their natural top-heavy tendencies, it’s easy for strong winds to snap stalks or sever the sunflower heads from the plant. Because of their particularly huge blooms, the Mammoth Russian needs to be carefully protected from wind damage.

The best way to protect your giant sunflowers from the wind is to attach supports of some kind. We suggest support stakes for your juvenile sunflowers.

You’ll also want to implement some pest control; in my own experience growing sunflowers, squirrels, and other rodents seem to enjoy sunflower seedlings as a snack. I suggest investing in squirrel repellant to keep these critters away from your garden!

Mammoth Russian Sunflower FAQ

Where can you buy this flower?

You’re not going to find these flowers in your average grocery store’s bouquet display, and if we’re being honest, it’s not likely that you’ll find them in your average florist’s shop, either.

You may be able to get them on special order, but the Mammoth Russian sunflower isn’t exactly sized for bouquet composition. It’s more of a garden staple or an upgrade to your curb appeal than anything else.

Of course, you certainly can add them to bouquets if that’s what your heart desires.

Just know that it’s either going to be an oversized bouquet in order to balance out the composition, or you’re only going to be able to include one Mammoth Russian amongst other flowers!

Can you grow it at home?

Mammoth sunflowers lined up on the road

You absolutely can grow the Mammoth Russian sunflower at home! In fact, this is a great way to cause your neighbors or other passersby to stop and admire your landscaping, though it might create a bit of garden envy!

Keep in mind that these plants are huge. Truly, truly huge. You’ll want to take the rest of your landscaping into consideration when deciding to plant a patch of Mammoth Russians; it can be easy to overwhelm the rest of your yard if you aren’t careful, especially if your outdoor space is small or more compact.

What are the benefits of growing at home?

The main benefit of growing at home is creating an eye-popping floral display in your yard! Imagine looking out your window and gazing into a sea of gorgeous, towering golden flowers. If your yard is a bit drab or dulls currently, this is an easy way to create a brilliant view for yourself, your guests, and any passersby.

You can direct sow these seeds wherever you like, but if you’re a little concerned and want to ensure your seedlings get to a good place before you turn them out to the mercy of the elements, they’ll do just as well if you decide to start them indoors before transplanting them.

This is also the way to go if you’re finding yourself a bit impatient and want to start your seeds before the final frost of the year. After all, the sooner you get these seedlings started, the sooner you’ll end up with beautiful blooms!

Where should you plant it?

As mentioned, the Mammoth Russian sunflower is susceptible to wind damage, so do your best to plant them in a place that doesn’t get buffeted with too much wind; however, they also require full sunlight, so you don’t want them to be shielded too fully.

It’s a difficult, delicate balance to strike, but once you find the proper place, you’re all set to go.

Also, keep your other garden plants in mind. These plants grow as tall as dwarf trees, which means they’ll block sunlight from your other plants that need it if you aren’t careful.

Where To Buy Mammoth Russian Sunflower Seeds

sunflower seed bed

Buying seeds online is always a bit risky; it’s difficult to be sure which seed providers are reputable, and you don’t want to end up with bad seeds. We recommend Hoss Tools as your Mammoth Russian sunflower seed provider.

Final Thoughts on the Mammoth Russian Sunflower

Ready to marvel at the host of gentle giants growing just outside your door? Pick up a pack of Mammoth Russian sunflower seeds and get growing!

If you want more information on sunflower care, sunflower varieties, and more, check out our sunflower page now!