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13 Creative Halloween Flower Arrangements for Every Home

Decorating for Halloween is such a fun part of the season. Spooky skeletons, giant spiders, bright orange pumpkins- there’s so much to enjoy!

Flowers may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Halloween decorations, but don’t let that stop you. Halloween flower arrangements are easy to create and add something unique and beautiful to the typical Halloween decor.

Check out some of these Halloween-themed flowers to get some inspiration for a pretty and spooky Halloween. At the end, you’ll get some tips for creating your own creepy Halloween bouquet.

A floral arrangement in dark fall colors displaying in a smiling jack-o'-lantern. Halloween flower arrangements.

1. I Love You to Death

Nothing says I love you like a big bouquet of red roses. This classic bouquet gets a spooky makeover with Halloween elements like cobwebs, spiders, and parts of a skeleton.

The black tissue paper adds the perfect finishing touch, making this bouquet extra scary. Who says flowers are only for Valentine’s Day?

2. Shades of Purple with Black Bats

Purple and black is a classic color combination that works really well in this next Halloween flower arrangement.

Different shades of purple combine with touches of black to make a subtly spooky design that’s pretty too.

The addition of black bats keeps this bouquet firmly in the “Halloween” category.

3. Cobweb Bouquet

It’s easy to get a Halloween look when you add cobwebs.

Fall shades of orange and yellow create a lovely bouquet. A few black flowers added to the mix give the arrangement a hint of spookiness. The cobwebs take it even further and a few little bats and spiders finish off the look.

You can recreate this look for your own Halloween decor with a few plastic Halloween rings and fake spiderwebs.

4. Orange and Yellow with a Hint of Black

Halloween bouquets don’t have to be all dark and scary. Try creating a softer look with fall shades like gold, yellow, and orange.

This pretty autumn bouquet celebrates the season with large flowers in bright, cheery fall colors. The black mums give the arrangement a Halloween look without making it over the top.

A sprinkling of bright, friendly jack o’lanterns makes the overall look much more of a fun-scary than a creepy-scary.

5. Halloween Jars

Another friendly-looking display, this next arrangement surely won’t scare the kids!

Pretty flowers are divided into colorful Halloween jars. The resulting look is a cute kind of spooky that’s not scary at all.

It’s perfect for keeping your Halloween decor family-friendly. You could even use this for a classroom party or other event.

6. Pretty in Pink

How about a Halloween flower arrangement for someone who loves pink? Bright pink flowers, pink accessories, and even pink ribbons on the vase. There’s nothing subtle about this spooky-glam bouquet!

While pink doesn’t automatically scream Halloween on its own, the accessories are what make this bouquet transform. A glittery skull and pumpkins, cobweb ribbon, and black leaves give the arrangement a spooky feel.

7. Deep Colors

This flower arrangement is much more subtle. Rich, deep colors make these Halloween flowers look both mysterious and beautiful.

In this arrangement, no accessories are needed. The color is what makes this bouquet fit for Halloween decorating.

Deep orange roses are a classic Halloween shade that pairs perfectly with the black calla lilies. Green and burgundy balance the look, resulting in a rich color palette that’s classy and understated.

The black vase is a nice finishing touch. It makes the overall appearance feel even more like Halloween.

8. Spiders and Eyes

Unique flowers along with the Halloween-themed accessories create a whimsical look in this next design. The deep browns and sage greens are unexpected for a floral arrangement but it works really well in a Halloween bouquet.

Spooky accessories like a big black spider and bloody eyeballs leave no doubt that this is a Halloween-themed floral arrangement.

The orange Halloween ribbon peeking out at the bottom is the perfect finishing touch.

9. Witch’s Brew

An oversized martini glass for the vase is such a fun way to display a Halloween floral arrangement. The dark-colored “witch’s brew” liquid gives the pretty flowers a disturbing quality.

You could easily create this look at home by adding a bit of food coloring to the water. Just be aware that pale flowers can suck up that color and show it in their petals after a few days.

It’s not necessarily a bad thing. A bit of unnatural color could add to the whole look and make the bouquet even more creepy! But if you don’t want that to happen, use dark-colored flowers so the color won’t show through.

10. Skull Vases

These gorgeous flowers have an elegant flair. The varied textures work so well together, resulting in an interesting bouquet that makes you want to reach out and touch it.

The classic Halloween combination of purple, orange, and black is familiar but not at all cliche. Here the color scheme is used in an unexpected way with the pastel purple and soft orange.

Feathery stems give the whole look a softness that adds to its elegance. The shiny black skull vases are a harsh contrast to the delicate stems making it just the right amount of creepy.

11. Classy Halloween

Deep browns and blacks paired with bright cream and tan create a stunning floral arrangement for any Halloween display.

This look is rich and extravagant. The overflowing vase makes a big statement, without being overtly scary.

To make this look even more spooky. Add a few Halloween accessories or cover some of the flowers with fake cobwebs.

12. Black and White

A delicate black and white bouquet makes an understated Halloween decoration. This pretty arrangement would be easy to create at home with fresh white roses from the grocery store or local florist.

Shop for black floral stems online or at your favorite craft store. Add in a pop of green to keep the look subtle, or choose orange accents to add more color.

When you’re done, wrap the whole thing in black ribbon, or go with a Halloween-themed ribbon to finish off the look.

13. Thumbs-Up

It may be dead, but that doesn’t stop this skeleton from giving our last floral arrangement a big thumbs-up!

Gorgeous burgundy flowers pair with soft cotton stems and leaves in all different textures. Some are pointy, some are scaly, some are bumpy and some are soft.

Altogether the elements create a playful Halloween bouquet that’s sure to be a conversation starter!

How to Create Your Own Halloween Floral Arrangement

Now that you’ve gotten some inspiration, it’s time to start thinking about how to make your own Halloween floral arrangement!

Here are some tips and ideas for how to create the perfect spooky bouquet to go with your Halloween decor.

A bright and festive fall arrangement with colorful leaves, dried flowers, and a decorative pumpkin.

Choose Your Colors

Fall colors like orange and yellow are a natural choice for a Halloween bouquet, but you don’t have to stick with those. Depending on how you want to use the floral arrangement, you may want to pick something totally outside the box like the pretty pink bouquet above.

That being said, there’s nothing wrong with keeping it classic. Traditional Halloween color combinations like purple and green or black and orange work really well too.

Add Some Black

Adding black is one of the easiest ways to take any floral arrangement and make it Halloween-themed. Especially in a color combo where it’s unexpected.

Think peachy pinks with black calla lilies. Or an all-white bouquet with a few pieces of black twigs.

A Halloween flower arrangement in pale pink and white flowers, with gold accents, in a black pumpkin container.

Incorporate Halloween Elements

To make your Halloween flower arrangements stand out, add some Halloween elements.

You can get as detailed as you like with this. Keep it simple by tying your flower arrangement with Halloween-themed ribbon. Or put a few small bouquets in scary containers.

Take it a little further by adding more accessories like black glittery branches, Halloween stems, or Halloween-themed fillers.

Make it Spooky

Get creative and make your Halloween flower arrangement as spooky as you like! Scary elements are fun to play with and they can take your floral arrangement to the next level.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

Time to Start Decorating with Halloween Flower Arrangements

A small, spooky Halloween floral arrangement.

Halloween flower arrangements are the perfect way to add some beauty and elegance to the typical spooky decor. They’re a lot of fun to make too! So grab some flowers, pick out some scary accessories, and get started.

For more ideas on creating interesting and beautiful floral arrangements, head to the flowers page. If you’re looking for some more spooky, botanical inspiration, check out this post on Halloween Plants.