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The Kinderkrisp Apple

Have you ever bitten into an apple and been disappointed when it doesn’t have that perfect crunch? Many people favor apples with a crisp and juicy bite, but sometimes it’s hard to know if you’ve picked the right one from the store.

If you’re familiar with this experience, the Kinderkrisp apple may be able to solve your problems. As its name suggests, this apple packs the crunch to please any fruit lover. Please keep reading to learn more about this unique variety, including what it looks like, where to buy it, and even how to grow your own.

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History of the Kinderkrisp Apple

This apple variety is a new breed that is native to the U.S. It was created in South Haven, Minnesota, and is a hybrid that was derived from the well-loved Honey Crisp Apple.

The Kinderkrisp apple was developed for its hardiness, allowing it to last through the cold Minnesota winters. They also ripen faster than the Honey Crisp and can keep in the fridge for extended periods.


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The Kinderkrisp is a dainty apple with a firm exterior and marigold-colored interior. Its skin is mostly red but is often marbled with bands of yellow and gold. They’re known for their vibrance and beauty, which only adds to their charm.


These apples are relatively small when compared to most other apple varieties. They’re about 2.25 inches in diameter, making them a lovably light snack, especially for kids.

How They Taste

Although they’re small in size, their flavor packs quite the punch. The Kinderkrisp apple is known for its deliciously sweet flavor that resembles that of a Honey Crisp, as well as their perfect level of juiciness.

Health Benefits

As we all know, apples are incredibly healthy fruits (hence the famous phrase about an apple a day…). These fruits are incredibly rich in fiber and antioxidants, and eating them has been linked to reducing the risk of some chronic diseases.

Their low calorie and high fiber content makes apples a great weight-loss supplement. Their micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals are gut-health-friendly and can improve brain function. These fruits also contain significant amounts of vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K, and B vitamins.

For a full description of how good apples are for you, take a look at our post all about the health benefits of apples.

Ways to Enjoy

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Baked into Dessert

There is no better way to use your Kinderkrisp apple than to make an old-fashioned apple crisp. The sweetness of this variety is perfectly elevated by using lemon juice and other ingredients.

This dessert is guaranteed to please any crowd when baked and combined with a sugary crumble topping (and topped with vanilla ice cream). You can even prepare this recipe ahead of time and heat it whenever you desire a delicious treat!

Freshly Sliced

The best way to enjoy Kindercrisp apples is straight from the tree. These apples are tasty when eaten individually as a snack or mixed in with other favorite recipes.

For example, using your Kinderkrisp apple in this Apple Chicken Salad will leave you with an ideal balance of salty and sweet flavors. Dice your fresh Kinderkrisp apples, celery, and pecans, mix with shredded chicken breast, and add your dressing. Full of flavor texture, this chicken salad is a must-try!

Buying This Fruit

Gala Apples perfect for the best apple crushers

Where to Buy

Luckily, Kinderkrisp apples are relatively easy to find at many commercial grocery stores. Stores that report selling this variety are Whole Foods, Aldi, and Walmart, to name a few.

Also, visit your nearby farmers’ markets for a local farm-to-table supply!

When to Buy

The best time to start buying Kinderkrisp apples is in late August. Because this apple variety is newly developed, it was made to be an exceptionally good ‘early apple’. This means its harvest season begins well before other varieties, and they also last longer.

Growing Your Own

Growing your apple tree can be a fun and exciting project that yields lots of rewards. This process is simple enough for any home grower to enjoy, regardless of your experience.

In the following sections, we’ve highlighted some important information to get you started on your growing journey. For more detailed instructions, check out our post about How to Plant Apple Trees.


Apple trees can withstand various soil types, as long as they have enough water and drainage. However, Kinderkrisp apple trees succeed most when planted in well-drained loamy soils. The soil should also have a pH ranging from 6.0 to 7.0.


Choose a sunny spot when choosing where to plant your Kinderkrisp apple tree. These trees thrive in full sunlight, meaning they have access to at least eight hours of direct sunlight, per day.

Care Tips

Most apple trees don’t need much watering unless they’re grown in an area that doesn’t get much rainfall or has excessively warm temperatures. It’s also important to note that Kinderkrisp apples must be cross-pollinated with a crabapple or other apple tree to yield any fruit.

For more information on how to care for your tree, review our post on Apple Tree Care to maximize your tree’s success.


Kinderkrisp apples are usually ripe enough for harvest starting in late August. Don’t be scared off by their small size; these apples are known for their miniature shape and early harvest.

Sometimes it’s hard to know the right time to pick apples, but luckily our post has some tips and information to help you maximize your harvest’s success.

Buying Trees

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The Apple With a Crunch

The Kinderkrisp apple is a new and unique variety that is guaranteed to please any apple lover. These fruits may be small, but they sure are mighty.

With a crisp and juicy crunch, an easy growing process, and so much flavor, add these fruits to your shopping list.

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