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How to Create a Haunted Orchard for Halloween

For some people, the return of pumpkin spice is the best part of fall. For others, it’s Halloween! If you love all things scary, this season is the perfect excuse to make everything haunted.

Read on to learn how to transform your fall orchard into a spooky, haunted woods.

You’ll find decorating inspiration plus tips and tricks for creating some of the looks in your own haunted orchard. From fun new trends to classic Halloween elements, this list is sure to have something to make your orchard extra scary this Halloween.

haunted orchard

Haunted Orchard Ideas

1. Halloween Signs

Hanging up a few signs is a quick and easy way to create a spooky feeling in the orchard.

These Halloween signs can be hung together near the front of the orchard as a warning, or placed throughout the trees to create a spooky trail.

If you have the time, it’s easy to make your own signs using old pieces of scrap wood and red or black paint. The more rustic the wood, the better!

2. A Creepy Scarecrow

This extra-scary scarecrow is perfect for welcoming visitors to your haunted orchard. All you need are some branches or scrap wood for the frame, some old burlap, and something to use as the head.

Shred the burlap to give it a creepy look, or drape it over the frame to keep things simple.

For the head, a scary jack-o-lantern like the one in the picture works perfectly. To make it even scarier, go with a creepy scarecrow mask

3. Jack-o-Lantern Path

A trail of scary pumpkins is a fun way to lead your guests to the haunted orchard. You can use real, carved pumpkins or plastic ones to save time.

Mix in some friendly-looking jack-o-lanterns to make it more of a fun spooky orchard rather than a creepy, scary one.

4. Halloween Photo Op

People love taking fall photos with a pretty backdrop. Take the classic fall scene and make it haunted by adding Halloween elements like a skeleton, cobwebs, and bats.

You can make an elaborate display with seating, pumpkins, and all the spooky accessories, or get a haunted backdrop to make it quick and easy. Put a few hay bales in front for people to sit on and you’ll be all set.

If you run your orchard as a business, include a sign with the orchard name at the back of the photo display. When people post their photos online, the names will be clearly visible, and it’s great advertising for your business!

5. Hanging Jack-o-lanterns

All the trees in the orchard are perfect for hanging different kinds of decorations. Jack-o-lanterns are a natural choice. Bats look dark and spooky, especially when they’re blowing in the breeze.

Ghosts can be either creepy-scary or fun-scary, depending on which ones you go with!

6. Using Lights

Lights can be used strategically in many different ways to decorate a haunted orchard.

Use Halloween-colored lights in purple, orange, or green to illuminate the space and give the orchard an eerie feel. Lights can be wrapped around trees, like in the photo above, or strung from tree to tree.

Spotlights and strobe lights are good for creating a spooky atmosphere among the trees. Spread them throughout the orchard or use them to highlight scary scenes.

Lights with creepy shapes like spiders or ghosts are a lot of fun too.

7. Giant Skeleton

Giant skeletons are all the rage in Halloween decor!

You can decorate your skeleton to be a friendly farmer by giving him a straw hat and an orchard basket. Or, to make it more scary, give him some creepy accessories like a bloody ax and a chainsaw instead.

8. Headless Horseman

The Headless Horseman is a not-so-friendly greeter to welcome your guests to the haunted orchard.

You can create this look yourself with an old black suit or a headless horseman costume. Stuff the suit or costume with straw to keep it upright, or use a scarecrow underneath.

If you don’t have an old wagon to use, skip that part and set your headless horseman on a bench or some hay bales.

9. Chicken Wire Ghosts

These pieces look like a work of art but in the dark, they’re super creepy.

To create this look in your own spooky orchard, shape old chicken wire into a basic human shape with a head, torso, arms, and legs. If you have artistic talents, you can get creative and make your ghosts more detailed.

To keep it really simple, try making a classic sheet ghost shape. It will still look creepy when your guests encounter it out in the haunted orchard!

10. Friendly Witches

Black fabric witches holding hands create a sweetly spooky display that looks almost friendly!

To recreate this look, take some scarecrows and cover them up with black fabric. To create a ghost-like appearance, use black tulle as the top layer.

Add some black witch hats to finish off the look.

11. Trying to Get Out

This spooky decoration is so simple but makes a big statement!

All you need is an old pallet (bonus points if it’s broken) and some skeleton pieces.

Painting it black adds to the haunted look, but you don’t need to. A plain old broken pallet would look just as creepy. As an alternative, smear on some fake blood to take it up a notch.

12. Graveyard Ghosts

With gravestones at the bottom and scary creatures at the top, these trees definitely take on a haunted flair.

Hanging ghosts are quick and easy to put up in orchard trees. Stretch some cobwebs around the trees underneath the ghosts, or just leave some creepy gravestones at the bottom.

You could even hang the ghosts low so they look like they’re coming up out of the gravestones. That would make for an extra-creepy haunted orchard!

13. Just the Cobwebs

This last spooky orchard idea keeps it simple with fake cobwebs.

These gauzy webs are inexpensive and easy to drape over trees. With minimal effort, you can create a large section of haunted woods.

If you don’t want to use a ladder, drape the webs around just the trunks and low-hanging branches.

If you have some bird netting around the orchard, you can use that to create a spooky look too.

How to Create a Haunted Orchard of Your Own

Pumpkins on display at local Orchard in the Finger Lakes Region of New York.

Taking an orchard and turning it haunted can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. To keep things easy, go with inexpensive items that make a big impact, like lights, cobwebs, and simple props.

If you have the time and budget, go all out and create a full orchard haunting! Create scary scenes with lots of props, decorate all the trees, and incorporate as many ideas as you like. When it comes to Halloween, there’s no such thing as “too much”.

Decide How Scary You Want it to Be

One of the fun things about Halloween is that there’s something for everyone. You can make your orchard completely terrifying or make it more of a lighthearted haunting.

For an ultra-scary orchard, go with lots of blood, ghouls, and other creepy Halloween elements. To keep the haunt more mellow, pick friendly ghosts, smiling jack-o-lanterns, and similar items.

Set a Budget

Before getting started, it’s a good idea to set a budget. That way, you can be realistic about what you can afford, and you’ll be less likely to get carried away once you start shopping.

With a bit of creativity, you can create a spooky orchard no matter the size of your budget. Don’t let budget concerns deter you from big ideas. Think outside the box and you might be surprised what you come up with!

Use What you Already Have

With so many supplies needed to run a successful orchard, there are bound to be things you already have on hand that would work well for your haunting.

Things like wheelbarrows, farm tools, hay bales, and ladders can all be used in creative ways to create spooky decorations.

For example, do you have some tomato cages that you’re done with for the season? Try making ghosts out of them. It’s easy to do and doesn’t require many supplies.

Just turn a tomato cage upside down and throw an old white sheet over it. If you like, make it fancy by adding lights or drawing eyes on the front.

Purchase Supplies

After seeing what you already have on hand that might work, head to the store or shop online to pick out the perfect supplies to complete your haunted orchard.

Online retailers like Amazon and Etsy have all kinds of unique items you can use to create a picture-perfect haunt.


Once you have everything gathered, it’s time to start putting it together! Head out to the orchard and bring your ideas to life.

Time to Create a Haunted Orchard

Are you ready to break out the skeletons and cobwebs and create a spooky haunted orchard? Your guests are sure to appreciate the effort!

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